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10 Best Sofa Bed in Australia 2023 - Brand Reviews

Sit and sleep in your comfy seat

In today's modern world, we've seen how furniture innovation serves multiple purposes that will benefit you and your home's space. With this advancement, we now have a couch that can be converted into a bed easily, ensuring you enjoy a relaxing and stress-free sleep time. 

Are you looking to buy the best sofa bed online? We recommend Australia's most comfortable, stylish, and functional sofa beds. 

10 Best Sofa Bed in Australia 2023 - Brand Reviews

Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa Bed
Check Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa Bed price below:
add_circle Sturdy
add_circle Gel foam
add_circle Easy-fold


  • Size: 190.5L x 78.7W x 11.4H cm
  • Frame Material: N/A
  • Type of Mattress: Foam

Why It's Our Top Pick

Meet the best sofa bed in Australia with over 2,128 ratings on Amazon! Indeed, this tri-fold sofa bed can accompany anyone while offering them a peaceful sleep. 

Key Features

Big on comfort, little on storage, thanks to its distinct feature that allows you to fold this sofa bed thrice as small – making it easy to store. It has a firm and soft foam that is 4.5 inches thick. It also includes an easy-to-remove and clean cover that may be machine washed.

Why Buy This

Indeed, this family is essential, especially for those who love to camp! With its versatility, this sofa bed folds easily, looks great, takes up very little space, and is comfortable! You can expand the sofa bed ideally with no irregular shapes/forms.

Best fold-out sofa bed in Australia
Vonanda Sofa Bed
Check Vonanda Sofa Bed price below:
add_circle Convertible design
add_circle Sturdy frame
add_circle Assemble not needed
add_circle Space-saving
remove_circle Headrest is not high enough


  • Size: 68.6D x 94W x 81.3H centimetres
  • Frame Material: Metal
  • Type of Mattress: Foam
  • Weight Capacity: 375lbs

This one-seater sofa is ideal for compact places like studios, apartments, and dorm rooms since it features a distinctive folding form that takes up less space.

Key Features

This couch bed has a sturdy structure made of high-quality aluminum that can support up to 375 pounds without posing any risk of injury. Thanks to its high-density seating foam, you will feel comfortable sitting or lying down on the sofa. 

Why Buy This

The sleeper chair can be an ottoman in its standard form. And yet, this sofa bed can transform into a sofa, lounger, or bed for multiple purposes, so you won't have to worry about uninvited guests.

Best single sofa bed
Serta Rane Convertible Sofa Bed
Check Serta Rane Convertible Sofa Bed price below:
add_circle Easy to assemble
add_circle Reclinable
add_circle Slim size
remove_circle The seat part might be short for some


  • Size: Sofa: 66.1" W x 33.1" D x 29.5" H. | Bed: 66.1" W x 37.6" D x 15.1" H.
  • Frame Material: Solid Wood
  • Type of Mattress: Foam

You'll surely appreciate this ultra-chic sofa since the Serta Rane Convertible Sofa will complement any interior design aesthetic. Plus, it would look great in a starter apartment. 

Key Features

High-density foam, a tufted seat and back, and contemporary chrome legs give this futuristic, convertible sofa a streamlined silhouette. You can fold the back down for lounging purposes – fully recline it to a Serta-comfortable bed when it's time to sleep. To prevent injuries, it also has Serta's Finger Guard protection.

Why Buy This

With the included tools, assembling this lovely and functional sofa is simple and does not require much effort. It's great for people who need a sturdy surface for back problems; alternatively, it can be used as a bed or combined with another couch to make a recliner surface.

Best pull out sofa bed
XSPRACER Convertible Sofa Bed
Check XSPRACER Convertible Sofa Bed price below:
add_circle Easy to assemble
add_circle With armrest
add_circle Cozy
remove_circle A memory foam topper might be needed


  • Size: Sofa: 35’’ W x 28’’ D x 35’’ H | Bed: 71’’ L x 35’’ W x 16’’
  • Frame Material: Metal
  • Type of Mattress: Foam
  • Weight Capacity: 350lbs

Before leaving the factory, the XSPRACER convertible chair bed has undergone testing. Its essential parts can resist more than 10,000 uses and currently support up to 350 lbs.

