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14 Weird Gifts to Get Your Friends This Holiday Season

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Sometimes, your friends don't deserve the good things in life. If you're telling me that you're thinking of getting the iPhone X for the friend who flirts with your girlfriend constantly, or the friend who's only interested in eating all your food, or drinking all your expensive alcohol, think again.

Besides coming up with a list of wacky gifts for these friends, we also managed to get our hands on a couple of these weird gifts. And boy were some of these gifts strange.


Check out the full list below!

Stainless Steel Banana Slicer

SGD 6.2
1. Stainless Steel Banana Slicer
For the friend who’s always flirting with your girlfriend…

Tell them to back off, in not so many words.


Middle Finger Coffee Mug

SGD 11.3
2. Middle Finger Coffee Mug
For the friend who’s not a morning person…

Let them express how they feel.


Someday by Justin Bieber

SGD 3.5

Release their Bieber fever.


Borat-esque Mankini

SGD 7.83

Even Pamela Anderson won't be able to resist him.


Nicolas Cage T-Shirt

SGD 13.78

We can't think of anything more horrific than waking up to this.


Non-Alcoholic Cabernet Sauvignon

SGD 25.00

They'll finally be able to drink and drive safely.


Extra-Long Cutlery

SGD 16
7. Extra-Long Cutlery
For the friend who always steals your food…

Maybe they'll get the hint.


Condom-Shaped Thumbdrive

SGD 7.9
8. Condom-Shaped Thumbdrive
For the friend who’s always careful…

This will make sure they play it safe... with their files, of course.

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Boyfriend Arm Pillow

SGD 11
9. Boyfriend Arm Pillow
For the friend who needs a boyfriend…

You'll be giving them a helping hand in feeling less lonely!


Potato Chip Case

SGD 8.00
10. Potato Chip Case
For the friend who loves potato chips…

Maybe they'll even use it to store actual potato chips.


Bean Boozled Jellybeans

SGD 5.1
11. Bean Boozled Jellybeans
For the friend who needs to go on a diet…

If the awful flavours here don’t put them off, nothing will.


Toilet Mini-Golf

SGD 10.40
For the golf pro friend…

This gift is sure to be a hole-in-one.


Baby Head Stress Ball

SGD 7.81
For the friend who’s a new parent…
13. Baby Head Stress Ball
For the friend who’s a new parent…

Because it's frowned-upon to squeeze an actual baby's head.


Electric Shock Pen

SGD 3.00
For the friend who never has their own pen…
14. Electric Shock Pen
For the friend who never has their own pen…

They won't be borrowing your pens any longer!


All My Friends Are Dead

SGD 18.90
For the Grandparent of the friend group...

Remind them that life's not all that bad. 

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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