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14 Best Baby Prams in Australia 2023: Top Brands and Reviews

Add a baby pram to your shopping list after giving birth!

Every pregnancy journey is challenging. There'll be many things you should think of, like buying a baby stroller that helps you multi-task. Moms can be busy, and having a tiny human to care for should not be an excuse to do other stuff. It must be the reality after giving birth - responsibilities are overwhelming!

The good news is that we looked for the best baby pram in Australia that works for anyone, whether traveling or staying home. Each item is thoroughly examined to ensure your child's safety, of course, under parental supervision.

14 Best Baby Prams in Australia 2023: Top Brands and Reviews 

Pouch 2-in-1 Jogger With Bassinet Baby Stroller
Check Pouch 2-in-1 Jogger With Bassinet Baby Stroller price below:
add_circle Meets the safety standards for baby prams
add_circle It comes with a lot of freebies
add_circle The bassinet is reliable for the baby's comfort
remove_circle Lack of drink-holding tray

Product Specification 

  • Weight: 14 kilograms 
  • Recommended age: Newborn up to 3 years old 
  • Frame material: Aluminium 

Why It Is Our Top Pick

This Amazon's Choice baby stroller has everything for your child to be safe and comfortable. A bassinet for infant use, a soft cushion, and a mosquito net are included at a reasonable price. With this stroller, the Pouch brand wants to provide the best protection for babies stylishly. It is lightweight and has a quick-folding system that is suitable for travel.

The Pouch 2-in-1 Baby Stroller Jogger is a good deal if you want to use a baby pram longer. Pick a color your baby will like, and enjoy a stroll through the park!

Key Features

A five-point harness covers the padded seat for safety and comfort. Additionally, a smooth foot brake aids in the safety stop of the stroller. Because the seat is reversible, the baby can feel more secure. There's also a massive storage under the seat for easy access to baby essentials. 

Why Buy This 

It has a UV canopy for sun protection, which is vital for newborns and toddlers. Many parents are also impressed by the stroller's quick-fold system, making it easy to transport anywhere. 

Best Value/ Cheap Strollers
Bebe Care Mira DLX Baby Stroller
Bebe Care Mira DLX Baby Stroller
Check Bebe Care Mira DLX Baby Stroller price below:
add_circle Easy to fold and unfold
add_circle Good value for money
add_circle Durable
remove_circle No cup holder

Product Specification 

  • Weight: 9 kilograms
  • Recommended age: Newborn up to 3 years old 
  • Frame material: Alloy Steel 

You can get a stroller for a low price from Bebe Care. Nowadays, most parents are trying to find cheap strollers with child-safe features. The Mira DLX Stroller is a compact stroller with a fully reclining seat and a 5-point harness - which everyone is looking for in a baby pram! 

Key Features

To guarantee the baby's comfort, Bebe Care used lightweight materials like a steel frame with a hood extension thick enough for sun protection. At the same time, the suspension system and swivel front wheels make the stroller easy to maneuver wherever you go. 

Why Buy This 

Bebe Care is a good brand for parents with limited budgets. The Mira MLX Stroller has all the safety and comfort features you need for everyday use. It could also serve as a traveling companion!

Best Running (Jogging) Pram
Thule Glide 2 Jogging Baby Stroller
Check Thule Glide 2 Jogging Baby Stroller price below:
add_circle Built with a large cargo basket for storage
add_circle The seat is easy to recline
add_circle Has improved visibility
remove_circle Expensive

Product Specification 

  • Weight: 10.8 kilograms
  • Recommended age: Toddler 
  • Frame material: Aluminium 

Due to its aerodynamic design, the Thule Glide 2 Jogging Stroller is ideal for parents who enjoy the terrain. The padded harness keeps your child in place, making them more comfortable even on bumpy roads!

Key Features

This jogging stroller has sturdy front and back wheels and is light, so it's easy to transport. Its canopy, with excellent ventilation, protects a child from direct sunlight and allows proper airflow. It has a peek-a-boo window, so you can constantly monitor the baby. Lastly, the stroller has reflective rims to make it easier to see at night. 

Why Buy This 

You can fold the jogging stroller one-handed for storage. Besides, it has speed controls to ensure a smoother ride on hilly terrain. The handlebar is easy to adjust for parents' comfort throughout the run. 