Key Features

For diverse users and purposes, the XSPRACER Convertible Chair includes a five-level adjustable backrest; simple adjustments can be made by pushing the backrest. This chair utilizes a unique, high-density foam – allowing you to sit or lie on this chair bed for longer by sacrificing some of the suppleness.

Why Buy This

Undoubtedly, you'll enjoy a sofa bed worth more than what you paid for this chair. Despite being big, a small person can put this sofa bed together without assistance. Indeed, this chair is easy to assemble and fits perfectly in tiny spaces. It will also serve as a guest chair for visitors once they visit your cozy home!

Best affordable sofa bed
vidaXL Wooden Frame Sofa Bed
Check vidaXL Wooden Frame Sofa Bed price below:
add_circle Sturdy
add_circle Comfy and cozy to sit on
add_circle Relatively cheap than others
remove_circle Not suitable for older people


  • Size: Sofa: 168 x 76 x 66 cm | Bed: 68 x 82 x 30 cm
  • Frame Material: Wood 
  • Type of Mattress: Polyester
  • Weight Capacity: 110kg

This adjustable sofa bed is ideal for hosting last-minute overnight visitors and as a cozy seating area throughout the day. Plus, you get to enjoy its coziness without breaking the bank!

Key Features

This sofa bed is sturdy enough due to its wooden frame and chrome-plated legs. It is also well-padded for enhanced comfort. You can select from three different reclining positions when using it as a sofa. 

Why Buy This

This sofa bed can quickly and easily change to a sofa and back again. With its modern design, this sofa bed can go with any decor. Despite having a tiny seat, it is comfy, and visitors can easily sleep there.

Best queen sofa bed
Koala Cushy Sofa Bed 3 Seater Queen
Check Koala Cushy Sofa Bed 3 Seater Queen price below:
add_circle Comfy backrest
add_circle Available in various colors
add_circle Available in various sizes
remove_circle Slightly expensive than other sofa beds


  • Size: Sofa: 153 x 60 x 177 cm | Bed: 203.5 x 221.6 x 153 cm
  • Frame Material: N/A
  • Type of Mattress: Polyurethane foam

Indeed, this modern sofa bed has a small overall footprint; the comfy sofa bed fits comfortably in any area and transforms it into a welcoming place for sleepovers as it can convert into a queen-size bed!

Key Features

Well, you won't hear any noisy hinges or unpleasant bumps. Backrest is perfectly inclined, and the cushions are plush and pillowy; thanks to the CertiPUR-US certified polyurethane foam installed, you can relax knowing it has low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and created without formaldehyde or ozone-depleting substances.

Why Buy This

You can enjoy sitting in the softest chair you'll ever experience in this lifetime! Faster than you can say, "best sofa bed in the biz," it flips out and collapses every time you use it. The backrest is appropriately inclined, while the armrests are padded – offering you comfortable positions for resting.

Best small sofa bed
Artiss Lounge Floor Recliner Sofa Bed
Check Artiss Lounge Floor Recliner Sofa Bed price below:
add_circle Very comfortable
add_circle Lightweight
add_circle More cushioned; it doesn't deflate
remove_circle It might be too short for other adult people


  • Size: ‎102.5 x 56.5 x 35 cm;
  • Frame Material: Steel 
  • Type of Mattress: Foam

Make yourself comfy with the Artiss Lounge Sofa Bed for all your leisure activities. The lounge couch bed gives you complete freedom to sit and rest comfortably, lounge or mattress to read a book, watch TV, or relax.

Key Features

With its five adjustable angles and three locking settings, this sofa bed allows you to enjoy your favorite positions as you relax. The lounge couch bed is made of sturdy steel and covered in a skin-soft faux linen fabric. It is lavishly padded with long-lasting, high-resilience foam.

