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You'll Be Whiskey-d Off Your Feet By These 11 Drinking Games

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor!

Hosting a house party in your 20’s is vastly different from the ones you used to host (and attend) when you were a teenager. Cheap alcohol doesn’t cut it anymore – your friends now drink very craft beer, or very specific, expensive brands of gin made with tears of the last purple unicorn. You’ve gone from casual movie marathons of Transformers and Harry Potter to watching Black Mirror together.

See, it’s time to leave Ring of Fire behind – there are games that don’t involve having to rhyme, “stick”, with well, you know what, or accidentally finding out strange details about your friends. Upgrade your drunk nights in with these drinking games that’ll appeal to everyone from your mom-friend to your younger brother.

For the one who needs to have some fun
Check Cards Against Humanity price below:

How could we compile a list of the best drinking games to play and not mention Cards Against Humanity? Loosen up with some alcohol, and then figure out which of your drunk friends is the sickest of the group – believe us, someone is going to play the dead baby card… and laugh.

Up the ante with a few other rules that you can throw into the mix: the person who picks the sickest card has to drink – whether they win or lose. The winner of each round has to drink, too. Have fun, be safe, and try not to make too many famine jokes. 

Check Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid price below:

This is a great game to play if you and your friends are constantly judging each other’s life choices. Pick a card, and then vote on which of your friends is most likely to match up to the (hilariously offensive) phrase on the card. Some of the phrases include, “would trash-talk at the Special Olympics”, “wakes up with half a burrito in bed”, and, “always tries to convince friends to do drugs with them”.

While this isn’t strictly a drinking game, some suggestions are to drink whenever you’re tagged with a card, drink if you’re the only one to suggest that another player be tagged with the card, and down your drink when you lose.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and talk shit about your friends – to their faces, of course! Just don’t be mad when they talk shit about you, right back.

Check 16-Shot Roulette price below:

For a more Casino Royale feel, set this mini-Roulette table up with the sixteen shot glasses surrounding it. Spin and drink – depending on where the arrow ends up pointing. Seems simple enough; maybe even too simple.

If you like living life on the edge, fill up some shot glasses with surprise liquids; salt water, Sriracha, even a mixture of everyone else’s drinks! The world is your oyster. Just be sure to play with a large group of friends – y’know, so you don’t die of alcohol poisoning.

Check Never Have I Ever price below:

You might want to keep this game for your BFFs – you won’t want anyone else getting dirt on you. Never Have I Ever (which, let’s be real, we’ve all played and been shocked by) is now a card game, and believe us – it’s not pretty… but it’s so much fun!

If you’ve ever wanted to find out which of your friends has dumped someone via Facebook, or hooked up on their lunch break, now is the time to find out. Just make sure that you’re equally-ready to ‘fess up, yourself.

Check Mini-Flip Cup Board price below:

Seasoned drinkers will understand the appeal of Flip Cup, where two teams made up or six or more people attempt to down beers and flip cups upside down in quick succession. You’ll also know that the clean-up after a Flip Cup session is the worst part – with sticky tables, wet floors, and the smell of stale beer to deal with.

What if you could play Flip Cup without worrying about this? This mini Flip Cup set is all the fun with none of the work. The cups are tiny; no more beer stains on your new carpet! Since the cups are a lot smaller, replace the beer with something stronger for quicker after-effects… if you know what we mean.

Check Drinko Plinko price below:

If you’re a melancholy drunk, Drinko Plinko will take you right back to your childhood. It’s essentially an alcoholic version of Connect Four, but cooler – and you can play it with more people! Pick a glass, pop your token into the top of the box, and whoever’s picked the glass it lands into will have to take a shot!

Plus, if Drunk, Stoned, Stupid isn’t your cup of tea, Drinko Plinko is much tamer when it comes to being a good friend. While it sounds easy on paper, it’s a game of skill and strategy – where will you place your token? Where will it land? Which friend are you trying to get drunk? Find out over a game of Drinko Plinko!

Check Spin the Shot price below:

If your purpose for the evening is to get your friends (and yourself) absolutely plastered, this is the perfect thing to have. It’s small enough to fit into most bags for an extra bit of fun at a sleepover, and inexpensive enough to not be missed if it’s knocked off a table, so it checks all our boxes.

Plus, there’s only one rule, and it’s simple – whoever it lands on has to down the shot, something all grown-ass adults are perfectly capable of doing!

Check Mini Beer-Pong price below:

We know, we know – beer pong isn’t just for frat boys anymore. With everyone deciding that they’re all self-proclaimed beer pong champions, what better way to settle the score than to organize your own beer pong tournament?

Yes, it might be difficult to procure a table, especially when your crate of beer is getting warm and everyone’s thirty… but consider this: a portable beer pong table. Sure, it isn’t of the epic proportions of your parents’ dining room table, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers, and there’s beer to drink.

Check Wheel of Shots price below:

It’s like Wheel of Fortune – except that nobody wins money, and that everyone gets drunk! Spin the wheel (even the drunkest of you can manage that!) and do what you have to – take a shot, make a rhyme, or take part in a quickfire truth or dare session.

Sure, it might be a little unhygienic to share the same shot glass as all your friends (unless you’re playing this alone, in which case you should probably Google Alcoholics Anonymous), but you can give everyone their own shot glass and have them use that instead!

Check Basketball Shots Drinking Game price below:

We’ve all got that friend – the friend who’s got fifteen pre-planned excuses to avoid going to the gym, and who’s always “sick” (boo, you whore!) when you plan a futsal night. They’re going to start with the excuses when you mention this drinking game… until you tell them that they won’t even have to stand up.

The premise is simple; if you miss a shot through the hoop, you take one – a shot of alcohol, that is. The person with the best aim will be the soberest at the end of the night, which makes you wonder if that really is winning.

Check Pop Up Pirate price below:

Okay, so Pop Up Pirate wasn’t meant to be a drinking game, but like most games… it’s more fun with alcohol. It’s actually quite popular with children, so it’s very likely that one of your nephews or nieces has a set somewhere that you can, uh, borrow for the purpose of a night in with your friends.

If they don’t have a set, then buy your own, because it’s not ridiculously expensive, but it is ridiculously fun. Turn Pop Up Pirate into a drinking game by pouring shot, and if you and your group of friends manages to make it through the round without awakening the pirate, down the shot! Obviously, the person who triggers the pirate into popping up has to drink, while you all yell, “Ahoy, matey!” – or not.

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