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10 Best Perfumes for Men in Australia 2024 (Long-Lasting)

Fragrance doesn’t lie

Looking for one's signature perfume can be challenging, especially online purchasing. One person's favorite scent often translates poorly to another's. It is a regular occurrence because everyone's body chemistry is different. With so many Perfumes for Men on the market, which are the top ten Perfumes for Men in Australia? We listed in the article about top perfume for men and good perfume for men that lasts. Moreover, we give you which perfume brand for men and the most popular perfume for men is perfect for your daily needs. 

So, if you are still finding which is best for you, we featured the 10 Best Perfumes for Men in Australia in this article, delivering quality recommendations depending on your lifestyle and budget demands.

10 Best Perfumes for Men in Australia2024 (Long-Lasting)

Best overall perfume for men
Nautica Voyage Eau de Toilette Perfume for Men
Nautica Voyage Eau de Toilette Perfume for Men
Check Nautica Voyage Eau de Toilette Perfume for Men price below:
add_circle It has a long-lasting scent
add_circle It has a strong scent but balances the fragrance
add_circle The bottle is sturdy and not easily prone to glass break

Why It's Our Top Pick

Indeed, several perfume brands are available in Australia today, and some have long fragrances. The Nautica perfume is also strong for men, balancing its scents when it is already in the clothes. Moreover, the said brand gives you a refreshing look and smell whenever you wear it. 

On the other hand, the said brand is among the top perfume brands on Amazon and even in Australia. It is also best-selling and affordable, perfect for gifting. 


The Nautica Voyage Eau De Toilette Spray for Guys is a refreshing and revitalizing fragrance for guys. A long-lasting, enticing aroma will undoubtedly turn heads. This fragrance combines Apple, cedarwood, musk, Amber, water lotus, green leaf, and mimosa notes. 

Key Ingredients

Nautica Voyage Eau de Toilette Perfume has vital ingredients, including Alcohol Denat, Aqua (Water), Fragrance, Methyl Cyclodextrin, Ethylhexyl Salicylate, Limonene, and Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane. These components combine to create a captivating scent that is fresh, aromatic, and long-lasting.


Nautica Voyage is a salty sea air that conveys seductive fragrances of coastal plants and woodlands and awakens the man's need to measure his power against wild nature. It is a scent for an active and ardent man that follows his own set of rules. 

Customer Review 


"I love the scent of this perfume. The only problem is that you'll need to reapply it every 1 or 2 hours to keep the scent on you. Overall a nice perfume, especially if you like a light scent." 

Best travel-size perfume for men
Montblanc Legend Spirit Eau de Toilette Perfume for Men
Montblanc Legend Spirit Eau de Toilette Perfume for Men
Check Montblanc Legend Spirit Eau de Toilette Perfume for Men price below:
add_circle It has a lovely scent
add_circle It has a fresh and fruity fragrance
add_circle It has a distinctively masculine edge
remove_circle Simple and run of-the mill


Mont Blanc's design studio first introduced it in 2011. These aromatic fougere scent notes include bergamot, lavender, pineapple leaf exotic verbena, sandalwood, and Tonka.

Key Ingredients 

Montblanc Legend Spirit Eau de Toilette Perfume comprises key ingredients such as Alcohol Denat. (Sd Alcohol 39-C), Fragrance, Water, Benzyl Salicylate, Limonene, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Linalool, and Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate. These elements work together to create a captivating scent that is fresh, aromatic, and subtly sensual.


The said brand has a long-lasting factor. When you spray it on your clothes, it has a woody effect that holds the fragrance even if you are exposed to dirt, smoke, and sunlight. It also has a floral effect and juicy scent that captivates the light scent of a perfume. 

Customer Review 

Marc Denk 

"Very good for summer. Great price/performance ratio. Only the shelf life could be 1-2 hours longer. Therefore four stars but still highly recommended!"

Best perfume for men to attract women
Versace Eros Flame Eau de Parfum
Versace Eros Flame Eau de Parfum
Check Versace Eros Flame Eau de Parfum price below:
add_circle Smooth transition from sweety to sexy scent
add_circle It has a seductive scent
add_circle It has an excellent quality perfume bottle
remove_circle Similar to Versace Eros Blue


A scent for the powerful, passionate, self-assured man who is entirely in touch with his emotions. Citrusy, peppery, and ambery notes. It has been described as both frigid and hot. Light and shadow, sweet and spicy.

