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Best Power Banks Malaysia Reviews

8 Best Power Banks in Malaysia 2023 - Top Brands

Because no smartphone can hold itself against battery-hungry apps.

It’s hard to imagine going anywhere without your smartphone, but until someone invents a battery that never runs out, you’re going to find yourself low on battery at some point, especially if you’re out for a particularly long day. And it’s not like power socket grows on trees, so once your device runs out of battery, you’ll probably be left with a useless brick that won’t power on. 

Enter the humble power bank: portable, versatile, and accessible, a power bank can save you from battery anxiety by allowing you to carry around an extra power source in the unfortunate event that your devices run out of battery when you need them most. 

The concept sounds simple enough, but with the myriad of options on the market, selecting the perfect power bank that fits your needs can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve compiled this comprehensive list of the best power banks to help you deal with your power-hungry devices.

From high-capacity powerhouses to sleek, pocket-sized chargers, there’s sure to be something for you here!

How We Test Power Banks in Malaysia

For this list, we selected some of the bestselling power banks in Malaysia and reviewed them according to the below criteria:

  • Capacity (mAh or Wh)

Capacity is one of the most critical factors in a power bank, as that is what determines how much power it stores and how many devices/times you can charge with it. In Malaysia, most power bank capacities are measured using milliampere-hours, more commonly written as mAh.

The most common power bank capacity found in Malaysia is 10,000 mAh, which should be enough to fully charge a standard smartphone twice. There are also power banks that have capacities as low as 5,000 mAh to as high as 50,000 mAh. 

However, do note that paper capacity often differs from actual usable capacity, the latter of which may sometimes be lower due to energy conversion loss, battery degradation, and the charging efficiency of your device. Therefore, for our review here, we prefer to use the advertised capacity as a point of reference only and focus on the actual usable capacity rather than the nominal capacity alone.

  • Charging speed (input and output)

There are two kinds of charging speed here: output, which is how fast the power bank charges another device, and input, which is how fast the power bank itself recharges. Both of these are important to consider when it comes to choosing a power bank. After all, it would defeat the purpose of convenience if you had to wait five hours for your power bank to recharge, wouldn’t it?

As most smartphones offer fast charging nowadays, you’ll need a power bank (and cable) that has the same output to fully make use of the feature. 

  • Size and weight

Portability is another crucial factor when it comes to selecting your dream power bank. Pockets are small enough as they are, and you definitely don’t want to lug around a huge purse just because you might need some backup power. 

Then again, the smaller the power bank, the smaller the capacity. Therefore, we assess the size and weight of each power bank along with its capacity to see which one strikes the best balance between compactness and capacity.

  • Durability and build quality

Like all your other devices, you’ll probably want your power bank to be hardy and durable. We test the power banks against accidental drops and general daily wear and tear.

  • Compatibility

How many devices could a power bank charge if a power bank could charge devices? That’s the question we ask for every power bank that falls victim to our editor. From smartphones and tablets to earbuds right up to laptops, these power banks have been through a lot…

  • Extra features

Who doesn’t like a multitasking device? In an ideal world, we would have one device that can do practically anything we need in our day… wait, that’s a smartphone. Let’s try this again: in an ideal world, your power bank would not only be able to charge your phone, but also wireless charging, in-built cables and flashlights, multiple ports, solar charging, mop your floors, and do the dishes. 

Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world, so the power banks in the list below will not come with all these features at once. They do feature some, though keep in mind that more features = a bulkier power bank.

How Do I Choose A Power Bank For My Phone?

Basically, you’ll have to consider the above criteria as well, depending on your own preference. If you’re looking for several charges from your power bank, you’ll benefit from one with a bigger capacity; going on a trip with minimal luggage would require a small yet lightweight power bank; having multiple devices means you’ll have to consider the power bank’s compatibility and number of ports. 

You may have to make sacrifices of one for the other. For example, a high-capacity power bank will definitely be bulkier than a smaller one, but smaller power banks have more portability. 

Finally, the most important consideration: price. Here, our power banks range roughly between RM50 - RM200. Considering their features and performance, you can select one that fits your budget and strikes a balance between reliability and cost.

