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10 Best Ergonomic Chairs in Australia 2023 - Top Brands

Work in comfort with the best ergonomic chair.

As more people spend extended periods at their desks, ergonomic chairs are in high demand. An ergonomic chair provides optimal comfort and support to reduce the risk of posture-related injuries. Healthcare professionals recommend it to help prevent back, neck, and shoulder pain, improve circulation, and boost productivity. 

However, choosing the best ergonomic chair australia can be tricky. This post will introduce buying the right ergonomic chair and highlight key features for you to consider. 

10 Best Ergonomic Chairs in Australia 2023 - Top Brands

Best Overall Ergonomic Chair
Desky Pro+ Ergonomic Chair
Check Desky Pro+ Ergonomic Chair price below:
add_circle Offers excellent comfort
add_circle Ease of use
add_circle Eco-friendly
remove_circle A bit pricey

Why It's Our Top Pick 

On the list, the Desky Pro+ Ergonomic Office Chair is the best ergonomic chair australia. It is an excellent deal for the money and a cozy, highly adjustable office chair. People who spend much time working in front of computers will find the seat design ideal. It has a headrest, lumbar support, and armrests that can be adjusted. The brand emphasizes using a synchro-tilt mechanism, which allows the seat to be repositioned at an optimal angle better than regular office chairs.


  • Adjustable Seat size: 43 cm to 53 cm 
  • Lumbar support: Adjustable S-shape 
  • Adjustable backrest: Tilt-reclining, height adjustable 
  • Material: Fabric seat, mesh backrest, and headrest, recyclable materials, nylon castors 

The Desky Pro+ has impressive features you should track down in an ergonomic chair. It can provide the best seating posture possible to help you focus at work. 

Key Features

The chair uses recyclable materials and has five caster wheels that last a long time, making it easy to move around. Desky Pro+ Ergonomic Office Chair works better than leather chairs to keep you from sweating and boost productivity. The upper spines and lumbar will benefit from the S-shape mesh because it keeps them calm and relaxed for extended periods. The backrest and seat have an independent tilting mechanism, which allows you to adjust them separately. 

Why Buy This

Anybody can assemble the Desky Pro+ Ergonomic Office Chair in minutes, and the parts are easily adjusted. They use breathable mesh fabric that moves air, keeping the wearer cool and cozy even after a long work day.

Ergonomic Office Chair
Flash Furniture
Flash Furniture Mid-Black Ergonomic Chair
Check Flash Furniture Mid-Black Ergonomic Chair price below:
add_circle The armrest design supports ease of access
add_circle Has great lumbar support
add_circle Easy to maneuver
remove_circle Hard to assemble


  • Adjustable Seat size: 37.5 inches to 41.25 inches
  • Lumbar support: Ventilated curved back
  • Adjustable backrest: Non-adjustable 
  • Material: Nylon base, Breathable mesh, Metal body frame 

The Flash Furniture Mid-Black Ergonomic Task Office Chair lets you quickly work at your desk for long periods. Thanks to its flip-up armrests and superior lumbar support, it provides the highest comfort level. Say goodbye to hectic workdays with this high-quality office chair! 

Key Features

Flash Furniture added a lever design that locks the office chair and activates a rocking motion. It is also where you can adjust the height upright or reclined. Its lumbar support aims to prevent back and lower leg strain while seated. Thanks to flip-up technology, you can use the office chair with or without armrests. Wheel casters that swivel 360 degrees make this ergonomic task office chair easy to move around.

Why Buy This

The ventilated backrest is something to remember if you want a comfortable seat. The Flash Furniture Mid-Black Ergonomic Task Office Chair will ensure proper airflow, allowing you to sit comfortably for a long hour. The overall look of the office chair can match any desk, and it can easily lean back and swivel. 

Ergonomic Kneeling Chair
Levede Kneeling Office Ergonomic Chair
Check Levede Kneeling Office Ergonomic Chair price below:
add_circle Easy to setup
add_circle Offers plenty of ergonomic benefits
add_circle Affordable


  • Adjustable Seat size: 59 cm to 69 cm 
  • Lumbar support: Foam padded
  • Adjustable backrest: Low U-backrest 
  • Material: Breathable mesh, PU leather, PVC surface, stainless steel frame

The Levede Ergonomic Kneeling Chair can provide better pelvic comfort. It has a knee mat, a padded seat, and a low backrest to help users maintain good posture and avoid back pain. You may easily change the height position using the gas lift mechanism. 