Key Ingredients

The key ingredients of Versace Eros Flame Eau de Parfum include vibrant top notes of lemon, tangerine, and black pepper, which provide a refreshing and spicy kick. The fragrance's heart features geranium, rosemary, and pepperwood, adding a warm and aromatic touch. Patchouli, tonka bean, and sandalwood base notes create a sensual and seductive foundation for this captivating fragrance.


Versace Eros Flame Eau de Parfum is a men's scent that pierces the heart. It sends a powerful message to future generations about the value of love and the power of variety. The pepper is spicy, and it is less potent than the mint in the original. It brings a different aspect to Flame's composition and indicates that this cologne is evolving into something quite different from its predecessor. 

Customer Review 


"This s an amazing cologne. I got it based on a friend's recommendation, and I am so glad I did. I ordered it last minute for my husband for Father's Day. It arrived a day early, which was awesome, but I cannot tell you how wonderful it smells. I think it's my new favorite!! It's truly yummy!. I also love how long it lasts. It stings and lasts all day! Very nice!! You will not be disappointed! Your man will love it, and so will you!"

Best long-lasting perfume for men
Bvlgari Man Wood Essence Eau de Parfum
Bvlgari Man Wood Essence Eau de Parfum
Check Bvlgari Man Wood Essence Eau de Parfum price below:
add_circle Nice citrus and fresh opening
add_circle The lovely woody, musky dry down
add_circle Laidback and sexy scent
remove_circle Misleading name


Bvlgari commemorates the universal character of wood with Bvlgari Man Wood Essence. The fragrance has essential materials and ingredients that connect modern man to nature while also pulsing with the energetic power of its wood elements. It has refreshing Italian citrus accords and woody resins of Cypress and Vetiver from the Mediterranean countryside.

Key Ingredients

Bvlgari Man Wood Essence Eau de Parfum is a captivating fragrance that combines key ingredients to create a unique olfactory experience. This composition blends notes of citrusy Italian citrus zest with rich cedarwood, providing a fresh and woody aroma. Additionally, benzoin resin adds warmth and sensuality, while vetiver enhances the fragrance's earthy tones. This combination creates a harmonious balance between freshness, masculinity, and sophistication, making Bvlgari Man Wood Essence a distinct and memorable scent.


It is a soothing and pleasant cologne. I had the most excellent experience with Bvlgari Man Wood Essence when I wore it outside when it was not too hot. It was terrific to catch whiffs of it with a mild breeze blowing. It is a woody cologne with a nice balance. The cypress is the dominant scent, but cedar and vetiver are also in the mix. The performance is satisfactory. There is some projection, but it is not overpowering. Attractive and adaptable.

Customer Review 


"It is a lovely perfume to wear. But from the price perspective, I expected it to last a longer projection time. 2 / 3 hrs after the spray, people could still smell it from about 2 feet distance."

Best cheap perfume for men
Clavin Klein One Eau de Parfum
Clavin Klein
Clavin Klein One Eau de Parfum
Check Clavin Klein One Eau de Parfum price below:
add_circle An excellent example of a unisex perfume
add_circle Feel fresh and modern
add_circle Good for hot weather
remove_circle The sillage is soft and not very noticeable


A modern-day classic fragrance. Bold and clean, yet grounded and universal. One fragrance for everyone. Green tea combines rose and violet, ending in a musk and amber finish.

Key Ingredients

Calvin Klein One Eau de Parfum is a renowned fragrance embodying fresh and modern sensibility. This composition features essential ingredients that create a vibrant and refreshing scent. The top notes burst with a lively combination of bergamot and pineapple, providing a fruity and zesty opening. In the heart, accords of jasmine and violet add a touch of floral elegance, while the base notes of Amber and musk bring warmth and sensuality to the fragrance. Calvin Klein One Eau de Parfum is a unisex scent that captures the essence of youthful energy and sophistication.


