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11 Best Personal Blenders in Malaysia 2024 - Reviews & Price

Blend and drink on the go, whenever and wherever you are!

Just like its name, a personal blender feels personalised as it gives you the privilege of mixing a small portion of ingredients into a blend that’s delicious to have on the go. They’re terrific at blending smoothies, juices and health drinks, especially when these become your daily consumption. 

As they’re smaller in size as compared to their fuller-sized counterparts, personal blenders work wonderfully well at blending smaller-portioned mixes. If you’re looking for a personal blender that accommodates your needs, browse our list below of the best personal blenders and their vetted reviews. 

Top 11 Personal Blenders in Malaysia

Best portable personal blender
Morphy Richards
Morphy Richards Easy Blend Personal Blender
Check Morphy Richards Easy Blend Personal Blender price below:
add_circle Has a 2-year warranty
add_circle Stainless steel blades are powerful enough to crush ice as well
add_circle Anti-spillage due to its twist and lock safety mechanism

Why it’s our top pick

Say hello to your ideal solution of having a healthy drink on the go! Simply toss your ingredients into the blender and blend to your desired consistency.

Gone are the days when blending a nutritious drink seems rather tedious especially when you’d need to set up the appliance and its parts, and connect it to a nearby power socket. Well, you can quickly attach it to a blending cap, then switch to a drinking lid after. 

Aside from juices, this blender is also great for mixing health drink powders or to blend milkshakes. 


Murphy Richards personal blender operates from 2 speeds and a pulse function. It also comes with two 750 ml beakers with measuring marks labelled on them to guide you toward making that perfect drink mixture. 

The Morphy Richards also features stainless steel blades that cut through frozen fruits and ice cubes to create a perfect blend of smoothies.

Furthermore, its powerful 300W motor blends various kinds of drinks. Coming with two 750ml beakers complete with drinking lids; they are made of a shatter and stain-resistant material to resist any accidental drops as well as made so for ease of cleaning.


  • Capacity (Litre): 0.75
  • Product Weight : n/a 
  • Comes with 2 detachable lightweight beakers with lids 
  • Twist and lock safety mechanism 
  • Operates on a 300W blending power

Who is this for? 

There’s little reason to frown upon this personal blender. It’s great for personal use due to its compact size which also doesn’t take up much space in your kitchen should you just want to have it in your kitchen. Importantly, its speed settings and pulse function are great for quick and powerful blending. 

For the busy-bee; this blender is suitable for the gym, office, or school to enjoy the luxury of loading your ingredients into the blender and blending it to your preferred consistency. As it comes with a twist and lock safety device, it helps prevent unwanted spillage as well.  

Best ice-crushing personal blender
Best personal blender that can crush ice
Check Sharp Personal Blender EM60PMWH price below:
add_circle Anti-slip feet
add_circle Detachable blades that make it easier to clean thoroughly
add_circle A safety lock mechanism that prevents leakage and injury


Blending smoothies never felt more convenient and easier with Sharp’s blender. If you’re craving for cold smoothies, fret not as this blender’s stainless steel blades can blend and break through ice. 

This blender doesn’t require much work when it comes to cleaning as it comprises of minimal body parts. Moreover, in terms of safety features, Sharp’s personal blender comes with a safety lock that provides extra security. This avoids spillage and ensures that the bottle is tightly secured on the blender before blending begins.


  • Capacity (Litre): 0.6
  • Product Weight : 2.2kg (with base)
  • Comes with a safety lock 
  • Consists of stainless steel detachable blades 
  • Blends and breaks ice easily

Who is this for? 

The holistic qualities of Sharps’ blender set it apart from its other counterparts due to its efficient and performance-driven qualities. It even has an anti-slip base that prevents it from moving out of place when you’re blending your drink, making it great even as a permanent blender for your one-serving juices. Besides, its stainless-steel blades cut and slice perfectly well into both food ingredients and ice too. 

MMX Kelen Munoz Vigor Lite Eco V02 Mini Personal Blender
Check MMX Kelen Munoz Mini Personal Portable Blender (280ml) price below:
add_circle Can crush ice as well
add_circle Dishwasher safe
add_circle Instantly blends your drink in 1 minute
add_circle Compact in size that can fit in your bag
remove_circle Short warranty period


If you travel a lot and need a personal blender that you can toss into your luggage, then its size aspect is very important. That said, you’d want to look for a compact and lightweight blender so that it doesn’t take up much weight and space in your luggage.  