Key Features

The ergonomic desk chair is made of premium mesh to support the body. It allows airflow through the backrest, which also keeps body contour. It has padded armrests that improve comfort and alleviates fatigue. The seat and knee pads are thick and wear-resistant enough to carry body weight. They added lockable, metallic wheels to make it easier to move around the chair. 

Why Buy This

Compared to regular office chairs, the Levede Ergonomic Kneeling Chair has to offer more benefits. It evenly distributes body weight and helps tone the muscle to develop a healthier workplace posture. Comfort and design make it the best ergonomic chair australia you can buy at a lower cost. 

Branch Ergonomic Chair
SIHOO M57 Mesh Office Ergonomic Chair
Check SIHOO M57 Mesh Office Ergonomic Chair price below:
add_circle It supports multiple work positions
add_circle Easy to assemble
add_circle Extra durable
remove_circle The neck attachment is not that comfortable


  • Adjustable Seat size: 110 cm to 132 cm 
  • Lumbar support: Two-ways adjustable lumbar support 
  • Adjustable backrest: Ergonomic with adjustable headrest  
  • Material: Premium mesh upholstery, Aluminium base, PU nylon castor 

This best office chair in Australia has all the features you need for utmost comfort and is available with or without a footrest. SIHOO M57 Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair includes stable support for the head, lumbar, and spine for extended periods of sitting. It will cause workplace productivity to rise. 

Key Features

The SIHOO M57 has a sleek design that will suit any office space. There are 3D armrests that keep both elbows and hands away from fatigue.

Additionally, it includes a headrest and bidirectional lumbar support to alleviate back pain and protect the spine. While the upholstery seat is waterproof, breathable, and prevents thigh tension. SIHOO also lets you adjust the backrest and headrest at a perfect angle for your needs. 

Why Buy This

The SIHOO M57 is constructed from durable materials and can support up to 150 kilos of weight. It is multi-functional, allowing versatile sitting with ultimate comfort from head to toe. The silent casters are a plus, making the working area more productive. 

White Ergonomic Office Chair
ALFORDSON White Office Ergonomic Chair
Check ALFORDSON White Office Ergonomic Chair price below:
add_circle A good-looking ergonomic office chair
add_circle It can carry 150 kilograms with a height adjustment for better comfort
add_circle Includes a handle back design for extra storage


  • Adjustable Seat size: 92 cm to 102 cm 
  • Lumbar support: S-curve design 
  • Adjustable backrest: Tilt-adjustable 
  • Material: Chrome steel, premium leather upholstery, padded foam, 

ALFORDSON sells the most stylish ergonomic office chair that anyone can afford. The chrome steel frame, premium foam, and PU leather design make it more suitable for contemporary offices. It is sturdy and comfortable to sit on, as well as to be aesthetically pleasing.

Key Features

The gas-lift framework of the ALFORDSON Esmae White Ergonomic Office Seat reduces the stress of tipping the seat. It has an S-curve design providing superb back and lumbar support. In addition, there are contour armrests with removable covers to protect the arms and elbows. The seat is foam padded and is breathable, durable, and non-deforming. ALFORDSON's smooth-moving wheels complete the office chair that lets you move it around without scratching the floor.

 Why Buy This?

The white ergonomic office seat can turn 360 degrees, which is ideal for a bustling working environment. In addition, its sleek and contemporary design influences most people to buy one. It has a 5-year warranty and is suitable for multiple uses.

Ergonomic Chair For Back Pain
Ergohuman Fit IOO Office Ergonomic Chair
Check Ergohuman Fit IOO Office Ergonomic Chair price below:
add_circle It can avoid back pain
add_circle The seat height is easy to adjust
add_circle Enhanced safety


  • Adjustable Seat size: 42.5 cm to 53.5 cm 
  • Lumbar support: Built-in and flexible 
  • Adjustable backrest: Reclining backrest 
  • Material: Aluminium base, breathable mesh 

The high back style of Ergohuman Fit IOO compels body comfort to a higher level. It has an eco-friendly design that is easy to assemble and ideal for most working environments. Somebody can also slide back the seat for a good rest.

