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10 Best Luggage Tags (Tracker) To Buy In Australia 2023

Tag it, track it, and relax

Do you have any upcoming trip plans? Whether traveling for business or pleasure, keeping track of your luggage is critical. Using luggage tags is one of the simplest ways to keep your bags from being lost or misplaced. Luggage tags not only help you identify your bags but may also offer personalized luggage tags.

Luggage tags come in various sizes and styles, from basic paper tags to high-tech digital titles connecting to your smartphone. Choosing the proper luggage tag might be complicated with so many possibilities available. This post will list the ten best luggage tags in Australia and how to select the best label for your travel needs.

10 Best Luggage Tags (Tracker) To Buy In Australia 2023

Best overall luggage tags
Samsonite Global Travel Accessories Luggage Tag
Check Samsonite Global Travel Accessories Luggage Tag price below:
add_circle Durable construction ensures longevity.
add_circle Easy to identify your luggage.
add_circle Adjustable strap ensures a secure attachment to your luggage.

Why It's Our Top Pick

One of the best luggage tags in Australia is the Samsonite Global Travel Accessories Rectangle luggage tag. Its rugged build, clear polycarbonate pane, and adjustable strap make it a perfect pick for any frequent traveler. While some may find the label overly thick and the adjustable strap challenging, its numerous advantages make it an excellent investment for anyone searching for increased security and protection for their luggage.

This high-quality luggage tag is intended to aid in identifying your luggage while also adding security and protection to your things.

Key Features

It has several outstanding features. It is constructed with high-quality materials that assure its durability and longevity. The tag features a clear plastic window that displays your personal information and allows you to identify your luggage instantly. It also includes an adjustable strap for securely attaching it to your luggage.

Why Buy This

It is an excellent purchase for any regular traveler. Its sturdy design guarantees that it can withstand the rigors of travel, and its clear plastic window makes it simple to identify your belongings. It's also a terrific way to add another level of security to your belongings while traveling.

Best real-time tracker
TKMARS GPS Tracking Device Luggage Tracker
Check TKMARS GPS Tracking Device Luggage Tracker price below:
add_circle Real-time GPS tracking provides accurate and up-to-date information on the location of your luggage.
add_circle Compact and easy to attach to your luggage.
add_circle Compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
remove_circle A reliable internet connection is required for proper operation.

The TKMARS GPS Tracking Device is a luggage-specific real-time GPS tracker. This small device tracks the whereabouts of your luggage in real time, providing you with peace of mind and ensuring that your goods are never lost or stolen.

Key Features

The TKMARS GPS Tracking Device has qualities that make it a fantastic alternative for anyone looking for a dependable luggage tag. Using a real-time GPS tracker, it works with both iOS and Android devices and provides accurate and current information on the position of your luggage. The device is small and easy to attach to your luggage, and it has an alert that will sound if your luggage is moved without your consent.

Why Buy This

It's an excellent investment for anyone who travels regularly or wants to ensure their luggage is always safe and secure. It provides real-time location tracking, giving you peace of mind and instantly locating your luggage if it is lost or stolen. The device is also simple and works with various devices, making it an excellent pick for travelers.

Rechargeable Trailer GPS Real Time Luggage Tracker
Check Rechargeable Trailer GPS Real Time Luggage Tracker price below:
add_circle It has strong magnetic mounting.
add_circle It has vibration alarm.
add_circle It has history route playback.
remove_circle Reliance on battery charge.

The Rechargeable Trailer GPS Tracker Real Time is a unique device created exclusively for luggage tracking. This small and lightweight tracker allows you to track the location of your luggage in real time, giving you peace of mind and extra security when traveling.

Key Features

This GPS luggage tracker includes a number of smart functions. It provides real-time tracking, allowing you to precisely follow the whereabouts of your luggage. The tracker is rechargeable, which eliminates the need for battery replacements on a regular basis. It's also small and light, making it easy to pack into any luggage or bag without adding bulk. The device is readily triggered using a mobile app, enabling rapid access to your luggage's location and movement.

Why Buy This

It is a must-have item for regular travelers or anyone concerned about the protection of their belongings. Its real-time monitoring capabilities ensure that you can always keep a close check on your stuff. 

Tile tracker for luggage
New Montblanc Designer Luggage Tag
Check New Montblanc Designer Luggage Tag price below:
add_circle GPS tracker allows for real-time tracking of your luggage.
add_circle Tile pen and keyring make it easy to mark and identify your bags.
add_circle Made from high-quality materials that ensure durability.
remove_circle It can be expensive compared to other luggage tags.

It's one of the best luggage tags in Australia. This unique baggage tag is intended to keep your belongings safe and easy to find. It has various high-tech features that provide peace of mind when traveling.