This personal blender is a mini 280 ml blender that’s perfect for home, office, and travel purposes. It’ll fit snugly in most bags, which makes it convenient to carry anywhere. Its one-touch blending makes perfect smoothies, shakes, baby food, and lots more. Despite its compact size, the blender’s efficient 150W motor gives you instant and reliable results. 


  • Capacity (Litre): 0.28
  • Product Weight : n/a 
  • Mini size that’s ideal for travelling purposes
  • Comes with a built-in overheating protection 

Who is this for?  

Don’t be deceived by the limits of what this compact-sized personal blender can do. In fact, its stainless-steel blades offer ice-crushing power for smoother results. You can expect your ice and frozen fruits and vegetables to transform into a delightful concoction of your favourite smoothies, shakes, or health drinks in just 1 minute. 

Best budget personal blender
Pensonic Personal Blender PB-4003B
Check Pensonic Personal Blender PB-4003B price below:
add_circle BPA-free tritan sport bottle
add_circle Leak-proof travel feature
add_circle It can crush ice
add_circle Comes with a 1-year warranty


You can definitely achieve your fitness goals with your daily consumption of blended nutrients while keeping to a friendly budget when you go with something like this Pensonic Personal Blender. 

Simplifying the process of juice blending, the blender utilises a single-touch pulse switch so you can easily control how thorough to blend the ingredients. Whether it’s fruit, vegetables or crushed ice, this personal blender is one you don’t want to miss out on. 


  • Capacity (Litre): 0.6
  • Product Weight : n/a
  • Comes with a safety lock protection 
  • Non-slip grip base
  • Stainless steel cutter blades 

Who is this for?  

If you travel a lot and wouldn’t want to miss out on a day skipping out on your daily blends of healthy goodness, Pensonic’s blender is for you. 

With a safety lock protection, a non-slip grip base, and a leak-proof travel and snap hook; you can worry less about accidental spills. Users further validated the product’s worth by praising its powerful operation as well as how safe it is when handling this blender. 

Best personal blender overall
Russell Taylors
Russell Taylors Compact Personal Blender
Check Russell Taylors Compact Personal Blender price below:
add_circle The spout lid on the cover of the bottle makes it easy to consume drinks, while you’re on the go
add_circle 2-year warranty
add_circle Durable 304 stainless steel blades
add_circle Dishwasher-safe, except for the motor base


With just one touch, this personal blender is ready to serve you a complete nutrient-packed meal. The Russell Taylors Compact Personal Blender uses 304 stainless steel blades which offer extreme sturdiness and anti-rust qualities so you can blend smoothies, milkshakes, juices, baby food, and more. Plus, its 4 sharp blades are strong enough to crush ingredients swiftly, achieving refined results. 

Besides, the parts of the blender are made of BPA-free material to ensure healthy and safe consumption. Speaking of safety, this blender operates only when the bottle is locked in place of its base. It also has excellent sealing which reduces chance of spillage as well as help retain the original flavours and nutrients of your blended drinks too. 


  • Capacity (Litre): 0.6
  • Product Weight : n/a
  • Suitable to carry along to the gym, office, and travel 
  • Comes with 2 free bottles
  • Consists of 4 razor-sharp blades to cut through ingredients into a fine texture

Who is this for?  

On the run to the gym or to your office? Russell Taylors Compact Personal Blender will be your go-to favourite companion. 

All you got to do is toss your fruits and/or vegetable parts into the blender, and press the button to start blending. And voila! Enjoy your drink with ease thanks to its BPA-free bottle that comes with a spout lid that makes it easy for your drink.

Best value personal blender
OSTER MyBlend Personal Blender BLSTPB2
Check Oster MyBlend Personal Blender BLSTPB2 price below:
add_circle 1-year warranty
add_circle The lid comes with a carry hook for better handling
add_circle Affordable
add_circle Convenient and easy to blend by just twisting the bottle


This stylish personal blender allows you to fill your ingredients, blend them in its bottle and have your daily dose of healthy drink on the go. 

OSTER’s MyBlend personal blender utilises a powerful 250W motor to mix drinks into a smooth and chunk-free texture, giving you intense nutrient extraction with your daily dose of vitamins and nutrients. Its stainless-steel blades too pulverise frozen fruit and crush ice with extreme precision. 


  • Capacity (Litre): 0.6
  • Product Weight : n/a 
  • Comprises of stainless-steel blades 
  • Comes with dishwasher-safe, BPA-free sports bottle

Who is this for?  

