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9 Personal Blenders You Can Make Your Favorite Smoothies With

For a quick blend before you head out.

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Easily prepare a single serving portion of smoothies, shakes, or healthy fruit and vegetable juices with a personal blender. An alternative from the traditional blender, it allows you to make just enough to avoid wastage. Save time with these personal blenders, minimal clean-up required! Interested? Here are the best personal blenders you can buy online!

Best personal blender that can crush ice
1. Sharp EM-60PM-WH Personal Blender
Best blender that can crush ice
Updated on 4th December 2020

Efficient to blend or break ice, the Sharp Personal Blender can help you prepare a variety of icy cold slushies or smoothies. A welcome change to the usual health drink option, it will be a choice you won’t regret, especially on a hot day. The stainless-steel blade powerfully crushes ice according to your needs.

Best personal blender juicer
2. Philips Blend & Go Blender
Best personal blender and juicer
Updated on 4th December 2020

High in quality and years of assurance, the Phillips Blend & Go Blender is a solid brand to invest in. Customised with an on-to-go bottle, you will find it easy to prepare your drinks any time you need it. With a blender filter, you can also make soybean or whey milk besides fruit and vegetable juices.

3. Mini USB Personal Blender
Best cheap personal blender – suitable for travel
Updated on 4th December 2020

Get your healthy, fruit smoothie anywhere you are with this portable blender. It comes with a filter cap to separate the liquid from its pulp. Besides, there’s also a main leak-proof cover that allows you to drink the entire blend directly.

The blade is fast and strong, but you’ll still need to tilt the bottle sideways to make sure the fruits do not get stuck underneath the blades. You can bring this portable blender to work, to the gym, or use it while you’re driving during rush hour. This blender operates via a battery, and it’s rechargeable via micro USB.

Best cheap personal blender – suitable for travel
4. Pensonic PB4005P Personal Blender
Best ant-leak blender – comes with a tightly sealed tumbler
Updated on 4th December 2020

This is certainly blender of choice if you want something that’s easy on your pocket. The Pensonic Personal Blender offers you a dynamic equipment with high-grade stainless-steel blades and non-slip grip feet for stability while operating. With a leak-proof travel and snap hook, the tumbler is sealed tight to prevent leakages during your travels. Place it on in your bag without any worry of spillage.

Best personal smoothie blender
5. Oster BLSTPB-WOR MyBlend Personal Blender
Best smoothie blender
Updated on 4th December 2020

A basic and simple selection for your blending needs, the Oster MyBlend Personal Blender is great to create any kind of smoothies of your choice. Blend a healthy fruit and vegetable smoothie with nuts or protein powder fast, with the one-touch blending action. This is perfect for making a delicious icy smoothie on a hot day as it’s able to crush ice.

6. Kenwood SMP060 Blend-Xtract Smoothie Maker
Best on-the-go personal blender with travel lid
Updated on 4th December 2020

The Kenwood SMP060 Blend-Xtract Smoothie Maker is designed specifically for those with an active lifestyle. Whip up easy-to-prepare smoothies or drinks from fruits and vegetables in mere minutes. Just twist on the bottle onto the blade attachment and turn on the power. With its airtight lid, you have a no-spill drink ready for you to go – convenience at its finest.

Best personal shake blender – small in size
7. Panasonic MX-GM0501 Personal Blender
Best personal shake blender – small in size
Updated on 4th December 2020

An ideal choice for blending any kind of frozen drinks or shakes. Compact in size, the Panasonic Personal Blender is portable and convenient for storage. Besides your healthy drinks, you can also opt to prepare baby formula, marinade or salad dressings in small quantities with this personal blender. It delivers fine quality blending with the stainless steel blade attachment.

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Best mini personal blender
8. Cornell CPB-E600G Personal Blender
Best mini blender
Updated on 4th December 2020

For those who are portion conscious, the Cornell Personal Blender makes it possible for you to prepare a mini serving of your healthy drinks. Besides juices and healthy shakes, this blender is perfect for both wet and dry ingredients. You can make a perfect serving of a coffee blend just as you do a fruit juice.

Best quiet personal blender that’s easy to clean
9. Breville Blend Active Blender
Best quiet blender that’s easy to clean
Updated on 4th December 2020

Fulfil your gym needs or just bring it with you to the office, the Breville Blend Active Blender will provide you with the drink of your choice. The one-touch operation makes blending a one-person-portion fruit juice, smoothie, or protein shake efficient and without any hassle. The smart design allows thorough blending, there will be no powder clumps at the edge of your bottle.

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