Key Features

Ergohuman brand is BIFMA certified. They created a reasonably priced, long-lasting, ergonomic, and comfortable office chair to care for your back. It has a mesh backrest that you can swivel to relieve back pain and let in plenty of air. On the other hand, the headrests help alleviate neck pain as the armrests reduce hand fatigue. Mobility is not an issue with the added casters to set the chair anywhere. 

Why Buy This

A reclinable seat is necessary to relax your back occasionally. The prolonged sitting in front of a screen that online gamers regularly experience causes back fatigue.  

Consequently, the Ergohuman Fit IOO is an ergonomic computer chair that greatly aids back and lumbar pain. 

Ergonomic Chair For Tall Person
FYLICA V6 Office Ergonomic Chair
Check FYLICA V6 Office Ergonomic Chair price below:
add_circle Suitable for tall individuals
add_circle Durable construction
add_circle Breathable
remove_circle Expensive


  • Adjustable Seat size: Suitable for up to 6.2" tall 
  • Lumbar support: Adjustable 
  • Adjustable backrest: Tilt-reclining 
  • Material: PU surface, premium mesh, metal frame 

FYLICA makes it easier to find the best value ergonomic chair that fits tall people. The V6 Ergonomic Office Chair is ideal for people at least 5.6 inches tall. All because of its great adjustability!

Key Features

It has four support points: a headrest, backrest, armrest, and lumbar support. These are all adjustable to support a lower risk of back pain, even for taller individuals. BIFMA tested, meaning the chair can carry heavy loads while maintaining stability. There is a tilt tension knob to help you adjust the backrest and seat height at your best comfort. 

Why Buy This

The FYLICA V6 Ergonomic Office Chair has the perfect seat height for 6-footers. The adjustable parts let you customize the office chair to minimize discomfort for long hours of sitting. 

Ergonomic Office Chair With Lumbar Support
KERDOM 9060-H Ergonomic Chair
Check KERDOM 9060-H Ergonomic Chair price below:
add_circle Guarantees full body comfort
add_circle Made of casters for easy mobility
add_circle Adjustable headrest


  • Adjustable Seat size: 41 cm to 49 cm 
  • Lumbar support: Downward curve lumbar pillow 
  • Adjustable backrest: Tilt-reclining 
  • Material: Polyester upholstery, metal body frame, cushioning 

The KERDOM 9060-H is an office chair with lumbar support, making it extra comfortable. It can offer relief all through your body with a headrest, backrest, and lumbar help. This tilt-reclining seat also has adjustable armrests and an elastic, soft, sturdy foam. 

Key Features

The lumbar support helps avoid leg pressure and improves circulation. It works together with the high-density foam cushion that upgrades comfort. The handrails are flippable 90 degrees to give access and save space. You can change the seat point between 90 and 120 degrees to de-stress from heavy work. There won't be any worries as this is a lockable feature. 

Why Buy This

The KERDOM 9060-H has excellent lumbar support compared to other brands. It can promise comfort for the entire body with its easily adjustable features. This office chair can hold a weight of up to 120 kilograms with good stability. 

Ergonomic Office Chair With Headrest
Magic Life
Magic Life Ergonomic Chair
Check Magic Life Ergonomic Chair price below:
add_circle Designed with sturdy headrest
add_circle Easy to set up
add_circle It can offer a higher weight capacity


  • Adjustable Seat size: 45 cm to 53 cm 
  • Lumbar support: Adjustable 
  • Adjustable backrest: Tilt-reclining, height adjustable 
  • Material: Breathable mesh, sponge cushion

The Magic Life Ergonomic Office Chair includes a headrest that makes sitting more comfortable. Flip-up armrests and adjustable lumbar support exist to ensure proper posture. As a result, this can lower the risk of neck and body pain in every use. 

