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10 Best Water Filters & Water Purifiers in Australia 2023

Install the best water filter in Australia to keep tap water safe.

One nation that is well-known for its clean water is Australia. However, there are still some locations where the water quality may be lower, so it is essential to purify the water before drinking it. Water filters and purifiers help remove contaminants from water and provide clean, safe, and healthy drinking water. 

The best water filter Australia varies depending on individual needs and preferences, such as water source, budget, and level of filtration. Some of Australia's most popular types of water filter systems include carbon filters, ceramic filters, and reverse osmosis filters. With that, consulting with professionals and researching thoroughly before purchasing is advisable.

10 Best Water Filters & Water Purifiers in Australia 2023

Best Overall Water Purifier
22L Benchtop Counter Top Water Cooler Dispenser 6 Stage Filter Purifier Hot Cold
Check Devanti Cooler Water Filter price below:
add_circle It helps mineralize water
add_circle It has LED indicators for identifying the temperature options
add_circle The 6-stage filtration is excellent


  • Filtration technology: 6-Stage Filtration System 
  • Capacity: 22 liters
  • No. of filtration stage: 6

Why It's Our Top Pick

It is considered the best water filter Australia on the list. The Devanti 22L Water Cooler With 6-Stage Filtration is easy to use, install, and operate, and suitable for homes, offices, and small businesses. The durable construction makes it a reliable and efficient device that quickly delivers clean and healthy drinking water. 

The 6-stage filtration of the Devanti 22L Water Cooler can guarantee more purified taps without a hassle. It has three temperature options, including hot, cold, and in-between, allowing you to customize your drinking water anytime. 

Key Features

The Devanti 22L Water Cooler With 6-Stage Filtration is made of metal and plastic with anti-slip feet for improved stability. It is energy-efficient while making water safe and healthy for consumption. It comes with a food-grade plastic container, and its sleek design is ideal for any countertop that stands firmly in place. It also has protection against electric shock, overheating, and water leakage for added safety.

Why Buy This

A water guide plate exists to allow you to obtain bottled water anytime. Each water spout has control with the press of a button. Devanti also aims to reduce the time to refill the dispenser by providing a larger capacity than its rivals. 

Ceramic Water Purifier
Aimex 20L Ceramic Water Purifier Benchtop
Check Aimex 20L Ceramic Water Purifier Benchtop price below:
add_circle Suitable for commercial use
add_circle Easy maintenance
add_circle Made of high-quality filter pads
remove_circle It can only filter tap water and not any other liquid


  • Filtration technology: Ceramic Filter 
  • Capacity: 20 liters
  • No. of filtration stage: 8

The Aimex 20L Ceramic Water Purifier Benchtop can convert tap water into chlorine-free drinking water with the help of activated charcoal. It is ideal as a home water filter due to its stylish design and many premium features. Moreover, it is compatible with a water cooler or a ceramic pot.

Key Features

Aimex has developed a water purifier with additional carbon filter layers for the purification process best suited to small kitchens. The 8-stage filter helps eliminate bad taste, smell, and any organic matter in the water. Then, it reestablishes natural minerals, like magnesium, zinc, and iron, into the water for better hydration. The ceramic material is without BPA, making filtered water safe for cooking.

Why Buy This

Aside from its compact design, the Aimex 20L Ceramic Water Purifier Benchtop is superior in producing filtered water. Several filter layers can remove even the tiniest particles from the water. 

Water Purifier For Home
ZeroWater Water Filter Dispenser
Check ZeroWater Water Filter Dispenser price below:
add_circle Portable
add_circle ZeroWater eliminates the need for professionals to ensure good-quality water by adding a TDS meter to every purchase
add_circle It adheres to safety requirements
remove_circle Some households received a defective filter


  • Filtration technology: Only Pour Through Filter 
  • Capacity: 4.7 liters
  • No. of filtration stage: 5

The ZeroWater 5-Stage Water Filter Dispenser is NSF certified, which satisfies all safety conditions for making pure water. Additionally, it is BPA-free, ensuring that the water contains less mercury, chromium, and lead. The brand included a TDS meter to check the water quality after filtering it.

Key Features

The spigot of this water filter dispenser is simple to push, allowing you to drink clean water immediately. With a filter included, it can hold 20 cups of any drink free of harmful elements. The ready-pour technology allows the water filter to constantly filter out impurities from tap water while giving you clean water. It can even break down solids, producing the best-tasting water for homes. 

Why Buy This

Many homes claim that the ZeroWater 5-Stage Water Channel Gadget helps make water taste better and works out positively over the long haul. The TDS meter promotes comfort, showing exact results in tap water filtering. 

