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10 Top Loader Washing Machine in Australia 2023 - Top Brands

Don't worry about your laundry!

We can never avoid having filthy clothes; washing them when you're busy is one of the most tiresome tasks. Thankfully, we have a dependable top-load washing machine, which will lessen the stress and stop feeling like a burden when doing laundry.

Selecting the best washing machine can be complex, with many options, especially if you are still familiar with the specifications. But you can rely on our buying advice and top-ten ranking of washing machine brands in Australia. 

10 Top Loader Washing Machine in Australia 2023 - Top Brands

Best Overall Top Loader Washing Machine
LG  WTG9020V Top Loader Washing Machine
Check LG WTG9020V Top Loader Washing Machine price below:
add_circle Energy saving
add_circle It is stylish
add_circle Multiple water outlets
remove_circle A beginner may find it challenging to use

Why It's Our Top Pick

This washing machine has inverter technology, which regulates the motor's speed and direction to deliver a high-quality washing experience, greater longevity, and stability with less vibration. It includes an LG TurboDrum mechanism that turns the drum in one direction while pumping water in the opposite direction. It enhances washing action and produces a spectacular wash.


  • Capacity: 9 kg
  • Spin speed:950 rpm
  • No. of Featured Programs: 7

Are you searching for a top-load washing machine with many functions supporting your laundry needs? Try the LG WTG9020V, which enhances washing performance and produces a great wash.

Key Features

LG WTG9020V Top Load Washer is the perfect appliance for busy households. It features two programs – Cotton Wash and Eco Cotton, in addition to three more options – Quick Wash, Wool & Co, and Duvet. The LG WTG9020V’s large 9kg drum offers more capacity than most other top loaders. Plus, it uses 89% less water than a conventional washing machine so you can stay on track with your home-care routine.


Just choose the "Pre Wash+Cotton" mode; the washer will add extra time for soaking and agitating the wash to remove tough stains. Moreover, it has no agitator! It means that an inverter control motor moves the water in the tub to simulate hand washing.

Best 8kg Top Loader Washing Machine
Westinghouse WWT8084J7WA Top Loader Washing Machine
Check Westinghouse WWT8084J7WA Top Loader Washing Machine price below:
add_circle Essential wash options
add_circle It has a timer
add_circle Good build quality
remove_circle Prone to scratch


  • Capacity: 8kg
  • Spin speed: 800 rpm
  • No. of Featured Programs: 12

This top-loading washer from Westinghouse has an 8kg capacity, simple controls, daily fast-wash cycles, and a sturdy soft-close glass cover.

Key Features

For a better wash at cooler temps, the PreMix+ mixes detergent and water and pressure-sprays the mixture over the load to minimize detergent residue. Moreover, it contains an automated water level sensor that saves water by selecting the proper volume of water for each wash.


The gentle drum of this washing machine contains numerous holes to increase the water flow rate and quicken detergent dissolving. It increases efficiency and guarantees a deep clean. It also includes a timer to see how much time is left before you finish your wash.

Best 10kg Top Loader Washing Machine
Simpson Rear Control Top Loader Washing Machine
Check Simpson Rear Control Top Loader Washing Machine price below:
add_circle Save time with fast wash programs
add_circle It is durable
add_circle Easy to clean
remove_circle Not ideal for small spaces


  • Capacity: 10 kg
  • Spin speed: 850 rpm
  • Featured Programs: 10

When you need to clean your dirty clothes quickly, this 10 kg Simpson Rear Control Top Load Washing Machine's super Quick 20-minute program is essential.

Key Features

You can change the total wash times with Time Adjust to accommodate your hectic schedule. Furthermore, when combined with the intelligent Delay End function, you can choose when you want it to end. You can also keep your preferred wash programs, which might help you save time and simplify your life. With this function, you can save your most-used cycle and quickly reaccess it.


