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10 Skorts For Those Who Want The Best of Both Worlds

Why go for skirts or shorts when you can go for skorts?

Remember when skorts were worn mostly in sports? Well, now they more than that, and they’re being worn as casual wear. For those who are still confused as to what skorts really are, they’re basically a pair of shorts disguised as a skirt with a flap in the front. What many love about skorts is that you get the best of both worlds – shorts and skirts. Here are some skorts that you should get to jump on this trend.

Check Something Borrowed Layered Skorts  price below:

Ever since denim was introduced to the fashion world, it has never gone out of style. But when denim meets skorts, that’s the real deal right there. This cute denim skorts is mid-rise and styled with a front zip and button fastening. It even has 4 pockets – yes ladies, 4 real pockets!

When in doubt, wear denim!

Check MDSCollections  Tweed Wrapped Skorts In Black price below:

These days, formal wear has gone beyond pantsuits and pencil skirts. If your office is fairly lax on dress code, give this tweed skort a try to spice up your work outfit! The fringed trims at the bottom of the skort give it a slightly causal and edgy vibe to it. Who says work wear has to be boring?

Check Something Borrowed Wrap Tie Skorts price below:

Skorts coming from a sports beginning may not seem very feminine and cute to some but after its comeback, skorts are ready to show you another side to them. This floral printed wrap tie skort is a must-have for all ladies out there. With the pink flowers contrasting the pastel blue skorts, it can be easily paired with a simple crop top for a cute look.

Check ZALORA Embroidered Skort price below:

How cute are these embroidered floral designs? Skorts by themselves are already fashionable, but we love nothing more than when it is designed with intricate embroidery. It adds a feminine touch to the skorts and a pop of colour to the plain blue shade. With so much going on with the skorts, you can go simple with the top and accessories for the final look.

Check MISSGUIDED Tailored Military Skort price below:

If you’re going for a bold look, this should be your pick. This bright orange military-inspired skort is very “out there” from its colour down to its gold button details. It’s a blend of traditional and modern styles, which you choose to style as a casual or formal outfit.


Check 6TWO7 Pixie Mini Skort price below:

Leather never fails to bring out the badass vibe. They’ve been in style for the longest time and never fails to make a statement to date. Now you can create a bold and effortless look with this red faux leather skorts. With its multiple zip details in the front, complete the look by pairing it with a simple top.

Check Something Borrowed Wrap Tie Skorts price below:

Are you into bohemian-style outfits? Then this tribal printed skorts is the one you should go for. Tribal prints have been implemented in many outfits now and has become a crowd favourite. Go crazy – style it with a crop top or bralette and show these skorts off at your next music festival trip!

Check ZALORA Contrast Piping Skorts price below:

As Anna Kendrick says “You can’t have a bad day in polka dots” and we couldn’t agree more. What’s more, in this white polka dots and black skorts, you will not only have a great day but feel great at the same time. This is affordable but doesn’t look cheap, as it comes with contrasting white piping detailing at the borders.

Check River Island Polka Dot Frill Skort price below:

This frill skort is a fun number to put on for a day out and works well for both dates and picnics. The tiered asymmetrical frills add to the playfulness of this piece. Just pair this with a pair of boots and a simple top!

Check MISSGUIDED Verity Skort price below:

One can never go wrong when wearing black. This solid black skort is a simple skort that is made for a simple look and can be styled with almost anything to complete the look. So go out there and redefine skorts in this because black is made for everyone after all.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected]. Thank you!

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