Water Purifier For Office
Heller Benchtop Water Filter
Check Heller Benchtop Water Filter price below:
add_circle It includes an instruction manual for ease of use
add_circle It has an elegant design
add_circle Energy-efficient
remove_circle It is not recommended for larger offices


  • Filtration technology: Carbon Block Filter 
  • Capacity: 8.5 liters
  • Power: 75W

The Heller 8.5L Benchtop Water Filter is the best in Australia for offices. It fits on any countertop and has a spill guard to prevent spills from reaching the floor. Additionally, it cools water faster than its rivals, which is excellent for quenching thirst.

Key Features

A carbon and resin filtration system powers this benchtop water filter, which claims to deliver chilled, clean water. The appliance is always stable thanks to its sturdy base and long-lasting plastic tank. It looks modern and works well with electricity, using less energy than other brands. The filtration process can last up to 150 liters on a single cartridge. 

Why Buy This

The Heller 8.5L Benchtop Water Filter is perfect for small offices. Its compact size makes the water filter easier to install, with a simple water spout to squeeze. The charcoal filter can promise you pristine and cold water every time. 

Ceramic Water Filter
Digilex 16L Benchtop Ceramic Water Filter
Check Digilex 16L Benchtop Ceramic Water Filter price below:
add_circle Featuring 8-stage filtration to promote healthy drinking water
add_circle A good-looking water filter
add_circle It can produce water with less chlorine taste


  • Filtration technology: Ceramic Filter 
  • Capacity: 16 liters
  • No. of filtration stage: 8

With its elegant design, the Digilex 16L Benchtop Ceramic Water Filter lets you drink mineral water instantly. It has a filtration system with multiple levels to help reduce chlorine and other water impurities like dirt, rust, and parasites. It also has a carbon filter that removes bacteria and bad smells. 

Key Features

The ceramic filter prevents water-borne illnesses by blocking bacteria and impurities that may be present in the water. Digilex also guarantees no leakage, extending the water filter's lifespan. A ceramic stone pre-filter filters out pore-size particles, and a double layer of advanced carbon absorbs chemicals. Additionally, ball filters aid in water purification and pH adjustment, while mineral stones remove other pollutants from the water. 

Why Buy This

Many consumers favor a ceramic water filter because it is effective at capturing impurities and aids in disease prevention. Suppose you want a water system that can give you clean, healthy water. In that case, the Digilex 16L Benchtop Ceramic Water Filter is the best option.

Shield Platinum Undersink Water Filter System
Check Shield Platinum Undersink Water Filter System price below:
add_circle Easy to install
add_circle It comes in a bundle of three water filter system
add_circle Inexpensive


  • Filtration technology: Carbon Block Filter 
  • Capacity: 4500 liters
  • No. of filtration stage: 2

The Shield Platinum Undersink Water Filter System is a water filter indoor that best works under the sink. It can be installed trouble-free with its compact design not to occupy an excessive kitchen space. Plus, the water filter system is quick to replace for optimal performance. 

Key Features

Coconut carbon is the material used in this under-sink water filter system. It is more effective at removing contaminants from the water. Tap water goes through three stages of filtration to get rid of 99.99% of chlorine, taste, and smell. An antibacterial filter removes chemicals, algae, and dirt from the water. A carbon block filter removes heavy metals to make the water taste better. The alkaline carbon filter, which increases pH and extracts color, is in the final stage.

Why Buy This

Due to its watermark certification and quick cartridge replacement, the Shield Platinum Undersink Water Filter System is a good buy. The filtration process will also guarantee high-quality alkaline water for every home. 

Philips X-Guard AWP-305 Tap Water Filter
Check Philips X-Guard AWP-305 Tap Water Filter price below:
add_circle It can remove up to 99% of chlorine
add_circle 3-stage microfiltration for pure drinking water
add_circle Faster flow rate
remove_circle Some kitchen taps may find the water filter to be bulky


  • Filtration technology: Natural Charcoal Filtration 
  • Capacity: 1000 liters 
  • No. of filtration stage: 3

The Philips X-Guard AWP-305 Tap Water Filter is a portable water filter with a large capacity ideal for regular use. It has been good for the environment in place of plastic filters, saving you money.  

Key Features

It is jam-packed with excellent filters for reducing both fine and large particles. The filter water tap has three filtration stages that enable you to remove harmful substances from your drinking water while retaining good minerals. It is an excellent choice for the household because it is compact. Last, it is easy to set up, even for people without plumbing skills. 

Why Buy This

The Philips X-Guard AWP-305 Tap Water Filter is the best option for people looking for a water filter that works with a wide range of Guard filters. By switching to this water filter, you can avoid single-use plastic bottles, which then help the environment at a reasonable price. 

