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7 Unicorn Gift Ideas for Your Unicorn Obsessed Friends

It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!

Many trends have come and gone, but an inescapable trend is the unicorn trend. In fact, it’s been getting so popular that it’s now plastered onto almost everything – cakes, bags, clothes, shoes – you name it. If you already own some unicorn-themed items of your own, here’s your chance to spread some magic to your friends!

Check Wunderbath Bath Bomb Unicorn Fart  price below:

Are your parents dead tired from a tough day at work? Have they been piled up with tons and tons of deadlines? Then make their day by preparing them a warm bath with this unicorn bath fart bomb! Not only will it relax their body, but it is also good for their skin and nails. And if they can’t transform into a unicorn, then you might as help them smell like one!

Check Orelia London Golden Plate Lucky Unicorn Necklace price below:

Nothing can define a friendship better than a unicorn because friendship, like unicorns, are rare and special. Take your friendship one step further with a matching unicorn necklace, one for you, and one for your BFF. What’s more, the necklace comes in a lovely rose gold – rock both the unicorn and rose gold trend!

Check Dazz Unicorn Clutch - Pink price below:

Is your sister’s birthday coming soon? Surprise her with this unicorn clutch! While others may be going to events with floral clutches or glitter clutches, she can slay the fashion game with this unicorn clutch. It comes in a beautiful pink holographic colour and is big enough to hold important necessities.

She will never be in the fashion crisis of someone turning up in a matching outfit (or clutch) with this unique fashion piece.

Check Unicorn Short Sleeve Cartoon T-Shirt price below:

O.M.G. If you think puppies and kittens are cute, then you haven’t seen this top yet. A unicorn dabbing, that’s right! Buy a pair of this cool T-shirt to go matchy-matchy with your significant other. We’ve always seen the pretty and unique side of a unicorn but now you can turn your couple swag on with this cute design on your top.

Check Large Inflatable Rainbow Unicorn Float  price below:

They see me floatin’, they hatin’…

The sun is out – it’s a great day to chill by the pool and get your tan on. It’s also the season for pool parties. Gift this cute rainbow unicorn float to the craziest party animal you know and let it be the star among other floats in the pool. The best part is they won’t tire themselves inflating it everytime they host a pool party because it comes with an electric pump.

Check Unicorn Makeup Brushes With Rainbow Handle price below:

Does someone always do your makeup for you because you suck at it? Same, girl, same! Being the magician they are by completely transforming you with their makeup skills, they will need their own set of wands. Well, here’s your chance to present them with it – a diamond unicorn rainbow makeup brush set that’s all theirs to keep.

Check Dazz Unicorn Keychain - White price below:

Know someone who always loses their keys or get them confused with the million other keys around the house? Spread some magic by gifting them this little unicorn keychain. With its holographic white shade, it is suitable for anyone and they will never ever lose their keys again.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected]. Thank you!

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