All your garments are safe with their gentle and effective agitator wash action. Its agitator has been shown to wash delicately and evenly. Also, it aids in avoiding tangling during the wash and spin cycles. It includes a reinforced glass lid that is stylish and durable. In your laundry room, you may utilize its flat, scratch-resistant surface as additional workspace since, best of all, and it's simple to clean.

Best Top Load Washer and Dryer
Advwin Top Loader Washing Machine
Check Advwin Top Loader Washing Machine price below:
add_circle It is portable
add_circle Easy operation
add_circle It is affordable
remove_circle It cannot handle large amounts of laundry


  • Capacity: 4.6 kg
  • Spin speed: 850 rpm
  • Featured Program: Not indicated

Living in a small place, such as an apartment or dorm, makes cleaning clothes difficult, but it doesn't have to be! Use a portable 2-in-1 washing machine from Advwin that can wash and spin-dry your clothes!

Key Features

The Advwin washing machine is little but mighty, with a robust, surprisingly huge washing capacity of 4.6 kg. Likewise, one of the benefits of this washing machine is that it imitates the hand-washing method of garments. Also, to give garments a softer clean, the wave wheel in the washing machine simulates rolling water.


You can place your load of laundry in this washer, fill it with water, set the timer, and then begin washing. Also, this washing machine has a drain tube that makes it simple to remove the filthy water. You can ensure it is worth the money because it has a long service life and is difficult to rust or distort. 

Best Large Capacity Top Load Washer
Kleenmaid Top Loader Washing Machine
Check Kleenmaid Top Loader Washing Machine price below:
add_circle It has a child safety lock
add_circle Self-clean program
add_circle Multi-wash programs
remove_circle It is expensive


  • Capacity: 12 kg
  • Spin speed: 1100 rpm
  • Featured Program: 16

Everything scales up when you have a large family, including the laundry. A washer with a large capacity and quick cycles requires in this situation, like this Kleenmaid 12kg Top Load Washing Machine.

Key Features

This washing machine has unique features that deliver a better, gentler, more cost-effective wash outcome. These and other tasks are carried out by the Kleenmaid top-load washing machine that is equipped with gentle pulse wash technology. It includes 16 wash cycles that support mixed loads of colored and white clothing. Moreover, it includes a 35-minute Quick wash and a Rinse/Spin only function.


The effectiveness of the Kleenmaid washing machine is mainly due to the multi-directional variable pulse impeller. It produces a toroidal omni-flow motion in the wash water that softly flows and cleans your laundry throughout the washing machine. You can save time and effort by choosing Intelli-Wash, which automatically weighs your wash load and sets the wash parameters for the best outcome for your wash load and type. Its success in durability testing for up to 20 years of average use gives you peace of mind.

Best Quiet Top Load Washing Machine
Haier HWT09AN1 Top Loader Washing Machine
Check Haier HWT09AN1 Top Loader Washing Machine price below:
add_circle Quality design
add_circle Quiet and reliable washing
add_circle Energy and water efficient
remove_circle Challenging to use at first


  • Capacity: 9 kg
  • Spin speed: 750 rpm
  • Featured Program: 10

The sound of a washing machine spinning while you're on a call or speaking with friends is the worst. Hence, replace your standard washer with this quiet and dependable Haier 9kg Top Load Washing Machine.

Key Features

The Direct Motion direct drive motor technology makes this washing machine quiet and reliable. This top-loading washing machine's incredible 4.5-star energy and 4-star water ratings demonstrate its efficiency. Additional features include a soft-close mechanism for safer use and a toughened glass cover that can withstand repeated opening and closing.


The sophisticated auto-balancing feature in this washing machine automatically balances imbalanced wash loads for quicker, easier washing. Also, it boasts a sturdy toughened-glass lid with a soft-close mechanism for safer use that is designed to withstand frequent opening and closing.