The OSTER MyBlend Personal Blender operates in the most seamless way possible. Just fill the bottle with your ingredients and blend them by twisting the bottle and there you have it! Worry not about accidental leakage as the bottle is equipped with a spill-proof drinking lid. 

Realeos Portable Personal Blender with 2 Blades RC69
Check Realeos Portable Personal Blender with 2 Blades RC69 price below:
add_circle Can be charged easily with any USP port
add_circle Waterproof bottles and motors extend the lifespan of this blender
add_circle Fits perfectly into a car holder
remove_circle Not dishwasher-safe


Compact in size, this personal blender comes with 2 blades that can achieve 21,000 RPM. This would suffice for crushing ingredients easily, whilst retaining their nutrients. To make things easier for your handling, this blender is surrounded by a 360° silicone handle that provides you with an anti-slip grasp. 

Moreover, Realeos portable personal blender doesn’t work when the cup is separated from the base of the blender, and neither will it work if the cup isn’t tightly secured to its base. This assures your safety by preventing any injury caused by the moving blades. What’s great is that its stainless-steel blades are built with a hidden design, avoiding any possible injury while cleaning them. 


  • Capacity (Litre): 0.3
  • Product Weight : n/a 
  • USB-chargeable 
  • Powerful speed of blades reaching 21,000 RPM 

Who is this for?  

Great for mixing protein shakes, milkshakes, juices, baby food, and lots more, Realeos personal blender is compatible with any power device that comes with a USB port. Importantly, its integrated seal design is also waterproof, ensuring that this personal blender will last for years to come. 

Plus, its distinct detachable blender feature allows you to easily take off the bottle from its base and drink directly from it without the use of any additional glasses. 

Best rechargeable personal blender
Personal Size Blender USB Rechargeable 380ml
Check Personal Size Blender USB Rechargeable 380ml price below:
add_circle Made with BPA-free material and is eco-friendly
add_circle Operates on a low noise
add_circle Comes with built-in lithium batteries and a USB cable


Comprising in assorted colours, this 380ml personal blender is one you’ll never leave your home without! This blender’s cup is made of food-grade PP and ABS material that’s BPA-free and comes with a handheld portable handstand as well as a tightly-sealed lid that prevents leakage.

Additionally, the blender’s cup comes with a double-layer cup lid that filters out residuals of your ingredients that you don’t need. 

Let’s not forget that this personal blender comes with built-in rechargeable lithium batteries and a USB cable. This allows it to charge easily with any device that comes with a USB port. Plus, its SUS304 stainless steel blades can operate at a speed of 22,000 RPM to effortlessly pulverise fruits and vegetables into delicious smoothies. 


  • Capacity (Litre): 0.3
  • Product Weight : n/a 
  • Comes with a USB-charging port that makes it convenient to charge with any USB-charging devices
  • A multifunctional blender that’s suitable to blend various kinds of beverages

Who is this for?  

This multifunctional blender is perfect not just for blending fruits and vegetables, but for baby food as well. Great to take along to your next outdoor or traveling activity, this portable personal blender operates on low noise, unlike many other blenders. Also, its LED signal light on the blender gives you a clear visual of whether the blender is turned on or off. 

Hyundai Wireless Blender Portable Wireless USB Rechargeable
Check Hyundai Wireless Blender Portable Wireless USB Rechargeable price below:
add_circle Affordable
add_circle Portable and lightweight
remove_circle Most compatible for juice-making, might be less effective for other ingredients


This small-sized personal blender comes with a high-powered motor that drives its 304 stainless steel blades at perfect speed to perfectly cut into your fruits and vegetables, and ice as well. Its high torque motor comes with 2 explosion-proof batteries that have a long battery life. Best believe that from just 1 time of charging, this blender can blend 15 cups of juices. 

More than that, it’s perfectly safe to use as it’s designed with magnetic sensing switch technology. This ensures that the blades don’t spin when the cup is removed from its base for cleaning or when setting up. 


  • Capacity (Litre): 0.38
  • Product Weight : 400g
  • Blends multiple cups of drinks under 1 charge
  • Magnetic sensing switch technology assures your safety is taken care of

Who is this for?  

Satisfied with the performance and features of this personal blender, users have nothing but good compliments about it. They praised that it’s an adorably aesthetic personal blender that’s easy to use and works on a powerful operation. Most have also found that blended beverages are mixed evenly and all it takes is just between 1-3 hours of charge and it blends into multiple cups of drinks! 

