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10 Best VPN Services For When You Need To ‘Travel’ Right Away

Nomad on the internet.

VPNs are becoming a necessity for many internet users who prefer to surf the internet in private or for those who wants access to geo-restricted media content from another country. With so many choices available, how do you go about picking the right VPN service for you? Luckily, we’ve rounded up the top VPNs that’ll work amazingly for all your browsing needs. 

What is a VPN and how does it work?

Virtual Private Network, a.k.a VPN is a private network that uses the internet to connect users together. A VPN works to secure all your online activities by encrypting your data, so you remain shielded from unwanted prying eyes. This service also works to let you virtually appear in a different country, potentially unblocking access to things you normally cannot get to.

Here are the top VPN services to subscribe to:


  • Best overall VPN
  • From SGD12.00/month

ExpressVPN is hands down one of the best VPN when it comes to speed and security. With more than 3,000 super-fast servers spread across 90 countries, ExpressVPN delivers a punchy performance. 

It also has numerous features like unblocking Netflix, reliable torrenting, and an extremely powerful encryption system to keep all your online activities safe and secure. Overall, their service will take your online anonymity to a whole new level.


  • Best VPN for Netflix
  • From SGD3.87/month

Movie-goers will absolutely adore CyberGhost. It is one of the best candidates to unlock Netflix content far and wide. With their streaming-friendly servers across 80 different countries, you are pretty much guaranteed with lag-free HD movie streaming sessions all day, every day. Its easy-to-use interface also means that you don’t need to be a tech expert to be able to operate this VPN.


  • Best VPN for business
  • From SGD6.49/month

Scouting for a good, reliable VPN for your multinational company? Check out IPVanish! This VPN service provider offers strong security procedures and tunnelling protocols to enable all your office branches to be securely connected wherever they are. IPVanish encrypts all data sent so you can be rest assured that no busy-body will be able to steal your grand business idea.


  • Best VPN for iPhone
  • From SGD4.93/month

Ivacy is a VPN that has been making huge waves among online privacy fanatics due to its superb and easy-to-use iOS app. 

This VPN service provider not only comes at an affordable price, but it also features a wide range of settings to let you unblock anything you want. With strong security protocols, Ivacy expertly keeps your connection off the radar so you can surf freely.


  • Best Unlimited VPN
  • From SGD2.80/month

With SurfShark, you can now protect all your family members with just one single account. This VPN uses military-grade encryption and an automatic kill switch to keep your online presence secure across an unlimited number of devices at the same time. With SurfShark’s CleanWeb technology, you and your family get to stay safe from ads, trackers, and any possible phishing attempts.


  • Best VPN for Windows
  • From SGD3.52/month

VyprVPN is headquartered in privacy-friendly Switzerland, offering high-end encryption and a strict no-logs policy. This VPN even features a kill switch for Windows devices that automatically shuts down your entire internet connection when it detects that your connection is not secure. Featuring its Chameleon technology, VyprVPN also helps you to bypass almost every restrictive networks and censorship anywhere in the world.

Hotspot Shield

  • Best VPN for FireStick
  • From SGD11.25/month

Hotspot Shield works magically to spoof your location and provide you with restriction-free access to all the best shows and movies on Amazon Prime. With over 3,200 servers spread out in more than 80 countries globally, you can count on Hotspot Shield to grant you buffer-free streaming sessions regardless of your location.


  • Best VPN for Mac
  • From SGD5.64/month

Windscribe offers fast, reliable performance and it is even jam-packed with lots of Mac-friendly features for users to tinker with. On top of that, this super generous VPN service gives you up to 10GB per month to try them out with your Mac account. Their easy-to-use interface and well-designed layout makes working with their Mac app a total breeze.


  • Best VPN for Chrome
  • Free | Premium from SGD4.69/month

This highly user-friendly VPN offers a chrome extension that comes with some great performance. The company offers a Blocker tool in their app extension that holts most forms of tracking including email, ultrasonic, and fingerprinting to keep you truly safe. On top of that, they have a free plan with a monthly 500MB limit making it perfect for light users.


  • Best Free VPN

ProtonVPN’s free plan comes with very impressive advantages, and one most notable one is that this VPN does not impose any bandwidth restriction on its uses. In fact, you are free to use as much data as you want with the device of your choosing. With its unlimited data allowance, this is one freebie that is definitely worth considering.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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