Best Energy Efficient Top Load Washing Machine
Carson Top Loader Washing Machine
Check Carson Top Loader Washing Machine price below:
add_circle Fully automatic operation
add_circle Powerful and energy efficient
add_circle Sleek, modern design
remove_circle It lacks features


  • Capacity: 9 kg
  • Spin speed: 850 rpm
  • Featured Program: 8

Do you want to invest in a top-load washer that provides complete control and is energy efficient? Then add this Carson 9kg Top Load Washing Machine to your shopping cart.

Key Features

With eight different programs and an exclusive diamond drum design, it is suitable for gently handling various fabrics and stains. It includes an elegant control panel with an easy-to-read LED display that gives you complete control to get the perfect wash variation for any material. Additionally, it provides automated imbalance correction, automatic power supply cutoff, and electronic water level control.


This washing machine is a wise and practical investment that combines design, toughness, and clever functionality. Additionally, its 9kg drum offers a sizable capacity, adding style to any house with its sleek, modern design and classic finish.

Best Top Loader with Agitator
Simpson Top Loader Washing Machine
Check Simpson Top Loader Washing Machine price below:
add_circle Time adjust function
add_circle Durable glass lid
add_circle Agitator wash action
remove_circle It takes up space


  • Capacity: 6 kg
  • Spin speed: 850 rpm
  • Featured Program: 11

Do you want to invest in a top-load washer that provides complete control and is energy efficient? Then add this Carson 9kg Top Load Washing Machine to your shopping cart.

Key Features

With the help of this washing machine's Time Adjust feature, you can fit your laundry tasks around your busy schedule. This lets you change the washing cycle's duration to match your schedule better. Using the Delay End features, you may also specify when you want your load to be ready for the dryer or the clothesline.


Because of the gentle and efficient agitator wash action, your garments are in good hands. This washer will softly and uniformly wash your entire laundry. Throughout the washing and spin cycles, the agitator aids in preventing tangling. Also, you don't have to wait for a wash to finish because of the time remaining indicator. Schedule your day more effectively and focus on your preferred activities.

Best Top Loader with No Agitator
YokohamaWMT10YOK Top Loader Washing Machine
Check YokohamaWMT10YOK Top Loader Washing Machine price below:
add_circle No Agitator
add_circle It has an LED digital display
add_circle Strong motor
remove_circle Mediocre build


  • Capacity: 10 kg
  • Spin speed: 700 rpm
  • Featured Program: 6

In search of a washing machine without an agitator? Choose the Yokohama 10kg Top Load Washing Machine because it has a strong pulsator that quickly works heavily soiled laundry while being kind on delicate fabrics.

Key Features

The child lock function on this washing machine protects tiny fingers, or unintentional button pushes by turning on the child lock on the control panel. Also, as the laundry shifts to one side and needs to be redistributed across the bowl, the imbalance sensor on the device will sound an alarm. Thanks to its strong motor, the Yokohama Top Load spins and washes at an astonishing 700 RPM, assuring effective water removal.


It features six wash programs designed to work and clean most fabrics—everything, including delicate fabrics and badly filthy garments. Also, the Yokohama clothes washer automatically shuts off after the wash cycle is finished, saving you electricity. 

Best Top Load Washing Machine for Comforters
CHiQ WTL80W Top Loader Washing Machine
Check CHiQ WTL80W Top Loader Washing Machine price below:
add_circle Large capacity
add_circle Quick washer
add_circle It is affordable
remove_circle Slightly loud when operating


  • Capacity: 8 kg
  • Spin speed: 650 rpm
  • Featured Program: 8

Designed to give great washing results in an easy-to-use design, this CHiQ 8kg Top Load Washer will assist you in completing your laundry tasks.

Key Features

Despite its limited width, the huge washing drum has enough room to accommodate a Queen-sized bed sheet when combined with the Bedding mode program. The drum also features a pulsator instead of the conventional agitator, giving your clothes a softer wash. Laundry time will be a breeze with the eight-wash programs, including Fast Wash and one-touch automatic "smart clean" options.