Alkaline Water Filter
Earths Water
Earths Glass Carafe Alkaline Water Filter
Check Earths Glass Carafe Alkaline Water Filter price below:
add_circle Good value for the money
add_circle It has an aesthetic appeal
add_circle Filled with many health benefits


  • Filtration technology: Alkaline Water System 
  • Capacity: 3.5 liters 
  • No. of filtration stage: not specified

An alkaline water filter can help with weight loss, mental clarity, detoxification, and lower blood pressure. The Earths Water Glass Carafe Alkaline Water Filter aids in the removal of 98% of contaminants and adds healthy minerals to your drinking water. 

Key Features

This water purifier aims to save the environment while also looking good. The best water filter Australia, which does not require electricity or plumbing, was developed by Earths Water using borosilicate glass and bamboo. After that, a rubber base can give it more stability. You can obtain three hundred fifty liters of clean water from its filter cartridge, which lasts three months before replacement. 

Why Buy This

The countertop-friendly design of the Earths Water Glass Carafe Alkaline Water Filter makes it ideal. It raises the water's pH level, adds antioxidants, and makes the water soft to meet your hydration needs. Accordingly, you can hydrate with no terrible taste or scent.

Portable Water Filter
AQUAPHOR Onyx Water Filter Jug
Check AQUAPHOR Onyx Water Filter Jug price below:
add_circle Well-designed water filter jug
add_circle Easy to clean
add_circle Affordable
remove_circle Slow pour rate


  • Filtration technology: Ion exchange 
  • Capacity: 4.2 liters 
  • No. of filtration stage: 1

Removing impurities from tap water in a portable way is best with AQUAPHOR Onyx 4.2L Water Filter Jug. It has a filter cartridge that helps eliminate chlorine and limescale, making drinks taste better.

Key Features

The Aquaphor Aqualen Technology enhances ion exchange to bind heavy metals contributing to water impurities. It has a filter cartridge that can replace and has magnesium for better performance. However, it is made of plastic, shatter-proof, and without BPA, making it suitable for everyday use. The water filter jug, minus the lid, is dishwasher-safe for maintenance. 

Why Buy This

Using Aquaphor Onyx 4.2L Water Filter Jug will save the planet from plastic waste. Because it can last longer, you can also save money. Compared to its rivals, it has better filter technology that can handle up to 200 liters.

Charcoal Water Filter
BLACK+BLUM Charcoal Water Filter Sticks
Check BLACK+BLUM Charcoal Water Filter Sticks price below:
add_circle Simple to use
add_circle Versatile
add_circle It releases healthy minerals into the water
remove_circle Inconsistent charcoal stick sizes


  • Filtration technology: Binchotan Japanese Charcoal Water Filter System 
  • Weight: 150g
  • Duration: 6 mos

In the early days, people used charcoal to purify tap water. It is compelling in eliminating a bad scent and taste in the simplest way possible. You also don't need a special filter—just a water bottle - to enjoy great-tasting water with BLACK+BLUM Charcoal Water Filter Sticks. 

Key Features

There are four charcoal filter sticks in each box. By boiling the charcoal sticks for ten minutes, you can get the most out of their performance even after six months. It works well in any glass or metal water bottle. These natural wood sticks measure 118 millimeters in length and can be used immediately to produce ultra-clean tap water. It promotes healthy hydration with enhanced water taste and odor as the charcoal sticks attract all contaminants. 

Why Buy This

Finding a water filter for convenience makes BLACK+BLUM Charcoal Water Filter Sticks the perfect choice. Put the charcoal sticks in the bottle or jug, and clean, chlorine-free tap water will keep you hydrated.

What is a Water Filter?

A water filter is a device that uses a physical barrier to remove contaminants from water. Removing pollutants, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, sediment, and other impurities from the water is intended to provide safe, clean drinking water. 

There are a variety of water filters on the market, including: 

  • Reverse Osmosis Filters - This type of filter requires a more significant initial investment. Still, it can provide highly purified water by removing almost all impurities, including bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and minerals.
  • Carbon Filters - This type of filter is relatively affordable, easy to install, and requires less maintenance. It is ideal for removing chlorine and other chemicals that can affect the taste and odor of water.
  • Ceramic Filters - This type of filter uses a porous ceramic material to trap impurities and block bacteria and parasites that can cause water-borne illnesses.
  • UV Water Purifiers - This purifier uses ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and viruses in the water. It is ideal for areas with contamination from bacteria or viruses.