Best Pram For Newborn
Mother's Choice
Mother's Choice Haven 3-in-1 Baby Stroller
Check Mother's Choice Haven 3-in-1 Baby Stroller price below:
add_circle Includes a bassinet
add_circle Lightweight
add_circle Ease of use
remove_circle Not that durable

Product Specification 

  • Weight: 9.5 kilograms 
  • Recommended age: Newborn 
  • Frame material: Alloy steel 

From birth, purchasing a pram is essential. Therefore, Mother's Choice has developed a stroller that makes parenting easier for everyone and provides newborns with the highest comfort level. The 3-in-1 Baby Stroller, designed for children up to 4, is here to say hello!

Key Features

The brand adds a vast canopy that blocks up to 50 UV rays. Newborns would also benefit significantly from the parent-facing seat mode, which helps to alleviate their fear. Using the all-wheel suspension makes it simpler to step on the brake and quickly release the front wheels. It has 5-point harness pads that are slim and yet can provide better safety. 

Why Buy This 

You can fold the 3-in-1 Baby Stroller for storage by removing the bumper bar. This feature has impressed many parents. Also, folding the stroller with one hand will make it easier to carry. 

Best Pram For Toddler
Ickle Bubba
Ickle Bubba Discovery Pushchair Kid Stroller
Check Ickle Bubba Discovery Pushchair Kid Stroller price below:
add_circle The bumper bar is stylish and easy to clean
add_circle You can recline the seat with one hand
add_circle There is ample room for a toddler

Product Specification 

  • Weight: 8.42 kilograms  
  • Recommended age: 6 months up to 4 years old 
  • Frame material: Aluminium

This stroller from Ickle Bubba has many features for parents and toddlers. Despite being stylish and compact, it can carry up to 20 kilograms. The stroller can be easily folded and stuffed into small spaces for storage. 

Key Features

This baby stroller has a full-length rain cover provided so you can travel uninterrupted! With a peek-a-boo window to monitor your child and an adjustable UV hood, hot weather will never be an issue. With its four suspended wheels, the baby carriage can provide a significantly safer ride over terrain. There's also a huge storage basket to hold daily essentials. 

Why Buy This 

The stroller's one-click seat assembly will save much time when strapping your child in. It has sturdy shoulder straps that you can adjust for proper support. Additionally, the baby can be kept cool by rolling up the fabrics - a good thing during summer.

Best Pram For Travel
Maxi Cosi
Maxi Cosi Lila Comfort Baby Stroller
Check Maxi Cosi Lila Comfort Baby Stroller price below:
add_circle Adds up a canopy sun protection
add_circle Made of a convertible seat
add_circle Good for all-weather use
remove_circle Bulky

Product Specification 

  • Weight: 12.8 kilograms
  • Recommended age: Newborn up to 3 years old 
  • Frame material: Alloy steel 

Maxi Cosi developed the Lila Comfort Stroller in collaboration with pediatricians to be the best place for infants to rest. They used memory foam in the bassinet for maximum comfort. If you intend to have another child, you can convert the bassinet into a stroller - for travel use!

Key Features

A mosquito net is necessary as babies need more privacy and protection when traveling. This stroller has a design made of 3D mesh and fleece that regulates body temperature for any weather. It can boast EVA rubber shock-absorbing wheels - thanks to SmoothRide technology! No more stumbling over uneven roads.

Why Buy This

The overall construction of the Maxi Cosi Lila Comfort Stroller will guarantee the baby's safety. Its ergonomic design keeps flat-head syndrome at bay. In addition, it is simple to fold and features a detachable basket for storing all your travel needs.

Best Double Pram/Best Pram For Twins
Mama Kiddies
Mama Kiddies Tandem Baby Pram
Check Mama Kiddies Tandem Baby Pram price below:
add_circle Sold at a reasonable price
add_circle Easy to maneuver
add_circle There are many adjustable features, including a canopy, seat recline, and handle
remove_circle It is a bit bulky

Product Specification 

  • Weight: 13 kilograms 
  • Recommended age: Newborn up to 6 months old 
  • Frame material: Aluminium 

Mama Kiddies Tandem Baby Pram can accommodate two babies in one stroller - thanks to its front and rear seats. The back seat is for the newborn for easy monitoring. Mothers can store the stroller in a smaller space after use with its quick-folding mechanism. Given that it is for two children, anybody can afford it! 

