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Spice Up Your Home With These 16 Décor Pieces

Subtle touches at home go a long way.

A personalised living space is not only reflective of your artistic nuances, it also creates your own stylish haven. The right home décor products will help you create the house of your dreams. Enhance your home with these home décor products we have selected for you.

Check Pillow Cushion British Style Retro Camera Cover price below:

Add a touch of the old school charm with this retro design pillow cushion covers. Made from hemp material, it is 100% environmentally friendly. Choose from a variety of different colours and camera designs. These covers not only look good but they help to add character to your single-coloured sofa.

Check Soy Candles price below:

Burning the occasional essential oil-based candle adds some character to your living area. This peach blossom candle made of soy wax burns much longer than regular paraffin wax. This aromatherapy fragrance stimulates a relaxing atmosphere. With 20 hours of burning time, you get to enjoy this scent for a longer time.  

Check IKEA BJORKSTA Picture with Frame  price below:

Enjoy the romantic and beautiful sunset at the New York Brooklyn Bridge while sitting comfortably in your living room. This piece will look great placed above your sofa or television. If you are looking to perk up an area, why not place it in your study instead?

Check Turkish Made Original Mosaic Table Lamp  price below:

Artisan handcrafts often have a unique quality to them. This high-quality, original Turkish handiwork is a one-of-a-kind mosaic table lamp. Fitted with a swan neck stand, this gives it an antique look. Place it on a side table or coffee table to add a rustic touch to your modern furnishing.  

Check Mini Artificial Topiary Tree Plants price below:

Add some greenery to your home with these mini topiary tree plants. What’s more, it will never possibly die on you. Measuring nine inches in height, these plants come in variations of light green, dark green and purple. Decorate your house with plants without any worries about watering it.  

Check Chic Bohemian Mandala Printing Tapestry price below:

Create a fusion sense of style with this traditional mandala design tapestry. Hang this bohemian motive décor at your modern design home to create a chic yet sophisticated look. A versatile material, it extends its functionality from a wall hanging to a tablecloth. You can even use it as a bedspread or a picnic blanket.

Check Fish Bowl Wall Mount Hanging Aquarium price below:

Aquariums are typically placed on a tabletop, but this aquarium is rather different. It’s a hanging aquarium and makes a really cool wall decoration! Imagine viewing little goldfish swimming between the green plants in this wall mounted fishbowl – your guests will be in awe.

Check Metal Vase Creative Products Dried Decorative Flower price below:

If your home is a modern-themed and sleek, this metal vase will fit right in. Made from iron, this vase decorative piece gives off major industrial and hipster vibes. You can choose from five different designs to display your flowers.

Check OEM Deco Book Shelf Multipurpose Rack price below:

Décor can be functional with this simple yet classy looking multipurpose rack. Instead of storing your items away in a cabinet, display them proudly on this rack. Built from solid pine and spruce wood, it adds a touch of modernity and simplicity to your home. Perfect for a room, studio or even an apartment.

Check Dream Catcher price below:

Woven neatly with an intricately designed web, this colourful dreamcatcher is made with high-quality materials and customised with feathers and beads. You can place this accessory above your bed or at the entrance of your door to include a bit of culture and goodwill belief.  

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Check Metal Moroccan Birdcage Votive Candle Holder price below:

Create a sense cosy nook with this birdcage candle holder. It is made out of solid iron and painted with muted pastel colours. Place it indoors for mood lighting or outdoors at your balcony or veranda to create a night light effect. These candle holders would also be fabulous for a night party or wedding.

Check ELOMAN 14 Inches Paper Lantern price below:

Paper lanterns are no longer only meant for traditional practices. With their vibrant colours, they often enrich the surroundings with brightness and happiness. Spruce up your outdoor garden with these colourful lanterns!

Check 12pcs Mirror Hexagon Removable Acrylic Wall Stickers price below:

A well-placed mirror in the living room or corridor helps create the illusion of space. This funky hexagon shaped acrylic mirror adds quirkiness to your home. Brighten up your space with the use of the mirrors. It’s also easy to remove from the wall if you decide to change its place.

Check Disco Ball Hanging Light Mirror Ball 20cm price below:

Instead of the common fairy lights, turn on the dance floor mood with a disco ball hanging in your living area. Sparkly and bright, this upbeat looking light mirror ball will create a fresh and lively ambience, especially when you are entertaining guests. Throw on a rock and roll party with this 80s inspired light.

Check Crystal Diamond Wall Clock price below:

Designed with a peacock motif, this wall clock made of glass and crystals look like a burst of the sun with flouncing peacock feathers for its rays. With beautiful blue gems encrusted on each spike, it looks absolutely scenic and glamorous. A wonderful addition to the living room.

Check Baby Playmat Puzzle Mat 100% Cotton Rug price below:

When you have kids at home, it is important to consider a décor that makes them comfortable and excites them. This 100% cotton rug is safe for your children and easy to be cleaned. The images and play puzzle on the mat make this a fun inclusion for your home.

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Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected]. Thank you!

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