You can occasionally clean the washer's drum to prevent bacteria from growing in the machine. Plus, the small form of this washing machine, which has a narrow width that enables flush fitting in most locations, simplifies installation. It also has a tempered glass design and soft close lid, so you can monitor your washing and change modes to suit your needs.

What is Top Loader Washing Machine?

Top-load is a washing machine typically used in most households because it is convenient with a door on the top. When you load the clothes from above in this setup, you may only sometimes need to bend over. Also, you can add or remove clothes at any time during the cycle.

Top Load Washing Machine vs. Front Load Washing Machine

Knowing and understanding your needs and preferences is essential when buying a washing machine. Whether you use a top or front-load machine depends on your needs and preferences. To assist you in determining which one to use, we will help you break down their differences and significant advantages. Top-load washers have a sizable door that opens and stays almost vertical. At the same time, the user adds or removes garments or adds detergent. On the other hand, front-load washers open like a door on a house and feature an opening that swings to the side.

Buying Guide:How to Choose a Top Load Washer

One of the most essential technologies in the world is the washing machine. By eliminating the necessity for hand washing clothes, it offers people a level of convenience never before possible. Thus, if you're considering buying, these are some things to consider.


You must choose the location of your washing machine before making a purchase. When buying, measure the area and keep the dimensions in mind. Be aware that you must remove 1-2 inches of material for air circulation and 6 inches for water and drain lines.


Depending on how many people live in the home, the washing machine's capacity or tub size should change. Remember that top-load washing machines have capacities ranging from 4 to 13 kilograms. One full bath towel weighs around 0.73 kg, so knowing how much clothing each measurement can store can help.

Wash Cycles

Your top-load washing machine's wash cycle allows you to adjust the wash cycle based on the items you'll be cleaning.

Other Features

The features of washing machines have been developing throughout time. Knowing the various components your top-load washing machine can provide will help you decide whether they suit your needs.

Best Top Loader Washing Machine Brands in Australia

Choosing the best top-load washing machine to suit your preferences and needs might be complex with the variety of washing machine brands available. We've provided a list of Australia's best washing machine brands.

LG Top Loader Washing Machine

Many advantages come with LG top-load washing machines, including Energy Saving with Smart Inverter Control. The top-load washers are effective at conserving both water and energy. These machines are dependable and offer improved fabric care during laundry.

Simpson Top Loader Washing Machine

Families with busy schedules might benefit from top-load washing machines from Simpson. They allow you to spend time on the more significant aspects of life while eliminating the laundry hassle.

Haier Top Loader Washing Machine

Besides providing a clean wash, Haier washing machines maintain themselves hygienically. The Self Clean Technology keeps the drum more hygienic and odor-free by automatically cleaning all the residue, debris, and bacteria between the inner & outer tub walls.

Kleenmaid Top Loader Washing Machine

Top-load washing machines from Kleenmaid are renowned for having enormous capacities for the heaviest wash loads. They use the most up-to-date washing technology in their durable, long-lasting products to delicately wash and dry your clothes with the highest care.

Top Loader Washing Machine Price Range in Australia

The best top-load washing machine in Australia ranges from $189.90 to $1,699.00, depending on the brand and the model itself. The washing machine price is relatively high, but it is indeed an excellent investment.

Where to Buy Top Loader Washing Machines in Australia

Some of Australia's most popular online stores, such as eBay, Amazon, and Mytopia are great places to look for the best top-load washing machine. They provide a wide range of prices for price-conscious buyers, as well as trustworthy customer reviews, authentic vendors, and products.


Laundry is one of the most tiresome tasks, so you must make it easier by purchasing a top-load washing machine. We hope this article helps you to choose one that suits your lifestyle and budget! Thus, to effortlessly improve your laundry game, look at our top 10 picks for Australia's finest top-loader washing machine.

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