Key Features

It has a GPS tracker that allows you to find your luggage using your smartphone or tablet. It also includes a Tile pen for marking your luggage and a keyring for attaching it to your backpack or suitcase. The tag is composed of high-quality materials, ensuring its durability and longevity.

Why Buy This

For someone who travels regularly, this is a significant investment. It ensures that your luggage is secure and easy to find. The GPS tracker allows you to track your luggage in real-time, and the Tile pen and keychain make marking and identifying your luggage simple.

Best for international flight
LugLoc Luggage Tracker
Check LugLoc Luggage Tracker price below:
add_circle Provides real-time location updates for your luggage.
add_circle Lightweight and durable, it won't add extra weight to your luggage or break during transit.
add_circle Long battery life.

The LugLoc Luggage Tracker is a smart luggage tag that can assist you in keeping track of your luggage while flying internationally. It employs GSM technology to deliver real-time location updates, enabling you to keep track of your bags at all times. The luggage tag is simple and may be applied to any luggage.

Key Features

The LugLoc Luggage Tracker has several functions that make it an absolute necessity for foreign travelers. It uses GSM technology to give real-time location updates via a smartphone app. The tag is also lightweight and robust, so it will not break your luggage during transit. As a result of its long battery life, you won't need to bother about charging it all the time.

Why Buy This

The LugLoc Luggage Tracker is a must-have item for anyone who travels overseas regularly. It gives you peace of mind by enabling you to track your luggage at all times and ensuring that it doesn't get lost in transit. It is a valuable and flexible solution that may be attached to any luggage style.

Pc Carry On Scooter Trolley with Luggage Tracker
Check Pc Carry On Scooter Trolley with Luggage Tracker price below:
add_circle The auto-follow function makes it easy to navigate busy areas.
add_circle Built-in tracker ensures your luggage is never lost or stolen.
add_circle Scooter mode allows for quick and easy movement through crowded areas.
remove_circle It may be more expensive than traditional luggage.

It is a high-tech luggage with various valuable functions for the modern traveler. This luggage has an auto-follow function, a built-in tracker, and a scooter mode to make travel simple and convenient.

Key Features

It is a popular option for travelers because of its many enticing features. It has an auto-follow part that allows the suitcase to follow you wherever you go, making it easier to manage crowded airports and train stations. It also has a built-in tracker to ensure your luggage is never misplaced or stolen. The suitcase may also be changed into a scooter mode, allowing you to navigate crowded areas swiftly and efficiently. 

Why Buy This

It is a good investment for somebody who frequently travels. Its advanced features simplify traversing busy airports and train stations, and its rugged design ensures that it can weather travel demands. The auto-follow function, built-in tracker, and scooter mode are all intended to make travel more convenient and comfortable.

Luggage tags for cruise
Cruise Luggage Tag Label Holder
Check Cruise Luggage Tag Label Holder price below:
add_circle Made from high-quality materials that ensure durability.
add_circle They are evident with a bright color that makes them easy to spot.
add_circle Equipped with steel loops that ensure they stay securely attached to your luggage.
remove_circle Steel loops may be prone to rusting over time.

It is a preferred option for tourists in Australia. These tags offer a safe and practical solution to identify your luggage and guarantee its safe arrival at your destination. Several aspects make them powerful, useful, and quite noticeable.

Key Features

They are solid and long-lasting, created using the highest caliber materials. The tags have a bright hue that makes them stand out on the luggage carousel and are also quite noticeable. They have steel loops that guarantee they will remain firmly fastened to your luggage even when subjected to the rigors of travel.

Why Buy This

It is a wise purchase for anyone who frequently travels. It offers a safe and practical method for labeling your luggage, ensuring its safe arrival at your destination. Additionally, It is very noticeable, making it simple to find your luggage amid the multitude of bags on the carousel.

Android luggage tracker
Brookstone Luggage Tracker
Check Brookstone Luggage Tracker price below:
add_circle It uses Bluetooth technology to provide real-time tracking.
add_circle Pinned map history shows you where your luggage has been.
add_circle A straightforward app makes it simple to set up and use

A cutting-edge luggage tag that works with iOS and Android devices is the Brookstone Luggage Tracker. You can always know where it is by pairing your luggage with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. A pinned map history is included on the tag so you can see where your luggage has gone throughout your journey.

Key Features

The Brookstone Luggage Tracker is a must-have for frequent travelers because of its several valuable functions. You may attach it to your iPad or smartphone via Bluetooth and track the whereabouts of your luggage in real-time. The tag also has a pinned map history that reveals the locations of your luggage throughout your trips. With straightforward and intuitive software, it is easy to use, set up, and keeps track of your luggage at all times.

Why Buy This

Anyone who travels regularly should make this investment. By enabling you to trace the whereabouts of your luggage constantly, it gives you peace of mind by lowering the possibility of lost or stolen luggage. You can easily keep track of your luggage while traveling thanks to its pinned map history feature, which lets you know where it is.

