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Smelling good doesn’t always mean wearing a cologne. In our opinion, smelling good means being able to sit next to the person without irritating his/her nose. Hence, being free from body-odor or that unpleasant warrior smell at the end of the day should suffice. To do that successfully every day, you only need to apply a deodorant. Here are eight of the best for you to try and enjoy:

Best men's deodorant with antiperspirant
1. Sephora Men
Best men's deodorant with antiperspirant

First on our list is a problem solver for men who sweat too much and too fast, the Sephora Men. It's a roll-on deodorant with a robust, manly scent. What makes it a winner, however, is its antiperspirant properties.

This deo can keep your armpit sweat locked and controlled for about 12 hours, which means you'll have no worries staining your shirt for the entire day. Plus, even if you do get wet due to the heat or because of physical activities, its quick-drying formula will help a lot.

The Sephora Men is affordable, easy to use, and provides a decent 12-hour guaranteed protection. However, some of you might get annoyed when applying it for the first 30 seconds as the liquid tends to get too slimy.

Best men's deodorant alcohol free
2. Nivea Men Dry Impact Plus
Best alcohol free men's deodorant 

Alcohol, when applied on your underarm, can cause your skin to dry and crack. If you experience that problem, then the right deodorant for you is the Nivea Men Dry Impact Plus. It's free from alcohol and comes in paste form, so it's soft and doesn't give you a slimy texture after application.

The Nivea Men Dry Impact Plus is also superb when it comes to keeping your body odor at bay. It leaves you smelling clean for up to two days, perfect when you’re travelling in cold countries. Nonetheless, you should still take a bath every day as using deodorants only protect your underarm and not your entire body.

Best men's deodorant without aluminum
3. Erica Brooke Natural Deodorant
Best men's deodorant without aluminum

Now, if you want all things natural, including the smell, there's nothing that can beat this deodorant –Erica Brooke Natural Deodorant. For starters, it's in cream form. So, you’ll have to apply it manually using your fingers to your underarm, which might be quite annoying if you're not used to that.

What’s more, this deodorant is free of all artificial chemicals and will leave your skin healthy and soft. It smells very neutral as well, however, the subtle sweet whiff will fade after an hour and leave you with a generic skin scent.

The only downside of this deodorant is that it won't protect you that long, especially if you sweat quite often. Give or take, it should provide you with a decent six to eight hours of protection. Plus, it's also a bit more expensive than most deos on the market.

Best men's deodorant for stress sweat
4. Nivea Men Stress Protect (Pack Of 4)
Best men's deodorant for stress sweat

Are you always stressed at work? If you are, there's a huge chance that your sweat smells more awful than the average guy. The reason behind that is because stress sweat contains more fatty acids and proteins, which allows bacteria to grow faster. But don't worry; a quick solution is the Nivea Men Stress Protect.

This roll-on deodorant is powered with zinc complex that quickly eliminates and disperses those fatty acids and proteins. With those elements gone, bacteria won't be able to lurk and produce a foul odor. It does have a strong smell though and might irritate your underarms if you have sensitive skin. Nonetheless, it’ll keep you fresh for the entire day.

Best men's deodorant with aluminum for excessive sweating
5. Rexona Men Ice Cool
Best men's deodorant with aluminum for excessive sweating

Now if you're a heavy sweater, nothing suits you better than the Rexona Men Ice Cool. It's a spray deodorant, making it super easy for you to apply. This deodorant has more aluminum in it, so if you're sensitive to that (which is rare), better skip this one for now.

The Rexona Men Ice Cool will protect you from body odor for 48 hours. It also stops your underarm from sweating due to its ingredients, which will help a lot if you have sweat problems. What we love about this deo that's also worth mentioning is its scent. It has this fresh, easy-on-the nose smell that everyone can appreciate.

Furthermore, it has this new technology called "Motionsense" which basically reactivates its fragrance whenever you do physical activities. So even if you sweat a lot, you're not going to smell bad.

Best men's deodorant for very sensitive skin
6. Calvin Klein Eternity for Men
Best men's deodorant for very sensitive skin

Next on our list is the Calvin Klein Eternity for Men, and it's the most expensive one of the bunch – with good reason. This deodorant isn't a roll-on but a stick, similar to Nivea Men Dry Impact Plus. It's very soft and alcohol-free, making it perfect for people who have sensitive skin. It also has a very mild scent (but still noticeable).

If you have rashes when applying deodorants, you no longer have to worry because the Calvin Klein Eternity for Men is guaranteed to cause no skin problems. The only issue though, is that it can only protect you for about eight hours or so. After that, it's slowly going to make you sweat more.

Best men's deodorant without scent
7. Now Solutions Nature's Deodorant Stick
Best men's deodorant without scent

Last on our list is for guys who love to smell natural, the Now Solutions Nature's Deodorant Stick. Its base ingredient is kalinite, which is almost the same as potassium alum (a mineral salt). Hence, it  smells au naturale, almost like nothing.

The only concern with this deodorant is that it may not be effective at suppressing body odor if you stress sweat. However, if you're not that active, this one is a great pick. And it's an even better one if you have a sensitive skin.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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