Best high end personal Blender
Hanabishi Personal Blender Twin Tumbler
Check Hanabishi Personal Blender Twin Tumbler price below:
add_circle Dual circuit break protection prevents overheating
add_circle The lock safety valve on the bottle ensures the bottle is properly secured to its base before operating it
add_circle Comes with a 1-year warranty
add_circle Comes with a free designer tumbler
remove_circle Quite noisy


The Hanabishi Personal Blender Twin Tumbler is an intelligent choice if you want a versatile blender. It operates at a high speed of 22,000 RPM, providing excellent blending and juicing with its top-notch food-grade 304 stainless steel blades.This blender has a unique tumbler design that is easy to hold too.

Additionally, it ensures safety through dual circuit breaker protection to prevent overheating. Its safety features include a bottle lock safety valve and the use of Tritan BPA-free material, which is non-toxic and safe for consumption. The bottle has an appealing design resembling glass but with greater strength, resistance to shattering, and sustainability.


  • Capacity (Litre): 0.45
  • Product Weight : 1.3kg (with base) 
  • Powerful 4-D cutting blades
  • Made of non-toxic and BPA-free plastic 
  • Dual circuit breaker protection

Who is this for? 

People praised this blender for its ability to effectively make their daily juices. It's not just user-friendly but also easy to clean. While some mentioned it makes noise, its strong 4-D cutting blades efficiently blend ingredients, resulting in perfectly mixed drinks with a smooth texture.

Best smart touch personal blender
Xiaomi Mijia Portable Electric Blender
Check Xiaomi Mijia Portable Electric Blender price below:
add_circle Waterproof
add_circle Fully charged in 3 hours
add_circle USB rechargeable
remove_circle Small capacity


Looking for something that screams minimalist and aesthetics? Then, Consider the Xiaomi Mijia portable electric blender. It carries a simple and sleek appearance, featuring just a small Mijia logo at the center, a white body with subtle gray accents on top.

Made from BPA-free Tritan material, the food-grade blender has a triple layer  bottle to ensure your juice stays within without cracking easily. As for crushing up small ice and fruits, the blender utilises 304 stainless steel blades that’ll stay rust-free. For your safety, it also has a double-lock switch to make sure the blender doesn’t accidentally unlock and cause a messy spillage.


  • Capacity (Litre): 0.3
  •  Double-lock safety switch with triple layer protection
  • 304 Stainless Steel Cutter Head, four Blades
  • Food Grade Material, Safe And Pollution Free (BPA Free)

Who is this for? 

In search of a small yet powerful blender with outstanding features? The Xiaomi Mijia portable blender can be charged indoors, outdoors, and even in your car. It only takes 3 hours to fully charge and you are good for the day. Toss your fruit, press a single button and done ‘as easy as pie’.


- What Are Personal Blenders? 

Compact and portable, personal blenders are as convenient as they can get! They usually come with travel cups or bottles that allow you to blend your beverages and take them with you on the go.  

They’re also versatile and can be used to blend a variety of drinks such as smoothies, shakes, and juices. Typically, the tumblers consist of a motor base, a blending container, and a lid. What’s great about having personal blenders is that they’re perfect for those who want to prepare their favourite drinks instantly and easily.

- How Do I Choose A Personal Blender?  

Before you decide on a particular type of personal blender, it’s best to consider the following aspects before you get your hands on one: 

  1. Look for a personal blender that comes with a powerful motor that can accommodate handling hard ingredients such as ice, and frozen fruits and vegetables. 
  2. Next, you’d want to ensure that the blending cup or bottle comes with a considerable capacity. If you’re just going for a 1-person consumption then you needn’t get a large capacity blender. However, if you’re going to blend several cups of juices, then you may want to choose a blender that comes with a large bottle.  
  3. Another important quality to consider is the quality of the blades in the blender. Choose a blender that comes with durable and sharp blades that can crush and blend ingredients seamlessly. 
  4. You’d also want to ensure that the blender is user-friendly and comes with easy-to-follow instructions. 
  5. If you travel frequently then you’d want to choose a blender that’s lightweight and compact. Do also check that it comes with travel cups or bottles so you can drink easily from it after blending. 
  6. Lastly, the price. Every blender comes with varying price tags. Besides checking out its features, choose the one that’s also accommodating to your budget. 

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