Best Power Banks in Malaysia

Best power bank for multiple devices
Best Power Bank in Malaysia
Check Baseus Power Bank 20000mAh price below:
add_circle Built-in cable (can choose between Type-C or Lightning)
add_circle Large capacity
add_circle 22.5W fast charging
remove_circle Thick and bulky
remove_circle Takes a long time to recharge


Most people have more than one device, so having a power bank with the ability to charge all of them at the same time would be useful. This Baseus Power Bank can do just that, thanks to its 20,000 mAh capacity, built-in cable, and a healthy amount of ports!


  • Input Ports: 2 (x1 USB-C, x1 Lightning port)
  • Output: 3 (x1 USB-A, x1 USB-C, x1 in-built USB-C cable)
  • Built-in Cable: Type-C
  • Battery Capacity: 20000mAh
  • Weight: 360g

“In Our Experience” - Live ProductNation Review

This 20,000 mAh power bank is large, bulky, but cute, with the ability to charge up to three devices at the same time. For extra portability and convenience points, it also comes with an inbuilt cable that also doubles as a strap!

As a purple lover, I did not hesitate even a minute when choosing the colour: of course I’d go with the purple one, which really did not disappoint. You can also choose between Type-C or iPhone Lightning for the inbuilt cable – but since it also comes with two other output ports (x1 USB-A and x1 USB-C), you needn’t really worry about compatibility. 

The inbuilt strap itself is pretty durable, which has to be as it also doubles as a carrying strap for the power bank. It is made of flexible TPE and has yet to suffer fraying or breakage after a solid two months of use. It also supports up to 22.5W fast charging, as is loudly proclaimed on the front of the power bank. 

The Baseus power bank has a large LED display on the front that displays its current battery level, which makes it easy to see at a glance how much juice you have left. 20,000 mAh was enough to last through three and a half full charges of a Samsung Galaxy S22.

On to the cons; this power bank is thick, large, and heavy. It’s definitely not something that can fit in a small purse unless that is all you want to bring with you on your day out. This is due to its large capacity, which also means that it takes a pretty long time for it to fully recharge: approximately three and a half hours, in our tests.

Who is this for?

If you carry multiple power-hungry devices around with you all the time, this 20000 mAh power bank is made for you. Its built-in cable makes charging easier, especially since it can fully charge a mobile phone more than three times.

Ugreen Power Bank Review
Check UGREEN 20W PD QC 3.0 Fast Charging Power Bank (80917) price below:
add_circle Supports simultaneous dual-port fast-charging
add_circle Has built-in cable
add_circle Small and easily portable
remove_circle Cable is a little thin and fragile


Delivering powerful charging, this product from UGREEN has everything you need in a power bank – portability, longevity and capacity. This pocket-sized power bank also has a built-in type-C cable which simplifies the charging process.

The other two output options also make this power bank universally compatible as long as there are USB-A and USB-C cables. Thanks to its fast-charging technology, you’ll be able to get your smartphone fully charged in just a little over an hour!


  • Built-in Cable: Type-C
  • Input Port: USB-C
  • Output options: 3 ( x2 USB-A, x1 USB-C)
  • Battery Capacity: 10000mAh
  • Weight: 181g
  • Dimension: 4.1 x 2.1 x 0.8 inch
  • Warranty: 12 months

“In Our Experience” - Live ProductNation Review

You can’t really go wrong with UGREEN when it comes to mobile or laptop accessories. The brand really came through with this particular power bank that is palm-sized and comes with a built-in cable.

The only downside for this is that it’s a little thicker than we’d like it to be, but otherwise, the UGREEN 20W PD QC 3.0 Fast Charging Power Bank exceed expectations in terms of power and speed. The built-in cable comes in USB Type-C and supports fast charging speeds of up to 20W.

Apart from the in-built cable, it also sports another two USB-A ports and a USB Type-C port, which makes the power bank universally compatible with pretty much all devices, including iPhones. The power bank also recharges relatively quickly, making it a great daily companion.

Who is this for?

Portable and equipped with fast-charging technology and high-temperature protection, this power bank can last up to 500 cycles. With its universal compatibility, we recommend this product for those in search of a good power bank for daily use.

Best mini power bank
Mini Power Bank Review
Check KUULAA Mini PD 18W Power Bank price below:
add_circle Mini and portable
add_circle Comes in two choices: Type-C or Lightning
add_circle No need cables!
remove_circle Small capacity
remove_circle Can only charge one device at a time


The KUULAA Mini PD 18W Power Bank is small enough to fit in a small pocket and barely takes up any space in your purse. It attaches right to your phone as well, so you needn’t worry about dangling wires!

