In the world of smartphones, there's no denying that an iPhone or any of Apple's product has become a status symbol. They're exorbitant, but they do deliver incredible performance, are high in quality, and easy to use.  Furthermore, they have outstanding support.

The iPhone X is still prone to accidental damage no matter how careful you are at handling the device. Although repairs are always available, they're costly and unnecessary when you can prevent them with these iPhone X cases.

1. Universal Sports Gym Armband

Best iPhone X case for running

Price from SGD6.90

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD6.90

First on our list is the cheapest of the bunch - the Universal Sports Gym Armband, an iPhone X case tailored especially for running. This case is water and sweat resistant; plus, it holds your phone firmly and is comfortable to wear.

The Universal Sports Gym Armband is also compatible with older iPhone plus versions, up to the 6S Plus series. Aside from taking good care of your phone while you run, it also has a small compartment for your keys. It's practical, keeps your iPhone X safe, and super cheap.

2. UAG Pylo

Best for wireless charging

Price from SGD43.00

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One of the best things about the iPhone X is its wireless charging feature. You can place your phone on a charging platform, and voila, it fills the battery up.  However, a lot of cases are not compatible with this technology, except for the UAG Pylo. The UAG Pylo is a durable yet soft silicone-like case for the iPhone X. It can withstand short drops, is easy to grasp, and super lightweight.

3. Magneto Magnetic Adsorption Metal Case

Best iPhone X case with magnet

Price from SGD5.80

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD5.80

The Magneto Magnetic Adsorption Metal Case is a metallic case with a tempered glass cover at the back to prevent scratches. You have to detach the front and back pieces, and then place them back together with the phone in between. They use strong magnets to make sure they won’t accidentally detach themselves. It also looks stylish due to its minimalistic design.

4. UAG Monarch

Best iPhone X case with drop protection

Price from SGD75.00

shopping_cart Harvey Norman Singapore SGD75.00

Now, if you have butter fingers, then you'll need the UAG Monarch. This iPhone X case is the epitome of durability. It has five layers of protection, allowing your iPhone X to handle insanely high drops even for multiple times in a row. The case itself is hard and rubbery but it assures you with premium protection all day long.

5. SAVFY Mobile Phone Waterproof Case

Best iPhone X case for the beach

Price from SGD6.99

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD6.99

If you plan on going to the beach, we recommend that you protect your phone with this SAVFY Mobile Phone Waterproof Case. Even if you don't wet your phone with seawater, rusting can still occur due to the salty breeze.

This case covers your entire phone, making sure that even the slightest moisture will not enter. It's waterproof, so you can carry it with you while taking a dip. Furthermore, it floats, so there is nothing to worry about in case you do drop it.

6. UAG Trooper

Best iPhone X case with a card holder

Price from SGD53.00

shopping_cart Harvey Norman Singapore SGD53.00

Nowadays, you can pay anything with your credit or debit card, and these cards are as valuable as your iPhone X. So why not carry them together and forget about bringing a wallet with you. The UAG Trooper offers more than protection -  it can securely carry four cards. This case is softer than most UAG cases. However, it's still durable enough to withstand short drops.

7. Baseus Ring Bracket Case

Best iPhone X case with a ring

Price from SGD7.90

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD7.90

A smartphone ring has a secure grip and doubles up as a phone stand. Instead of getting a separate stand, get the Baseus Ring Bracket Case as it comes with an attached ring. Unlike most rings that will cause your phone to tilt when placed at the back, this one doesn't. It is thin and looks super elegant at the same time.

8. Tech21 iPhone X Evo Wallet Case

Best iPhone X case for the money

Price from SGD69.00

shopping_cart Harvey Norman Singapore SGD69.00

Next on our list is the Tech21 iPhone X Evo Wallet Case. This case will protect your phone from multiple drops of up to three meters. Not only does it add extra screen protection when placing it in your pocket or bag, but it also acts as a wallet where you can put a few bills and cards in it, too.

9. Laut iPhone X Slimskin

Best iPhone X case for photography

Price from SGD28.00

shopping_cart Harvey Norman Singapore SGD28.00

If you love taking pictures with your iPhone, a casing is sometimes a nuisance due to the added size and the awkward grip. However, the Laut iPhone X Slimskin only has a 0.5mm thin casing that will not get in your way when you take pictures.

The Laut iPhone X Slimskin has a matte finish, making it easier for you to grip your phone when taking pictures. It also has elevated camera protection to avoid scratches that might affect your shots. Additionally, this cable is also able to absorb the shock from short drops.

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10. Spigen Tough Armor

Best iPhone X case with a kickstand

Price from SGD39.90

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Spigen Tough Armor is robust and will protect your phone from multiple drops from as high as one metre. It has responsive tactile side buttons and a modern, techy design. The kickstand, which is remarkably stable, is integrated at the lower back. You can stand your phone horizontally or even vertically.

11. Speck Presidio Grip

Best iPhone X case with a screen protector

Price from SGD49.00

shopping_cart Harvey Norman Singapore SGD49.00

If you want extra protection on your screen, there's nothing out there that can compete with the Speck Presidio Grip. It has an innovatively-designed bezel that's more elevated than most of the cases on this list. Whenever you drop your phone accidentally, its bezel will hit the ground first.

12. i-Blason Transformer Case

Best iPhone X case with a belt clip

Price from SGD49.00

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD49.00

The only place that your phone will never touch any sharp object is when you clip it on your belt with the i-Blason Transformer Case. This case comes in two: the casing itself and the holster where you can attach the iPhone X case to your belt. It doesn't fall off from its holster even when you run and jump around.

13. UAG Plasma

Best iPhone X case for construction

Price from SGD43.00

shopping_cart Harvey Norman Singapore SGD43.00

If you're an engineer or anyone who works in a construction site, it's vital to have reliable phone protection, and we recommend the UAG Plasma. This case is extremely solid on the exterior but soft on the interior to cushion your iPhone X properly.

Since it has a hard exterior, your phone will easily handle items that may accidentally drop on it. Furthermore, it has a grilled bezel so you can have a firm grip. Aside from that, it’s the least bulky among all UAG cases.

14. SAVFY Apple iPhone X Battery Case

Best iPhone X case with battery

Price from SGD23.99

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD23.99

Battery life is always a concern for all smartphone, and the iPhone X is no exception. After six to eight hours of intensive gaming or video streaming, your battery will die on you. However, with the SAVFY Apple iPhone X Battery Case that provides you with a whole new round of energy, things will feel a lot different.

This case has an integrated 3200mAh battery that will completely charge your phone. The extra weight aside this product will keep your iPhone alive for an extra day. Plus, it’s easy to use and is affordable.

15. Speck Presidio Ultra

Best iPhone X case for athletes

Price from SGD69.00

shopping_cart Harvey Norman Singapore SGD69.00

Last on our list is suitable for athletes - the Speck Presidio Ultra. For starters, this phone case is durable yet has a surprisingly slim profile. But what makes it great for athletes is due to its IMPACTIUM Shock Barrier technology that cushions your phone from sudden impact of vibrations.

This case works well for people who are always active. If you want to go running and prefer placing your iPhone X in a bag, the Speck Presidio Ultra will make sure it won't have any internal damage due to multiple shocks. It’s also sweat resistant and can protect your phone from up to a three-meter drop.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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