Key Features

Each seat has two reclining positions with a full canopy. Additionally, both seats feature a 5-point harness that can support a maximum weight of 17 kilograms. It has a tie lash, which is ok for infants to bite on. The EVA wheels are lockable and easy to maneuver, with a soft handle grip for the parent's comfort. 

Why Buy This 

Rather than purchasing two separate strollers, buying a Tandem Baby Stroller is to save money. It can last long enough to take two kids on a ride. You can likewise assemble the pram with its minimal design without help from anyone else.

Best Lightweight Pram
GB Pockit
GB Pockit Air All-Terrain Baby Stroller
Check GB Pockit Air All-Terrain Baby Stroller price below:
add_circle It incorporates a 5-point padded harness
add_circle Suitable for city life and travel use
add_circle Very sturdy

Product Specification

  • Weight: 4.6 kilograms 
  • Recommended age: 6 months up to 4 years old 
  • Frame material: Aluminium 

The best buggy for travel is as light as a feather - discover no other than GB Pockit Air All-Terrain Ultra-Compact Stroller. Parents who prefer to take their children with them wherever they go would benefit most from this on-the-go baby pram.

Key Features

This stroller met the requirements for airline luggage due to its handy shape, allowing you to travel easily. It has lockable front casters and double wheels to prevent it from getting stuck on bumpy roads and increase safety. With sun shade, your baby won't have to worry about harmful UV rays. 

Why Buy This

The ultra-compact stroller can stand alone when folded for storage. It can be secured in a small space, whether you're at home or on the plane. Even though the stroller is light, it can travel over any surface.

Best Compact Pram (Can Also Be Foldable)
Baby Jogger
Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Baby Stroller
Check Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Baby Stroller price below:
add_circle Easy to fit in a cabin
add_circle It has a footrest for added comfort
add_circle Easy to adjust

Product Specification 

  • Weight: 6.5 kilograms
  • Recommended age: Newborn to toddler 
  • Frame material: Aluminium 

If you're looking for a baby carriage that can last into your child's toddler years, the City Tour 2 Ultra Compact Travel Stroller is a must-have. You won't have to worry about bringing the baby when you travel, as it comes with a newborn seat. 

Key Features

During storage, you can fold this compact stroller with one hand. It has an auto-lock feature to avoid being bulky inside the vehicle. It looks stylish and has durable rubber tires, a storage basket, and adjustable calf support to guarantee the baby's comfort. 

Why Buy This 

Baby Jogger can offer the best travel pram with the City Tour 2, which meets the airline's prerequisites. It is lightweight and comes with a carry bag for better convenience. Thanks to the added canopy with UV protection and peek-a-boo window, you can use the stroller for daily walks!  

Best 3-Wheel Pram
Mama Kiddies
Mama Kiddies 2-in-1 Splendor Pram & Stroller
Check Mama Kiddies 2-in-1 Splendor Pram & Stroller price below:
add_circle The reversible seat is excellent for infants
add_circle It folds quickly
add_circle Affordable

Product Specification 

  • Weight: 13.9 kilograms
  • Recommended age: Newborn up to 3 years old 
  • Frame material: Aluminium 

It is well-known that a stroller with three wheels is ideal for daily outdoor walking and travel. Consequently, Mama Kiddies produces a baby pram with a reclining seat that flips over to become a stroller. If you need more money, this is a good option!

Key Features 

The 2-in-1 Splendor Pram & Stroller has a thick liner that makes babies feel at ease regardless of the weather. It has a bumper bar to its construction to ensure the baby does not fall out of the pram. The leather handle makes maneuvering the pram more comfortable. The Mama Kiddies' Convertible Pram also has a cup holder and additional covers for protection. 

Why Buy This 

The rubber tires can be locked and have a quick-release function for simple control. Additionally, folding up this stroller and pram for storage has no frills. The price includes a large storage basket underneath the stroller for your belongings.