This power bank also recharges quickly thanks to the 18W Quick Recharging, so it can be ready for you whenever you need it. 


  • Input Port: USB-C
  • Built-in Output Plugs: 1 (Type-C or Lightning)
  • Display: Digital
  • Battery Capacity: 5000mAh
  • Dimension: (L) 81mm x (W) 28mm x (H) 50mm

“In Our Experience” - Live ProductNation Review

No joke, I fell in love with the KUULAA Mini Power Bank almost as soon as I got it out of the box. It is just so tiny and cute, which makes it ultra-portable — all you need to do is attach it to your phone, and you can still use your phone as normal while it gets juiced up. No more trying to awkwardly hold two slabs!

Even though it’s really small, the KUULAA mini power bank still has an LED screen that tells you how much power it has left. The input port is Type-C, and you can choose between Type-C or Lighting for the output plug, which comes on the power bank itself complete with a little cap, so you don’t need an extra cable.

But here’s the catch: it only has a 5000 mAh capacity, so it really doesn’t hold much power at all. In fact, it can’t even fully charge my Galaxy S22; the mini power bank ran out of battery at around 84%, whilst it was plugged in at 19%. 

Since the rated capacity is so low, I wouldn’t recommend it for longer trips. This would be more suitable as an emergency backup power source if you’re on a day trip or just out shopping.

Who is this for?

The KUULAA Mini PD 18W Power Bank works great as a last-resort emergency backup power source on a day trip or shopping trip. It’s tiny, lightweight, and ultraportable, designed to attach to your phone without all the bells, whistles, and cables!

Best power bank for Samsung
Check Samsung 10000 mAh Dual Battery Power Bank price below:
add_circle Has fast charge
add_circle Slim and simple built
remove_circle Pricey compared to other options
remove_circle A little heavy


Despite the slim and lightweight design, this Samsung power bank has a capacity of 10000 mAh, fully charging a device around 2.5 times, depending on the device’s capacity. Other than the fact that its simultaneous dual-port charging output is reliable, it also takes a relatively shorter and quicker recharging time.


  • Input Port: USB-C
  • Output options: x2 USB-A
  • Battery Capacity: 10000mAh
  • Weight: 220g
  • Dimension: (D) 14mm x (W) 71mm x (H) 141.8mm
  • Warranty: 6 months

“In Our Experience” - Live ProductNation Review

The Samsung 10,000 mAh Power Bank is pretty much the standard definition of a power bank. Slim, sleek, and no-nonsense, it does what a power bank should do, nothing more, nothing less.

Compared to some of the others in this list, the Samsung 10,000 mAh Power Bank is pretty basic, lacking some of the showy features like in-built flashlight and cables, but the one thing it does not skimp on is in power. This is the only 10,000 mAh power bank that could charge two Samsung phones and have a little leftover for my earbuds. With two output USB-A ports, it can charge up to two devices at the same time.

It’s also very nice to hold, despite being as large as my phone itself, thanks to the matte coating on the surface of the power bank and the slimness. All in all, a pleasant standard power experience.

Who is this for?

The Samsung 10,000mAh Power Bank is on the pricey side, but considering it’s a Samsung original accessory, you’re getting guaranteed quality and warranty. If you’re already using Samsung devices, we recommend getting this; in fact, non-Samsung devices can be used too!

Best 20,000 mAh power bank
PINENG Powerbank Review
Check PINENG Powerbank PN939 20000mAh price below:
add_circle Large capacity
add_circle Has warranty
remove_circle No USB-C output
remove_circle Takes a long time to recharge


The large capacity of this PINENG PN939 power bank is reasonably sized for its large capacity. It can charge plenty of devices with its two USB-A output ports. Unfortunately, the PN939 does not come with an in-built cable, but it does have a battery indicator that tells you how much power it still holds. With the 20,000 mAh capacity, you won’t have to worry about running out of juice anytime soon!


  • Input Ports: 3 (x1 USB-C, x1 USB-Micro, x1 Lightning)
  • Output: x2 USB-A
  • Battery Capacity: 20000mAh
  • Weight: 420g
  • Dimension: 160mm X 78mm X 22mm
  • Warranty: 12 months

“In Our Experience” - Live ProductNation Review

PINENG is also yet another pretty known brand for its no-nonsense power banks. The PN939 has a massive 20,000 mAh capacity that is advertised to be able to charge laptops as well.

