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Time has changed for parenthood especially for mommies. Mothers are no longer just the typical housewives at home. They are also career driven employees or business owners that are strong in vision and purpose.

Despite being short of time, most new mothers will need to pump milk often to prevent leakage of breastmilk. With that, a specific breast-pump bag comes in handy when you need to store excess milk.

Sure, you can use almost any bag. But we’d recommended these few bags for your convenience as well as liking!

1. Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bag (Lizzy-Floral)

Best breast pump bag for Lasinoh and Medela pump-in style

Price from SGD189.00

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD189.00

For mommies who own a Medela pump-in style and Lasinoh breast pumps, this is the bag for extra convenience, flexibility and peace of mind! A special bag with side pockets that fits all portable breast pumps, it includes an exterior zip picket for keys, and phone or important travel cards as well. 

The Lizzy-Floral Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bag also claims to keep pumped milk cold for up to 6 hours with ice packs, leaving you with a peace of mind in terms of accidental leakage. Other features include easy cleaning nylon surface and a two-ways snap system side pockets.

2. V-Coool Deluxe Double Layer Cooler Bag

Best breast pump and diaper bag

Price from SGD32.00

shopping_cart Pupsik Studio SGD32.00

The V-Coool Breast Milk Cooler Bag has a cool two-layered compartment which creates convenience in keeping breast pump, diapers as well as cooling of breast milk. Going outdoors doesn’t need to be a hassle with your little one anymore as it’s also lightweight and waterproof. That spells out less cleaning and more bonding time with your family!

3. Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bag (Marie-Le Flora)

Best bag for spectra pumps and also laptops

Price from SGD269.00

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD269.00

If you’re a working mommy who is constantly on-the-go, the Marie-Le Flora Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bag must be on your checklist! Apart from carrying your breast pumps with ease, it also has a padded laptop compartment to place your laptop measuring up to 17 inches. 

The bag claims to fit all types of breast pumps in the market including Spectra. Speaking of Spectra, we recommend that the larger side pocket is reserved for your pump whereas the smaller side pocket is for milk. Both pockets includes insulation, which can keep milk cold for up to 6 hours!

4. Breast Pump & Breast Milk Storage Bags Bottles Cooler Bag

Best cheap breast pump bag - also suitable for working moms

Price from SGD24.99

shopping_cart Shopee Singapore SGD24.99

For working mommies and those who are on the budget, this is the bag for you! The Breast Pump & Breast Milk Storage Bags Bottles Cooler Bag provides breastfeeding mothers a functional, well-structured bag that’s flexible and convenient for both work and leisure purposes. 

It claims to be able to keep milk chilled for up to 14 hours. Aside from that, the bag should be able to fit most breast pump brands as well as your personal items securely and neatly. 

Look your best whichever way thanks to the 3-way carrying method which  gives mothers a choice for different comfort and needs.

5. Multi-functional Insular Bag

Best insulated breast pump bag - can be worn as tote or backpack

Price from SGD59.90

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For the minimalist who’s looking for simplicity and practicality, the Multi-functional Insular Bag is worth buying! It has a special large capacity container and 10 other pockets, allowing mothers to keep all essentials in one place. With a uniquely   private design, the back pocket (which will face your back) is handy for item storage to avoid risk of theft which most mommies need. 

This Multi-functional Insular Bag can be a tote or a backpack, depending on what’s your preference. If lightweight, space-saving and simplicity are your thing, this is one of the best travel bags you can buy.

6. Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bag (Abby Black)

Best breast pump hospital bag - with cooler compartment

Price from SGD319.00

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD319.00

When labour is coming close and you rather carry just one bag for clothes and other items, the Abby Black Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bag is ideal for all things essential including your breast pump.

Aside from keeping pumped milk cool for up to 6 hours with the inclusion of ice, the bag can convert into a diaper, camera bag or even general usage bag. It is good for long-term investment as mommies can use it at work or meetings to keep important documents and laptop. 

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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