Best Umbrella Stroller Australia
Kolcraft Cloud
Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Baby Stroller
Check Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Baby Stroller price below:
add_circle JPMA certified
add_circle Offers superb features at a low price
add_circle Travel-friendly
remove_circle Lacks shoulder restraints for toddlers

Product Specification 

  • Weight: 9.50 kilograms
  • Recommended age: Suitable up to toddler years  
  • Frame material: Aluminium 

One of the best umbrella strollers is this particular pushchair in Australia. It could be your ideal travel companion because of its lightweight and durable construction. It comes in various vibrant colors, which most infants love the most. 

Key Features

Except for taller children, this umbrella stroller may be comfortable for a child weighing up to 40 pounds. It has a sun canopy and a 3-point harness system for overall protection. The back part doesn’t hinder cool air flow through and makes the stroller easy to rest on. With only one hand, the folding process will be quick, making it ready for storage.

Why Buy This 

The shock-absorbing wheels ensure a smoother ride and keep the toddler secure. It is easy to carry with its one-step folding mechanism.

Best Pram For 3 Years Old
Hot Mom
Hot Mom Grey Baby Pram
Check Hot Mom Grey Baby Pram price below:
add_circle Stylish
add_circle Travel-friendly
add_circle The seat is easy to adjust according to age
remove_circle Heavier than its rivals

Product Specification 

  • Weight: 16.5 kilograms 
  • Recommended age: Newborn up to 3 years old 
  • Frame material: Aluminium alloy 

Hot Mom's Baby Pram lets your 3-year-old baby explore the outdoors! Whether you live in the suburbs or the city, it can provide an excellent ride. The pram's stunning appearance will attract attention as you walk outside.

Key Features

This pram is suitable for toddlers primarily due to its reclinable seat. It also has a big canopy to block out the sun completely. Hot Mom added an adjustable seat and footrest for long-term comfort as babies grow faster than you think. 

Why Buy This 

The anti-skid tire wheels of the pram make it easy to use on uneven ground. Due to the push-and-steer control and adjustable wheel suspension, it can guarantee a comfortable ride.

Best Pram For 2 Years Old
Baby Jogger City
Baby Jogger City Select 9-in-1 Baby Stroller
Check Baby Jogger City Select 9-in-1 Baby Stroller price below:
add_circle Guarantees no back pain
add_circle Smooth ride
add_circle Inexpensive

Product Specification 

  • Weight: 13 kilograms
  • Recommended age: Newborn up to 3 years old
  • Frame material: Solid steel

The Baby Jogger City Select 9-in-1 Baby Stroller can carry up to 15 kilograms. With its improved shock absorber design, you can stroll with your baby safely and quickly!

Key Features 

It has a solid steel frame; however, it is easy to fold during storage. This stroller makes it suitable for toddlers with plush cushioning for added comfort because it has backrest adjustment. The baby can sit forward or rear-facing - thanks to its reversible seat! The price includes a summer mat, wrist strap, foot cover, and mosquito net. 

Why Buy This 

The stroller's height-adjustable handlebar makes it easy to push it with ease. The wheels also swivel in the right direction with reciprocal brakes, making maneuvering simple.

Best Pram For 1 Year Old
Cosatto Giggle
Cosatto Giggle 2-in-1 Travel Pram & Pushchair
Check Cosatto Giggle 2-in-1 Travel Pram & Pushchair price below:
add_circle The shade offers sun protection up to 100-UPH
add_circle The height-adjustable handlebar makes it easy to maneuver.
add_circle Additional soft pads make it feel cozier.
remove_circle Not unisex design

Product Specification 

  • Weight: 18 kilograms
  • Recommended age: Newborn
  • Frame material: Aluminium

It is well worth the money to purchase a baby pram with a car seat so your child can always be comfortable. The Cosatto Giggle 2-in-1 Travel Stroller offers everything you need in a single package. Depending on your child's growth, it can be a pushchair or a pram!

Key Features 

The baby can face in or out using the pushchair mode. This infant carrier has a padded mattress ideal for weighing up to 9 kilograms. The seat can be slid into four different positions to deliver optimal comfort. While in use, its all-around suspension tire provides an air-soft feel resulting in a smoother ride.   

Why Buy This 

This baby pram has a storage basket for the many things infants need to bring. You can convert it into a pushchair with a bumper to prevent the baby from falling out as your child ages. You may remove the bumper at any time. 