Well, in our experience, that didn’t quite happen, the primary reason being laptops need compatible cables as well as chargers, and the cable that came with the PN939 is not one of them. My laptop needed a 27W power adapter, something which the PN939 did not have, so it ended up going the other way round: my laptop charging the power bank. 

That said, I did also try charging a Chromebook with the PN939, and that worked, even though the charging was slow. Other than that, 20,000 mAh is enough to pretty much charge up to 5 phones, though you can only do two simultaneously since there are only two USB-A output ports.

In terms of recharging, the PN939 understandably takes a considerable amount of time, given its capacity. It took a little under three hours for us to fully charge the device, but it managed to last up to four days charging two phones daily, so that was a decent exchange.

Who is this for?

If you need to recharge your devices often, we recommend getting this power bank because of its capacity. There is no need to worry about either your phone or your power bank running out of battery.

Check PINENG PN-886 Qi Wireless Polymer Power Bank (10000mAh) price below:
add_circle Wireless charging
add_circle Lightweight
remove_circle Slow charging (both input and output)
remove_circle No USB-C output


With a wireless launcher and two USB-A outputs, this power bank is compatible with all devices with Qi wireless charging. The Pineng PN886 also comes with a battery protection IC to prevent overcharging or short-circuit incidents.


  • Output: 3 (x1 Wireless Launcher, x2 USB-A)
  • Input Ports: 3 (x1 USB-C, x1 USB-Micro, x1 Lightning)
  • Battery Capacity: 10000mAh
  • Weight: 260g
  • Dimension: 123mm X 66mm X 12.5mm
  • Warranty: 12 months

“In Our Experience” - Live ProductNation Review

As far as a power bank goes, the Pineng PN886 is pretty much standard: 10,000 mAh, two output USB-A ports, and an LED screen indicating battery level and other information. What makes it special is the wireless charging pad on the front, which allows you to charge Qi-compatible devices wirelessly, including smartphones and wireless earbuds.

In practical use, though, we found the wireless charging function on the PN886 a little finicky. That’s because it doesn’t charge automatically when you place your device on the charging pad. To activate the wireless charging function, you had to double-click the power button and quickly put your phone on the pad. It also took a while to perfectly centre the device so that it lines up with the charging pad and actually starts charging, which is pretty time-consuming, if not annoying. 

This could be a great safety feature, but honestly, I could really do without it. If I had to find something good to say about the wireless charging on the power bank, it’s that it has a ring of rubber around it so your device doesn’t slip off the power bank easily, which can happen as the power bank is slightly narrower than a standard smartphone (Galaxy S22 in our case).

Apart from the annoying wireless charging function, though, the PN886 works perfectly well as a normal power bank. It can fully charge a little under two phones and takes about two hours to get back to full charge.

Who is this for?

This is a decently affordable wireless power bank if you don’t mind the extra steps to get to wireless charging. It’s also decently slim and lightweight, making it a great power bank for those frequently on-the-go.

PINENG PN-961 Review
Check PINENG PN-961 price below:
add_circle Light and slim
add_circle Affordable; value buy
remove_circle No USB-C output
remove_circle Slow charging


As a 10000 mAh power bank, the design of this power bank is thin and more compact as compared to other models. Capable of charging three devices simultaneously, this PINENG PN-961 efficiently charges your mobile devices and saves your time.


  • Output: 2 USB-A
  • Input Ports: 3 (x1 USB-C, x1 USB-Micro, x1 Lightning)
  • Battery Capacity: 10000mAh
  • Weight: 220g
  • Dimension: 145.5mm x 72.8mm x 14.3mm
  • Warranty: 12 months

“In Our Experience” - Live ProductNation Review

The Pineng PN961 is pretty much identical to the PN886 above, just without the wireless charging function. It’s a great no-nonsense, affordable power bank that does everything you need a power bank to do.

While lacking some fancy features like inbuilt cables or flashlights, it makes up for the abundance of ports. It has two USB-A output ports, a micro-USB input port, and a USB Type-C port that can do both, which means you can pretty much charge it and your smartphones with any kind of cable. 

The PN961 is the same size, weight, and dimensions as my Galaxy S22, which makes it a decently portable device that’s also easy to hold.

Who is this for?