CK One is a naturally clean, pure, modern fragrance with a freeing attitude. Bergamot, Cardamom, fresh Pineapple, and Papaya combine in the top notes, which are bright and effervescent. The middle notes feature a unique fragrant blend of Jasmine, Violet, Rose, and Nutmeg. In the base, two new Musks mixed with Amber produce a sensual dry down that completes the richness and warmth sensation. From top to bottom, a Green Tea accord balances brightness with sensuality.

Customer Review 


"Calvin Klein One Eau De Toilette deserves a glowing 5-star rating from me. The scent is incredibly fresh and invigorating, making it a joy to wear. Every spritz takes me back to the nostalgic vibes of the 90s, reminiscent of carefree days and youthful energy. The fragrance strikes a perfect balance between being modern and timeless."

Best oud perfume for men
Liberty Luxury Oud Gold Eau de Parfum
Liberty Luxury Oud Gold Eau de Parfum
Check Liberty Luxury Oud Gold Eau de Parfum price below:
add_circle It has the realistic scent of oud wood
add_circle It has a nice bottle
add_circle It is perfect for occasions or intimate settings
remove_circle Not suitable for those who prefer softer fragrances


The Liberty Luxury Oud perfume is a modern take on Arabian opulence. The perfume has an exotic musk aroma with the richness of Amber, velvet, and gold, and it transports you to a realm of grandeur and splendor.

Key Ingredients

Liberty Luxury Oud Gold Eau de Parfum is a captivating fragrance that showcases the opulence of oud. This exquisite composition combines key ingredients to create a rich and luxurious olfactory experience. The top notes offer a citrus freshness, while the heart notes unveil the regal essence of oud, enriched with floral nuances. The Amber, patchouli, and musk base notes provide a warm and sensual foundation. Liberty Luxury Oud Gold Eau de Parfum exudes sophistication and allure, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a lavish and memorable scent.


Liberty lifestyle perfumes are high-end and have a long-lasting scent and an exquisite intertwined fragrance. Furthermore, it is precisely crafted of high-quality oud wood for both men and women. Finally, the aroma lasts for 8 hours.

Customer Review 


"Great scent lasted most of the day, I did read a couple of negative reviews, but most people don't realize that how a scent works is dependent on how your body chemistry acts with the scent if you put it on and after a couple of minutes later you can't smell it but others can then it right for you."

Best perfume for summer for men
Hugo Boss Infinite Eau de Parfum
Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss Infinite Eau de Parfum
Check Hugo Boss Infinite Eau de Parfum price below:
add_circle Great for daily use by the masses
add_circle Suitable for outside and office
add_circle It has a sexy and juicy scent
remove_circle Pleasant scent but is hardly detachable


The modern man juggles multiple roles in his life, whether pursuing achievement or seeking balance and honesty. BOSS Bottled Infinite embodies the modern man's need to reconnect with his inner self. Moreover, it has an energetic and seductive scent that adds more fragrance and mixes the woody elements' citrus and aroma. 

Key Ingredients

The key ingredients in Hugo Boss Infinite Eau de Parfum include invigorating aromatic notes of apple and mandarin combined with uplifting cinnamon, patchouli, and rosemary. The fragrance is further enhanced by the warm and sensual tones of lavender, sandalwood, and olive wood, creating a timeless and captivating scent.


This aroma is quite powerful initially, lasting around an hour or two. The sillage is excellent at first and will be noticed. Following that, it gradually settles down and becomes more moderate. Not utterly helpless. The longevity was exceptional. 

Customer Review 


"Smells good and last longer than my other EDT products. EDP is my choice from now on."

Best value perfume for men
David Off Cool Water Eau de Toilette Parfum
David Off
David Off Cool Water Eau de Toilette Parfum
Check David Off Cool Water Eau de Toilette Parfum price below:
add_circle Pleasant and perfect for spring and summer
add_circle A game changer in aquatic scents for men
add_circle A nostalgic and seductive fragrance for men
remove_circle Many other fragrances have copied it


The Zino Davidoff is a Swiss-based family firm that has evolved organically from its Swiss base. Our creator, Zino Davidoff, is at the company's core and inspires all we do. The selection of items reflects his natural elegance and love for excellent quality, style, authenticity, and good living. 