Key Features

The chair's height is easy to adjust to suit each desk or work surface type. For stability, the brand added durable gas springs and lever control. The backrest and seat pad have breathable mesh materials that permit airflow, keeping you cool for extended periods. You can tilt and lock the headrest and backrest to suit your comfort. Additionally, the wheels enable you to move the chair without making noise, as the chair leg can bear a higher load. 

Why Buy This

The ergonomic chair is easy to assemble and has all the necessary tools. It can support good posture while sitting. For this reason, the Magic Life Ergonomic Office Chair can guarantee no more head and neck pain. 

Ergonomic Chair With Footrest
SIHOO V1 Ergonomic Chair
Check SIHOO V1 Ergonomic Chair price below:
add_circle It can provide a larger seating space
add_circle SGS and BIFMA certified
add_circle Suitable for all heights
remove_circle Expensive


  • Adjustable Seat size: 67.5 cm to 84.5 cm 
  • Lumbar support: 4D lumbar support 
  • Adjustable backrest: Y-shape and S-shape backrest 
  • Material: PU surface, aluminum alloy chair base, high-grade nylon

Anyone who spends much time sitting at their job might consider the Sihoo V1. Its adjustable footrest provides users with a nice spot to rest their legs.

Key Features

The chair's headrest, backrest, and armrests may be adjusted to help users maintain good posture and lower their chances of developing back, neck, and shoulder problems. They feature silent and smooth-rolling casters that allow users to move around their workspace quickly without scratching the floor.

Why Buy This

The Sihoo V1 Ergonomic Office Chair with footrest provides users maximum comfort while sitting for long hours at their desks. It can carry a heavier load and reduce the risk of discomfort and injury. 

What Is An Ergonomic Chair?

An ergonomic chair is an office chair designed to support correct posture and reduce the strain and stress on the body while sitting for long periods. It is adjustable to fit the user's body dimensions. It allows for height and angle adjustments of the seat, backrest, armrests, and lumbar support. An ergonomic chair can help improve comfort, prevent back pain, and promote productivity in the workplace.

What is the Difference Between a Lumbar and Ergonomic Chair?

An ergonomic chair has to provide optimal support and comfort for the entire body. In contrast, a lumbar chair supports the lower back. The seat height and angle, the position and shape of the backrest and armrests, and the chair's overall design to accommodate various body sizes and weights are important factors when designing an ergonomic chair. While a lumbar chair might have some of these features, its primary purpose will be to support the lower back.

Buying Guide: How to Choose an Ergonomic Chair

Investing in the best ergonomic chair australia is a good idea to finish office work efficiently. Here are significant factors to help you choose an ergonomic seat for your needs: 

Adjustable Seat Height

The ideal chair should allow your feet to rest flat on the ground. Therefore, a height adjustment feature is crucial, regardless of the body size and weight. It will guarantee exceptional comfort from head to toe. 

Lumbar Support

Look for a chair that supports the natural curve of your spine. It pertains to the chair's backrest, which often has a curve design for better spine alignment. 

Seat Depth And Width

The seat should support your thighs while being deep and wide enough to prevent pressure on the back of your knees. Measure the chair before buying it to see if it will fit your body frame. 


Select a chair with flexible armrests that can be moved up, down, forward, and backward. You will have easy access to the office chair due to this. 

Base Style 

Choose a chair that allows you to easily swivel and reach for different items on your desk without straining. Most ergonomic seats can turn 360 degrees, which helps increase productivity as well.  

Breathable Mesh

An ergonomic chair that keeps you cool and prevents sweating is worth considering. Remember the materials used to ensure you are getting the right chair for your comfort.  

Tilt Adjustment

Choose a chair with a tilt adjustment, which allows you to adjust the backrest angle relative to the seat. It helps sustain correct posture while seated. 

Brand And Price

A good ergonomic chair meets your comfort needs while also being affordable. Purchase a seat from a reputable brand to enjoy a warranty and a durable item.

Best Ergonomic Chair Brands in Australia

These are some of Australia's top stylish ergonomic office chair brands. It's important to note that individual preferences may vary, so it's recommended to try out different ergonomic desk chairs and consider factors such as adjustability, lumbar support, seat depth, and overall comfort before making a purchase decision.