If you are on a budget but also in need of a power bank, this power bank will do the job. It can fully charge an average of two smartphones on every full charge, making it a great power bank for daily use.

Check Aukey PD QC 3.0 Fast Charging Power Bank with Foldable Stand & Wireless Charging (WL02) price below:
add_circle Doubles as a phone stand
add_circle Lightweight
add_circle Supports dual-port charging
add_circle Supports wireless charging
remove_circle Phone will only wireless charge when placed horizontally


This power bank is designed to achieve the best practicality one can have — made with wireless charging as its main output port, it comes with a phone holder and a stand. Not only can it support your phone while charging, but you can also use your phone to watch videos whilst charging.

Equipped with Power Delivery 3.0 and Quick Charge 3.0, this power bank from Aukey can charge compatible devices up to four times faster than normal charging. Its design is also made to be held easily and to fit well in your pocket.


  • Output: 3 (x1 Wireless Charging Stand, x1 USB-C, x1 USB-A)
  • Input Port: USB-C
  • Battery Capacity: 10000mAh
  • Weight: 242g
  • Dimension: 155mm x 75mm x 15mm
  • Warranty: 24 months

“In Our Experience” - Live ProductNation Review

This Aukey Wireless Power Bank is great for those who cannot live without their phones. With a built-in stand and phone holder, it allows you to still watch movies on your phone while it’s charging, or simply just have a nice place to prop your phone up if you’re too tired to hold it up yourself!

Fancy stand aside, the Aukey Wireless power bank can charge up to three devices at a time: one wirelessly, and two through the USB-A and USB Type-C ports on the side. The Type-C port also doubles as the input charger for the power bank itself. 

Design-wise, this Aukey power bank looks really sleek and sensible, but it’s a little prone to fingerprints especially if you have sweaty hands. Even though it’s a little large in dimension, it’s slim and lightweight enough to be easily pocketable.

Who is this for?

Those tired of wire-bound charging would enjoy using this wireless power bank, especially with its quick-charging feature and compact design. Well-developed with safety controls, this Aukey PB-WL02 is by far the best wireless power bank for mobile devices.


- How do power banks work?

  • A power bank lets you deposit electrical energy into it to be used for later when needed.
  • These batteries are designed with a special circuit to control power flow into your devices.
  • The special circuit ensures that the right amount of power goes into your devices, and stops when your devices are fully charged.
  • This way, your devices will not overcharge and cause a short circuit to happen.

- How long do power banks last?

Assuming that you use them almost every other day, a power bank should last you between 1 to 2 years in mint condition. Its wear will certainly show once in a year of regular use. Still, these power banks won't be very unusable.

  • User experiences will vary, such as the ports being loose for your cables to plug-in.
  • This will affect charging your devices efficiently especially if you're one to just toss the power bank charging your device into your bag at freewill (without a storage compartment to restrict movement). 
  • At the same time, as with most tech uses, charges won't be as full as they used to be.
  • You'll find that the power bank's capacity may be cut to as little as a quarter or even half the usual.
  • This is due to the chemical reaction in rechargeable batteries, whereby the more charging cycle it goes through, the more "crystals" it forms inside.
  • That actually leads to less efficiency in holding more charge (and passing into your device).

- Is using a power bank bad for your phone?

You may have heard of the rule to not use your phone (or any other devices) when it's charging. This is because when electricity flows into your device, heat is generated naturally. And when you use your phone, heat is also...generated.

  • By using your phone while it's charging, it'll cause even more heat to generate in your phone and thus, the action will risk frying your phone or even yourself.
  • In short, it's like asking for your phone to be fried slowly.
  • Even if today's phones are made with more heat-resistant materials, they are still prone to burns that can potentially cause a fire.
  • Plus, today most power banks come with overcharging protection features.

- Can you charge power banks overnight?

Back then, we would say no. However, with today's advanced technology, you can.

  • The simple answer is that today's power banks (and phones) are commonly built with smart protection in the form of "trickle charge".
  • It works such as the device will self-discharge once the battery's capacity is full.
  • This charging protection feature is also coupled with extra support such as high-heat resistant materials. 

- Tips for Faster Charging

  • Here's an insider tip from us: charge with a shorter (and high-quality) cable!
  • This is because the longer the cable, the more power is lost during the power transfer to your device.
  • In short, charging cables have electrical resistance on them, and the longer they are, the more resistance!
  • For reference, anything below 15cm is good.

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