Airbags for luggage/apple air tags for luggage (for ios)
Flixwerk Air Pendant Case Luggage Tag
Check Flixwerk Air Pendant Case Luggage Tag price below:
add_circle Protects your luggage and personal belongings.
add_circle Compatible with Apple's AirTag technology.
add_circle High-quality materials ensure durability and longevity.
remove_circle Requires an iPhone or iPad to use AirTag technology.

One of the best luggage tags in Australia is the flixwerk® - AirTag Keyring Pendant Case Luggage. Using Apple's AirTag technology, this unique solution is designed to safeguard your bags and personal possessions while also making them easier to discover. The keychain pendant case comprises high-quality materials, ensuring its durability and longevity.

Key Features

It has various outstanding features that make it a popular choice among tourists. It is intended to be used with Apple's AirTag technology, allowing you to locate your luggage using your iPhone or iPad. The keyring pendant case is composed of high-quality materials that protect your AirTag and luggage. It is also available in various fashionable colors, making it simple to customize your luggage.

Why Buy This

It is an excellent buy for tourists searching for a dependable way to protect their bags and possessions. Its use of Apple's AirTag technology assures that your luggage may be quickly located if it is lost or stolen. The keyring pendant case's high-quality materials protect your AirTag and luggage. It is also elegant and adaptable, making it a perfect way to personalize and distinguish your luggage.

Leather luggage tags
MG Luggage Tag
Check MG Luggage Tag price below:
add_circle Made from high-quality leather.
add_circle Clear plastic window for easy identification.
add_circle Stainless steel buckle ensures a secure attachment to your luggage.

MG Luggage Tags are a set of authentic leather luggage tags. These beautiful and long-lasting baggage tags are intended to help you identify your luggage when traveling. They are popular among frequent travelers due to their clean and minimalist style.

Key Features

The MG Luggage Tags are made of high-quality, genuine leather, making them long-lasting and sturdy. On the rear is a clear plastic window where you may insert your name, address, and phone number for simple identification. The tags also have a stainless steel buckle that secures them to your luggage. These baggage tags' sleek and minimalist form guarantees they only take up a little room on your luggage while being easily identifiable.

Why Buy This

The MG baggage Tags are an ideal solution for anyone looking for beautiful, long-lasting baggage tags with easy identification. These tags are made of genuine leather and can survive the wear and tear of travel. They are also simple to attach and detach, making them an easy and valuable addition to your luggage.

How Do Luggage Trackers Work?

Using various technologies, luggage trackers keep track of your bags when you travel. Luggage trackers come in various styles, ranging from simple Bluetooth-enabled devices to more complex GPS-enabled monitors.

Bluetooth luggage trackers communicate with your smartphone using Bluetooth technology. You attach the tracker to your luggage and use an app to track its location. The app will display the distance between you and your luggage and notify you when it is within range. This tracker form is less expensive than GPS-enabled devices and may be combined with other tracking methods.

GPS luggage trackers employ GPS technology to track your bags' whereabouts in real time. These devices are more modern and can provide more detailed information about your luggage's whereabouts. You can use a companion app to track the whereabouts of your bags, and some systems even allow you to set up geofences or borders to receive notifications when your bags leave a specific area.

Some luggage trackers additionally have proximity sensors that warn you when your luggage is nearby and tamper alerts that notify you if your luggage has been opened or tampered with. When traveling with your bags, these features can give extra security and peace of mind.

Are Luggage Trackers Allowed on Planes?

Luggage trackers are often permitted on airlines—however, a few things to remember while utilizing a luggage tracker while flying.

To begin, some airlines and airports may have unique laws or limits regarding using specific types of luggage trackers. Some airports, for example, may demand that you turn off your Bluetooth-enabled tracker during takeoff and landing. It's critical to double-check with your airline and airport to ensure you follow all the rules and regulations.

Second, ensure your luggage tracker is turned off or switched to airplane mode during the journey. It is prohibited because some luggage trackers may interfere with the plane's communication and navigation systems. If you are still determining whether your luggage tracker is permitted on the plane, you should always check with your airline before flying.

Finally, ensure your luggage tracker is fastened correctly to your luggage. Some luggage trackers may fall off or detach during transit, resulting in loss or damage. Check that your luggage tracker is firmly attached to your luggage and can endure the rigors of travel.

