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5 Star Chef Double Commercial Deep Fryers

5 Star Chef Double Commercial Deep Fryer

Where to buy

MyDeal Australia

5 Star Chef Double Commercial Deep Fryer

Pros & Cons

It is sturdy, suitable for commercial use
It has separate temperature controls
It heats up fast
It can be costly in the long run


Specification Material: Stainless steel  Capacity: 7 liters each  Power: 2500 watts  Item weight: N/A Overview Cook more deep-fried foods with 5 Star Chef Double Commercial Deep Fryers. It has a higher oil and tank capacity for more significant cooking needs, whether for business or home use. It is SAA certified to guarantee safety all the time.  Highlighted Features The premium features include a removable oil-heating plate that won't burn quickly. It is a power-saving deep fryer with a quick-heat function and a separate automatic thermostat to cook fried foods with perfect crisps. The rubber feet are non-slipping, and each frying basket has a heat-proof handle and cover lid for enhanced safety.  Performance  It will supply you with two frying sources, each with quick-heat ability at a sensible cost. The high fill capacity will benefit skilled chefs who need separate fryers to prepare various fried meals, which is less time-consuming. 


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