Why Buy This

You can easily store this sofa bed by dividing it into four sections. Its zippered coverings can be easily removed for cleaning. Plus, it's a space-saver since it is portable and lightweight, making it simple to store when not in use.

Best sofa bed for smaller spaces
ANONER Folding Sleeper Sofa Bed
Check ANONER Folding Sleeper Sofa Bed price below:
add_circle Lightweight
add_circle Foldable
add_circle Ergonomic design
remove_circle Some may not like that it's shallow to the ground.


  • Size: 152.4 x 203.2 x 15.24 cm
  • Frame Material: N/A
  • Type of Mattress: Memory Foam

You will stay energized even after using this cozy furniture for a long time because the convertible couch bed fits your body curve nicely while supporting your back, thanks to the supplied pillows! 

Key Features

With its breathable cloth, it delivers a strong and stylish design. You won't "sink in" or feel the hard floor since the high-density memory foam triple fold-down couch bed is comfortable, soft, and supportive. 

Why Buy This

With its space-saver design, this comfy sofa bed is best to fit for small spaces. This sofa can be converted into a guest bed for sleepovers when not in use. You can also be stowed away neatly beneath a bed or in a closet.

Best sofa bed for elderly
Zinus Mid-Century 3-Seater Sofa Bed
Check Zinus Mid-Century 3-Seater Sofa Bed price below:
add_circle Tool-free; quick assembly
add_circle Sturdy and very comfy
add_circle Good height and size


  • Size: 78 x 194 x 86 cm
  • Frame Material: Solid Wood
  • Type of Mattress: Foam and fiber cushions 

Indeed, this sofa bed can be easily assembled with a friend in under 20 minutes without using tools. Plus, it has a naturally-strong wood frame. It is wrapped in cozy, supportive foam cushioning – making it perfect for older adults!

Key Features

With its thick, supportive padding, you may unwind in its embrace. Its cushions are packed with CertiPUR-US certified foam and adhere to strict content, emissions, and durability criteria for solidly supportive seating and are easy to maintain; foam and fiber cushions are wrapped in a woven fabric that is easy to clean.

Why Buy This

Suppose you want to age with your coach. In that case, this sofa bed from Zinus allows you to relax, knowing that your Zinus purchase a durable fabric that will endure years from now! This sofa bed is essential and attractive; it is firm enough to get out of yet soft enough to be pleasant, especially if you have mobility concerns.

Black Colour 2m Linen Fabric 3 Seater Pullout Sofa Bed
Check Black Colour 2m Linen Fabric 3 Seater Pullout Sofa Bed price below:
add_circle Easy to assemble
add_circle Portable wheels under sofa bed
add_circle Sturdy construction


  • Size: ‎203 x 84 x 135 cm
  • Frame Material: Solid Wood
  • Type of Mattress: Padded & Cushioned Foam

Indeed, this sofa bed has a modern and timeless design! You can place this convertible L-shape sofa bed to the left or right with an internal spacious storage compartment!

Key Features

Its distinctive design is its ability to convert a sofa bed with a pull-out feature. It is made with premium durable fabric. Its solid wood frame is truly high-resilient because of its sponge padding and sturdy spring!

Why Buy This

Thanks to its pull-up mechanism and internal storage compartments, you'll like how this sofa bed keeps your living room clutter-free. Its back cushions are adjustable – allowing you to rest in your favorite comfy sleeping and seating positions!

What is a Sofa Bed?

A sofa bed is a piece of furniture you may use as both a couch and a bed. Getting the best sofa bed for everyday use is designed to fit in smaller living rooms. It typically has cushions that give it the appearance of a couch or sofa, but underneath are a metal frame and a thin mattress that can be opened to create a bed, allowing it to rest in an instant and cozy sleeping space. 

What is the Difference Between a Sofa Bed and a Sofa Sleeper?