Here are the five best ergonomic chairs in Australia:

Ergohuman Ergonomic Chair

Ergohuman offers a range of ergonomic chairs designed to provide optimal comfort and support. They incorporate adjustable features, breathable materials, and ergonomic design principles to promote good posture and reduce the risk of discomfort or pain.

Herman Miller Ergonomic Chair

Herman Miller is a renowned global brand known for its high-quality ergonomic chairs. Their chairs feature innovative designs, advanced ergonomic technology, and customizable options for individual needs. The brand's flagship Aeron chair is highly regarded for its ergonomic excellence.

Steelcase Ergonomic Chair

Steelcase is another well-respected brand that specializes in ergonomic office chairs. They prioritize user comfort and ergonomics by incorporating features such as adjustable lumbar support, seat depth adjustment, and intuitive controls. Steelcase chairs are known for their durability and long-lasting performance.

Humanscale Ergonomic Chair

Humanscale is a leading brand that creates ergonomic chairs with a minimalist design aesthetic. Their chairs prioritize simplicity, functionality, and user-friendly adjustments. Humanscale chairs can provide optimal support and promote natural movement throughout the day.

Knoll Ergonomic Chair

Knoll is a reputable brand that combines style and ergonomics in its chair designs. They offer a range of ergonomic chairs that prioritize user comfort, support, and aesthetics. Knoll chairs often feature intuitive controls, high-quality materials, and innovative design elements.

Ergonomic Chairs Price Range in Australia

The best value ergonomic chair price in Australia varies on various factors, such as the brand, design, features, and materials used. Here is a general breakdown of the price ranges you can expect:

Budget Range: You can find ergonomic chairs priced between AUD 100 to AUD 300 in the budget range. These chairs often have basic ergonomic features and may be suitable for occasional or light use.

Mid-Range: Mid-range ergonomic chairs typically range from AUD 300 to AUD 800. Chairs in this price range offer better build quality, more adjustable features, and improved ergonomics than budget options. They are suitable for regular use in home offices or workplaces.

High-End Range: High-end ergonomic chairs can range from AUD 800 to several thousand dollars. These chairs are often from premium brands and offer advanced ergonomic features, exceptional build quality, and luxurious materials. They are designed for long hours of intensive use and are commonly found in professional office environments.

Where to Buy Ergonomic Chairs in Australia?

There are several options for buying ergonomic chairs in Australia. Read down for the top places to buy the best ergonomic chair in australia:

Online Retailers: Online marketplaces and retailers like Amazon, eBay, and Kogan offer a wide selection of ergonomic chairs. They offer the ease of home shopping and frequently include various quotes from manufacturers. Furthermore, many producers and specialized ergonomic chair dealers have websites where you may get their items online.

Office Supply Stores: Office supply stores like Officeworks, Staples, and Office National often carry a range of ergonomic chairs. These stores typically have physical locations where you can try out chairs and get assistance from staff members. They may also have online platforms for ordering chairs and providing delivery options.

Furniture Stores: Furniture stores, both online and brick-and-mortar, may have ergonomic chairs as part of their office furniture collections. Examples of such stores include IKEA, Harvey Norman, and Fantastic Furniture. These stores often offer a variety of designs and styles to choose from.

Specialty Ergonomic Retailers: Some retailers specialize in ergonomic furniture and equipment. These dedicated ergonomic retailers usually have a comprehensive range of ergonomic chairs and knowledgeable staff who can guide selecting the right chair for your needs. Examples include Backcare & Seating and Ergoport.

Remember to compare prices, read customer reviews, and consider warranty or return policies when deciding. It's also advisable to test the chair's comfort and ergonomics whenever possible to ensure a good fit for your body and working environment.


When choosing the best ergonomic chair australia, consider factors like adjustability, backrest design, lumbar support, padding, and fabric quality. Assess your needs and likes to find a chair that best meets your budget and provides the highest comfort level. Investing in your health and comfort by purchasing an ergonomic chair is worthwhile. Take the time to select a supportive, comfortable, and long-lasting chair to increase productivity and prevent pain whether you work from home or in an office.

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