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Luggage Tracker

There are many crucial considerations to make while selecting a luggage tracker to guarantee that you receive a device that matches your needs. While choosing a luggage tracker, consider the following factors:

  • Technology: Various luggage trackers, including Bluetooth and GPS devices, are available. Choose the technology that will work best for you based on your travel needs and tastes.
  • Battery life: It is a crucial consideration when selecting a luggage tracker. Choose a smartphone with a lengthy battery life to ensure that it will survive the whole journey.
  • Size and weight: Select a luggage tracker that is tiny and light enough to connect to your luggage without adding unnecessary weight or bulk.
  • Connectivity: Make sure the luggage tracker you select is compatible with your smartphone and has an easy-to-use app for tracking.
  • Range: Consider the luggage tracker's capacity to ensure it can be tracked from a fair distance and that you will receive alerts if your luggage goes out of range.
  • Durability: Choose a luggage tracker that is tough enough to survive travel demands, including bumps and knocks.
  • Price: When selecting a luggage tracker, consider your budget and compare costs and features to find the best value for your money.

Best Luggage Tag Brands in Australia

Several reputable brands offer reliable products regarding luggage tags or trackers in Australia. Here are the best brands known for their travel tags for luggage:

Tile Luggage Tracker

Tile is a famous brand that specializes in Bluetooth trackers. They offer small and compact trackers that can be easily attached to luggage. The Tile app allows you to track your luggage's location and even play a sound to help you locate it.

TrackR Luggage Tracker

TrackR is another well-known brand that provides Bluetooth trackers for various purposes, including luggage tracking. Their trackers can be attached to your luggage, and you can use their smartphone app to locate your belongings.

Victorinox Luggage Tag

Victorinox is known for its high-quality travel gear, including luggage tags. They offer stylish and durable luggage tags designed to withstand travel rigors. Their tags often come with additional features like privacy flaps and adjustable straps.

Samsonite Luggage Tag

Samsonite is a trusted brand in the luggage industry, offering luggage tags and trackers. They provide a range of options, from basic luggage tags to more advanced models with built-in tracking technology.

Pacsafe Luggage Tag

Pacsafe specializes in anti-theft travel gear, with luggage tags incorporating security features. Their tags often include features like RFID blocking technology and durable materials to deter theft and protect personal information.

Luggage Tags Price Range Here in Australia

The price range of luggage tags and trackers in Australia can vary depending on the product's brand, features, and quality. Here is a general overview of the price ranges you can expect:

Basic Luggage Tags: Basic luggage tags typically range from AU$ 5 to AU$ 20. These tags are usually made of durable materials like plastic or leather and may have simple identification fields for your contact information.

Bluetooth Trackers: Bluetooth trackers attached to your luggage range from AU$20 to AU$50. These trackers connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth to track the location of your luggage through a mobile app.

Advanced Tracking Devices: Advanced tracking devices with more sophisticated features, such as GPS tracking and real-time location updates, can cost anywhere from AU$50 to AU$ 200 or more. These devices often offer additional functionalities like geofencing, motion sensors, and extended battery life.

Premium and Luxury Options: Premium and luxury luggage tags or trackers from high-end brands can range from AU$100 to several hundred dollars. These products may feature premium materials, stylish designs, and advanced security features.

Where to Buy Luggage Tags in Australia?

You can purchase the best luggage tag or trackers from various places in Australia. Here are some standard options:

  • Retail Stores: Visit physical retail stores specializing in travel accessories or luggage, such as department stores, travel stores, or specialty luggage stores. Examples include Myer, David Jones, Strandbags, and Luggage Direct. These stores often have a dedicated section for luggage tags and trackers.
  • Online Marketplaces: Amazon, eBay, or Catch.com.au offer a wide range of luggage tags and trackers. You can browse different brands, compare prices, and read customer reviews before purchasing. These platforms usually have various options and can provide convenient home delivery.
  • Brand Websites: Many luggage tag and tracker brands have official websites where you can buy their products directly. Visit the websites of brands like Tile, TrackR, Victorinox, Samsonite, Pacsafe, or TUMI to explore their offerings and make a purchase.
  • Electronics Retailers: Some electronics retailers in Australia, such as JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, or Officeworks, may also stock luggage trackers or tags. These stores often have a section dedicated to smart devices or tech accessories where you might find suitable options.
  • Travel Accessories Stores: Specialty travel accessories stores or websites like Travel Essentials or Travelgear.com.au may carry luggage tags and trackers. These stores specifically cater to travel needs and offer various travel-related products.

When choosing where to buy, consider price, availability, shipping options, and customer reviews. Checking for ongoing promotions or discounts is best to save money on your purchase.


Travel luggage tags are an essential accessory for any traveler. They not only make it easier to identify your luggage, but they also help prevent your bags from getting lost or forgotten. With various options available, including traditional paper tags, personalized luggage tags, and advanced luggage trackers, there is a travel tag for every traveler's needs and preferences.

Consider durability, readability, and customization choices when selecting a luggage travel tag. Additionally, be sure that any luggage tracker you use is permitted by your airline and airport and set to airplane mode during your travel.

Overall, travel tags for luggage are a small expenditure that can make your travel experience smoother and less stressful. You may travel confidently, knowing that your luggage is easily recognizable and secured if you choose the correct travel tag.

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