A sofa bed is small in design and may fulfill the needs of both the bed and the sofa in the room. With no proper support underneath, the couch bed can provide extra durability than a bed. On the other hand, a sleeper sofa is relatively more oversized. It is ideal for two people – offering them a comfortable area to unwind and sleep. 

A sleeper sofa may not be the most comfortable option for your movie evenings without cushions. Still, they are the best option for small rooms because they are so simple to fold and unfold.

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Sofa Bed?

It's crucial to remember that a sofa bed's primary function is to serve as a place to sit when shopping for one. It's vital to consider the same factors you'd think about when shopping for a typical sofa, such as comfort and use. Here are some tips you should consider when buying the best comfortable sofa bed:

  • Consider purchasing a bed frame made of wood; you might also consider buying metal frames.
  • Always check the inner components' edges of the sofa bed – ensure they are smooth. 
  • Check the mattress's quality.
  • Ensure that you are not having trouble opening and closing the sofa bed. It's best to try it while you're still at the furniture store.
  • Before making any purchases, make sure to measure your couch bed. 

Best Sofa Bed Brnads in Australia

Aside from checking the best sofa bed reviews, it is best to consider the best sofa bed brands that you may find in Australia. 

Serta Sofa Bed

Serta has established a reputation for being a comfort pioneer in the business by being the name behind numerous "firsts" in that field. Every Serta mattress is created from their ground-breaking iComfort® Sleep System to our enduring Perfect Sleeper®, which offers exceptional comfort. 

Artiss Sofa Bed

An Australian company called Artiss provides lovely furnishings so you can live the lifestyle of your dreams with less difficulty and much more joy. They are committed to finding high-quality items at reasonable prices and high-end furnishings without high-end prices. 

Milliard Sofa Bed

With an emphasis on quality and customer service, Milliard Brands provides a variety of materials and goods for home improvement. They offer various mattresses that can be used anytime, even on sneaking in a nap during work hours.

Vonanda Sofa Bed

Since its launch in 2018, Vonanda has developed into one of the leading furniture brands. Vonanda is renowned for its elegant design and excellent craftsmanship. All Vonanda items are produced with the best components to last for many years. 

Koala Sofa Bed

Koala is known for their comfortable Sofa Bed that unfolds in seconds and suits every room. Plus, their sofa beds have no squeaks while having an ultra-stylish and super comfy design.

Sofa Beds Price Range Here in Australia

The best sofa bed price in Australia varies depending on the size, quality, style, and materials used. Generally speaking, you can find sofa beds in Australia in a price range of around AUD 200 to AUD 3,000 or more.

You may find best quality sofa bed with metal frames and simple designs at the lower end of the price range. In the mid-range, you can expect sofa beds with more stylish designs, higher quality materials, and more comfortable mattresses. 

You can find luxury sofa beds with premium materials and features such as built-in storage or reclining mechanisms at the higher end of the price range.

Some outliers may fall outside this price range, depending on the brand, retailer, and other factors. It's always best to shop around and compare prices to find the best sofa bed for your budget and needs.

Where to Buy Sofa Beds in Australia?

There are several options for buying the best sofa bed Australia choice. Here are some popular options:

  • Furniture stores: You can visit furniture stores such as IKEA, Harvey Norman, and Fantastic Furniture, which have a range of the best comfortable sofa beds.
  • Online marketplaces: You can browse online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Gumtree, which often have a wide variety of sofa beds available at different price points.
  • Online furniture retailers: Several online furniture retailers specialize in sofa beds, such as Sofabed Specialists, Lounge Lovers, and Brosa.
  • Department stores: Department stores such as Myer and David Jones also stock sofa beds.

When buying a sofa bed, it's essential to consider the size, material, comfort level, and style that will best suit your needs and preferences. It's best to read other customers' best sofa bed reviews before purchasing.


Indeed finding a comfy yet aesthetically beautiful sofa bed is a challenge for people living in smaller spaces. Yet, it's durability and quality that matters the most. Despite many options that you might find along the way, we hope we've helped you choose the best quality sofa bed from our top ten choices!

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