Key Ingredients

The key ingredients in Davidoff Cool Water Eau de Toilette include refreshing aquatic notes of oceanic accords and mint and refreshing hints of lavender and rosemary. The fragrance is complemented by a blend of sandalwood and cedarwood, creating a cool, crisp, and masculine scent that evokes diving into the deep blue sea.


It is mildly spicy, with a cool breeze passing through the center of the aroma. Very refreshing and clean, with flowery essences of lavender and neroli. Cool Water becomes more soapy and woody as it progresses, and this is when it is comparable to Green Irish Tweed or Chez Bond. It is more similar to the latter, although it has a more potent aquatic aroma than either.

Customer Review 


"Been a while since I have worn this fragrance. It seemed like the real deal, as the scent was instantly recognizable. The quantity in the bottle size will last me a few years."

Best gift set perfume for men
Perry Ellis Fragrances Perfume for Men
Perry Ellis
Perry Ellis Fragrances Perfume for Men
Check Perry Ellis Fragrances Perfume for Men price below:
add_circle It has good packaging
add_circle It has a sweet and citrus scent
add_circle It has excellent and juicy flavors for any occasions


The Perry Ellis perfume is an energizing aroma with a fresh, citrus burst that wraps with a range of woody notes, resulting in a well-rounded smoothness that transitions from any daytime occasion to an unforgettable night.

Key Ingredients 

Perry Ellis fragrances for men offer a range of captivating scents. Key ingredients vary across different fragrances, but typical notes include vibrant citrus like bergamot and lemon, aromatic herbs such as lavender and sage, and warm spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. These ingredients create sophisticated and alluring compositions that embody masculinity and charm.


The fragrance begins with a juicy, delectable blast of energy from the bright citrus aromas of lemon and bergamot. Their summertime freshness lifts your spirits. A drop of seawater fills the aperture with a fresh, salty scent. It has plush jasmine, which lends a deep, floral tone with a sensual fragrance. Sandalwood and birch smell provide a creamy foundation for the harmonized ingredients.

Customer Review 

Ivan Montes de Oca 

"I like the fragrance, as well as it is light and durable; with the accessories going out on a trip, it becomes easier."

Best men's perfume for office wear
Christian Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum
Christian Dior
Christian Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum
Check Christian Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum price below:
add_circle It has good projection
add_circle It has a pleasant smell
add_circle It lasts for 8 hours or more
remove_circle Feels synthetic


The Sauvage perfume is a creative act inspired by wide-open places. An ozone-blue sky stretched above a white-hot rocky landscape under the desert sun.

Key Ingredients

The key ingredients in Christian Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum are a harmonious blend of spicy and woody notes. It features bergamot, spicy Sichuan pepper, and lavender in the top notes. The heart notes include star anise and nutmeg, while the base notes consist of warm and earthy ambroxan and Papua New Guinean vanilla. This composition creates a powerful and seductive fragrance that exudes masculinity and sophistication.


Outstanding performance and fragrance that lasts! That is how Dior Perfumer-Creator François Demachy wanted it: raw and noble at the same time. Natural components, carefully chosen, predominate in large quantities. The luscious freshness of Reggio di Calabria Bergamot bursts through the radiant top notes. Ambroxan, made from precious ambergris, emits a strong woody scent.

Customer Review


"This product is the best, and I got it for cheaper and for my personal use."

Does Perfume Expire?

Yes, perfume does expire, but the timeframe varies on a few factors, including the chemicals and the moment of opening. Most fragrance producers recommend discarding your bottle after one to three years (check your label). However, because the scent does not expire as food does, using a bottle for four or even five years is often okay.


EDP stands for Eau de Parfum, while EDT stands for Eau de Toilette. The main differences between these two fragrance concentrations are their composition and intensity.

EDP contains a higher concentration of fragrance oils, typically 15% to 20%. This results in a more potent and longer-lasting scent. EDP is often preferred for evening wear or colder seasons when a stronger and more sophisticated fragrance is desired.

On the other hand, EDT has a lower concentration of fragrance oils, usually around 5% to 15%. It tends to be lighter and fresher in character. EDT is commonly used for everyday wear, especially in warmer climates or during the daytime.