What is a Baby Pram?

A pram is a baby carriage where newborns can comfortably lie down. It has durable wheels for mobility as you walk the street with the baby. Other features include a sun protect canopy, safety belt, and storage - making prams most suitable for infants. A baby pram often comes with a carriage making it bulkier than a stroller during travel. 

Speaking of a baby stroller, this suits toddlers who can already sit upright. It is like a sturdy chair but on wheels. Safety features also exist, like harnesses and belts. Lastly, a baby stroller is more portable than a pram and is the best travel choice. 

When Can Baby Sit in Stroller 

Most parents can be too excited about getting a baby stroller. However, knowing when babies can safely sit in strollers is crucial. 

Some strollers do not have a recline feature that suits babies beyond three months who can support their heads. You can also buy a stroller designed for newborns, which might include a bassinet to keep the little ones feeling safe. 

When a baby can sit in the stroller varies with every child's growth. Better assess your baby's needs before purchasing a stroller at a price.

Buying Guide: How to Buy Baby Stroller 

Being a parent can be challenging daily. However, with a baby stroller, you wouldn't have to worry about the baby's safety while performing other tasks. 

Here are a few elements you need to know in searching for the best stroller brands in the market:

Types of baby strollers 

Look for a baby stroller that suits your infant's needs. If you want to save money, choose a full-size stroller that your baby can use until their toddler years. 

A jogging stroller may be a good option for very active parents. It has larger suspension wheels designed to withstand impacts off the trail. For improved safety, this kind of stroller requires a harness system.

Another option is a double stroller with front-and-rear seating or side-by-side seating that can accommodate two children. It might be heavier and larger than usual.


Keeping a baby stroller has something to do with the one-hand fold feature. Parents will appreciate quickly storing the stroller in a car when traveling.

Materials used 

Strong material is required for the frame. Aluminum and alloy steel are used in most pram brands to protect babies from potential accidents.


Strollers can have a canopy for sun protection. Thus, picking a stroller that doesn't compromise airflow hinders optimal comfort. Consider mesh materials in hunting for the best baby stroller online. 

Safety features 

The best pram brands in Australia should meet the basic safety standards above all else. It is why a harness system exists for enhanced protection. 


The price of a pram for a baby varies, depending on the number of added features. A higher comfort level might also demand a higher cost, but only sometimes.

Best Baby Pram Brands in Australia

These are just a few of Australia's many baby pram brands. Each offers a range of prams to suit different needs and budgets. 

Bugaboo Baby Pram

Customizable, durable, and easy-to-maneuver prams you can use as a single or double, suitable for up to 23kg.

Silver Cross Baby Pram

Classic, stylish and high-quality prams are available in a wide range of styles that are ideal for up to 25kg.

Mountain Buggy Baby Pram

Rugged, all-terrain prams with adjustable features, a large storage basket, and suitable for up to 25kg.

iCandy Baby Pram

Stylish, lightweight, and practical prams for a single or double, ideal for up to 25kg.

Redsbaby Baby Pram

Affordable and practical prams with large storage baskets and adjustable canopies, suitable for up to 20kg.

Baby Pram Price Range here in Australia

The price range of baby prams in Australia varies widely depending on the brand, features, and quality. Here is a rough guide to the price ranges you can expect to see for different types of prams:

Budget-friendly prams: $100 - $300

Basic strollers and umbrella strollers fall into this category. They tend to be lightweight and easy to maneuver. Still, they may have fewer features or be as durable as more expensive options.

Mid-range prams: $300 - $800

Many popular pram brands fall into this range, including some mentioned earlier. These prams offer more features, higher-quality materials, and better durability than budget-friendly options.

High-end prams: $800 and up

Luxury prams and high-performance strollers are typically in this category. They may have premium materials, advanced features, and customizable options.

Where to Buy Baby Prams in Australia

There are several options for buying baby prams in Australia. Here are some popular choices:

  • Baby stores, department stores, and specialty stores have a range of baby prams. 
  • Online retailers include Amazon, eBay, and Catch.
  • Brand websites where you can purchase their products directly. 


To summarize, spotting the best pram for a baby to buy online is simple. We've listed all the good options and essential features to watch. Check the links to see which one meets your lifestyle and budget. 

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