Water Filter Vs. Water Purifier

Both water filters and purifiers can remove impurities and contaminants from water. Still, they differ in how they can make water safe for drinking.

A water filter typically removes larger impurities, such as sediment, rust, and chlorine, as well as unpleasant tastes and odors. Some filters can also remove bacteria and protozoa, but they may not be effective against viruses or chemicals.

On the other hand, a water purifier uses more advanced technology to remove a broader range of contaminants, including viruses, bacteria, protozoa, chemicals, and heavy metals. Some water purifiers can even remove dissolved solids and other microscopic impurities that harm health.

Therefore, if you are traveling to an area where the water supply may be contaminated with viruses, bacteria, or other harmful pollutants, a water purifier would be the better choice. However, you want to improve your tap water's taste and odor. In that case, a water filter may be sufficient.

Buying Guide: How To Choose Water Filter

When choosing the best water filter in Australia, you must consider some factors to obtain the most suitable appliance. Take into account the following features when online shopping for water purifier: 

Know the type of contaminants in your water

Before buying any water filter, you should test your water to determine the contaminants that need removal. Different filters are effective against various pollutants, so knowing what to remove from your water can help you select the right filter.

Choose from the different types of water filters

Ceramic, activated carbon, reverse osmosis, and UV filters are just a few examples. Choose one based on each kind's features and benefits that suit your needs best.

Consider your water usage.

The amount of water you use daily can affect the type of water filter you need. If you have a large household, you may need a filter with a higher flow rate to provide enough water for everyone. If you only use a small amount of water, you can get by with a smaller, less expensive filter.

Look for certifications

Look for water filters certified by reputable organizations such as NSF International or Water Quality Association. These certifications ensure that the filter has been tested and meets specific standards for quality and performance.

Compare costs

Once you've identified the type of filter that will work best for your needs, compare the costs of different brands and models. Don't just consider the initial purchase price; factor in the cost of replacement filters or any other ongoing maintenance expenses.

Best Water Filter Brands in Australia

Choosing the best brand of water filter in Australia is essential to ensure the quality and safety of your drinking water. Reliable brands offer advanced filtration technology that efficiently removes harmful contaminants and pollutants, providing clean and refreshing water for a healthier lifestyle.

Brita Water Filter

They are renowned for their superior filtration technology that efficiently eliminates contaminants, heavy metals, and chlorine while enhancing the taste and odor of tap water. They also offer an array of easy-to-use and stylish designs for household and outdoor usage.

Bunnings Water Filter 

It provides an affordable solution to improve drinking water quality at home. Their range includes various filters, from benchtop to under-sink, and they are easy to install and maintain. Bunnings water filters can remove impurities such as sediment, chlorine, and heavy metals, ensuring clean and refreshing drinking water.

Aquaport Water Filter 

This brand use a combination of ceramic and activated carbon filtration to remove impurities and bacteria from tap water, providing clean and safe drinking water. Their range includes countertops, under-sink, and portable filters that are easy to install and maintain. Aquaport water filters also offer various sizes and designs to fit household needs.

LG Water Filter 

This brand is the same as Philips water filter in providing advanced filtration technology. It includes RO abd UV systems that remove impurities for safe drinking water.

Philips Water Filter provide advanced water filtration technology, including RO and UV systems, that remove harmful chemicals for clean drinking water. LG's filters offer easy-to-use features and a long lifespan. 

Water Filters Price Range Here in Australia

The price range of water filters in Australia can vary depending on the type of filter, brand, and features. Generally, basic models such as jug filters or faucet attachments can range from $20 to $100. 

Countertop or under-sink models with more advanced features can cost anywhere from $100 to $500. Whole-house filtration systems can be more expensive, ranging from $500 to over $1000. 

It is essential to consider the initial cost, ongoing maintenance, and replacement of water filter system costs when choosing a water filter to ensure it fits your budget.

Where to Buy Water Filters in Australia?

You can purchase the best water filter from various retailers in Australia, both in-store and online. Some popular options include home improvement stores like Bunnings and Mitre 10, appliances like Harvey Norman and The Good Guys, and online retailers like Amazon, eBay, and Catch. 

Additionally, many water filter brands have their official websites where you can purchase filters and replacement parts directly. It's a good idea to shop around and compare prices, warranties, and customer reviews to find the best deal and quality for your needs.


In conclusion, buying a high-quality water filter or purifier is an essential step toward ensuring that everyone has access to drinking water that is safe, clean, and healthy. The best water filter in Australia can eliminate contaminants and impurities, make water taste better, and prevent water-borne diseases. As a result, deciding on the best water filter for your needs can be made easier with the help of professionals and reading brand reviews.

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