Due to the higher concentration of oils, EDP fragrances tend to last longer on the skin, with their scent evolving gradually throughout the day. EDT fragrances, while lighter, may require reapplication throughout the day to maintain their initial intensity.

Buying Guide: How to Choose Perfume for Men 

Are you looking for a signature scent? Something that, over time, everyone will learn to associate with you and know as your distinct fragrance? It's a worthy objective. But first, take it slowly! So many good-smelling perfumes are on the market that choosing one immediately would be a waste.

When choosing a perfume for men, consider the following factors:

Fragrance family: Determine your preferred scent profile, such as fresh, woody, oriental, or citrus, to narrow down options.

Notes: Pay attention to the top, heart, and base notes. Citrus or herbal top notes provide freshness, while woody or spicy base notes add depth and warmth.

Occasion: Consider the purpose and setting. Light, fresh fragrances are ideal for daytime and work, while richer, bolder scents suit evenings and special events.

Personal preference: Choose a fragrance that resonates with your unique style and complements your body chemistry—test samples on your skin to assess how they evolve throughout the day.

Longevity and projection: Evaluate the perfume's longevity and projection to ensure it lasts as desired and projects an appropriate amount of scent.

Seasonal suitability: Opt for lighter, airy fragrances in warmer months and choose heavier, warmer scents for colder seasons.

Brand and reputation: Research reputable perfume brands that are known for quality and craftsmanship to ensure a reliable purchase.

Reviews and recommendations: Read reviews or seek advice from trusted sources to gather insights from others who have tried the fragrance.

Ultimately, choosing a perfume is a personal journey, so take your time, explore different options, and select a scent that resonates with your individuality and brings you joy.

Best Perfume for Men Brands in Australia

The best perfume brand for men is highly regarded for its quality, unique compositions, and ability to create captivating scents that cater to diverse preferences. In Australia, some of the best perfume brands for men are

Tom Ford Perfume for Men

It is known for luxurious and sophisticated fragrances that exude elegance and style.

Dior Perfume for Men

It offers a wide range of masculine scents with a blend of classic and contemporary elements, known for its quality and craftsmanship.

Chanel Perfume for Men

It is renowned for its refined and timeless fragrances combining elegance and masculinity.

Coach Perfume for Men

It offers a variety of modern and versatile scents that capture the spirit of adventure and individuality.

Armani Perfume for Men

It is known for its sophisticated and distinctive fragrances embodying masculinity and refinement.

Perfume for Men Price Range Here in Australia

The top perfume for men price in Australia can vary depending on brand, size, and concentration. Good perfume for men ranges from around AUD 30 to AUD 300 or more.

You can find affordable options from popular brands or smaller fragrance houses in the lower price range. Mid-range options typically range from AUD 50 to AUD 150 and offer a good balance between quality and price.

Higher-end and luxury fragrances from renowned brands can fall in the AUD 150 to AUD 300+ range. These often feature premium ingredients, intricate compositions, and exclusive packaging.

Where to Buy Perfume for Men in Australia?

In Australia, you can buy the most popular perfume for men from various retailers, both online and offline. Here are some popular options:

Department stores: Visit major department stores to explore strong perfume fragrance brands and options.

Perfume specialty stores: Check out dedicated perfume stores for an extensive selection of men's fragrances.

Online retailers: Shop from reputable online platforms like Sephora, Adore Beauty, or Chemist Warehouse, which offer a wide range of men's perfumes and often provide customer reviews and competitive pricing.

Fragrance boutiques: Explore specialized fragrance boutiques for a curated selection of niche and luxury fragrances.

Duty-free stores: If you're traveling internationally or within Australia, take advantage of duty-free shopping at airports, where you can find a variety of designer perfumes at discounted prices.

Remember to verify the authenticity of the retailer and check their return policy and shipping options before making a purchase. Additionally, consider visiting physical stores to test and experience the fragrances firsthand or order samples online before committing to a full bottle.


As we have seen, smell is our most powerful sense. It links to memories, and we can form profound bonds with our emotions. Using perfume is a unique method to express yourself beyond the visible. It leaves a lasting impression.

You will be well on your way to exploring this fascinating olfactory world once you have found several perfumes you feel comfortable wearing and have developed an appreciation for colognes that match your natural aroma.

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