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Lazada Birthday Sale 2020 – It’s a Celebration You Shouldn’t Miss!

If there’s a holiday as awesome as Christmas, Lazada’s anniversary would be it.

From March 20th to 27th, it's going to be a blast because Lazada will be celebrating their 8th birthday! But before that day comes, you best fill up your wishlist with items you want to buy from Lazada. Who knows, you might be lucky enough to experience a 50% or even 90% discount on them.

Lazada loves you so much that it's ready to compromise all the prices for you. From storewide flash deals to irresistible vouchers and discounts up to 90% off, you best enjoy these for the next few days:


Love gaming? Lazada is rewarding you with coins that can be used to exchange for brand vouchers at the Rewards store when you play games on their platform. Complete quests, bake-off at LazCity or challenge yourself to Emoji AR game and more to win the coins.

Slash it!

If you have a bunch of friends to shop with, lucky you! Try your luck in bringing down the price of your desired product by slashing its price with your friends. Once achieved, you and your friends can buy it at the slashed price!

Instant reward

Who doesn't love collecting rewards that are easy to collect? All you have to do is visit the main Birthday page and just collect coins. You can get exclusive vouchers when you check-in at least 3 and 6 days consecutively.

Pre-sale: Deposit to get it

Some merchants will be offering exclusive deals that are just too good to be true. Only catch? You'll have to deposit the stated fee of the product before final day on the 27th March, which is the Mega Sale day. After paying the balance on the final day, the item is yours!

Daily campaign flash sales

Up till 26th of March, enjoy deals from top-rated brands and flash sales with deals under S$8 daily in different time slots (12AM, 9AM, 1PM & 7PM). Think that's crazy? Enjoy even better deals from as low as S$8 during on Mega Sale day in every 2 hours (starting from 8AM until 12AM). 

Better yet, tune in for the storewide S$8 flash sale on Mega Sale day at 8AM.

Bonus: Are you a night owl? Enjoy additional discounts from selected brands when you shop between 12AM to 2AM!

Collect and stack em' vouchers

Who doesn't love stacking vouchers? Collect all the vouchers that you can find from different sellers throughout the campaign, and stack them all together as you see fit on Mega Sale day. Remember to check on the vouchers page for additional coupons offered by banks!

Stamp hunt and surprise boxes galore!

The best time to spend your money is when things are on sale. And, literally, everything is on sale during Lazada's 8th anniversary. From electronics, home appliances, and automotive to fashion, health and beauty products, and groceries, this store has all of those and more for you.

As early as today, some of their products have awesome discounts already. So go ahead and check out what you like and just ready them up for the big day, which starts on March 20 and ends on March 27th.

P.S: Prep yourself and save all these Lazada voucher codes before the sale begins!

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