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Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of October every year. During this time, people dress up in costumes, and kids go trick-or-treating from house to house in search for candies. While some may not find it to be a big deal, many enjoy Halloween as if it’s a kind of festivity.

With Halloween 2018 being just around the corner, you’ll probably already have a costume ready. But if you have not, we’ve got you covered with these Halloween costumes!

1. Children Dinosaur Jumpsuit Costume

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Dress your kids up as an adorable dinosaur this Halloween with this dinosaur jumpsuit costume. It is easy to wear and comes in soft, comfortable fabric. As it’s a jumpsuit, you won’t have to worry about the costume falling apart if your little one is hyperactive.

2. Toddler Pirate Girl

Price from SGD29.90

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Turn your little princess into a pirate with this sassy pirate girl costume. This outfit is a dress that comes with a lace top and matching striped headpiece. Add on a cardboard hook and a parrot on your toddler’s shoulder to complete the look!

3. Garden Gnome Costume For Boys

Price from SGD38.00

shopping_cart Shopee Singapore SGD38.00

A gnome costume for your mischievous little boy is sure to win any Halloween costume contest out there! This suit is made from polyester, with pullover-style elastic waist pants and boot covers. The costume also includes a gnome hat with a velcro chin strap and a fake beard. What can we say but garden gnomes for the win!

4. Halloween Pumpkin Costume

Price from SGD12.67

shopping_cart Qoo10 Singapore SGD12.67

Looking for a Halloween costume for your dogs and puppies? How about a pumpkin-designed cape? This cape is easy to put on and comfortable, ensuring that they don’t get too restless. It is extremely adorable, which defeats the purpose of being spooky on Halloween. But, what is Halloween without a cute little pumpkin?

5. Lolita Cherry Love Cute Pink Cosplay Wig

Price from SGD29.42

shopping_cart Qoo10 Singapore SGD29.42

Anime lovers and cosplayers, this one is for you. Pair this cherry pink cosplay wig with googly eyes and a pretty pout, and you’re sure to turn heads everywhere you go. Add on a pretty frock as your Halloween costume as well, and you’ll look like an anime character!

6. The Missionary Nun Series Adult Costume

Price from SGD32.79

shopping_cart Qoo10 SG SGD32.79

As ironic as this might sound, because the Conjuring’s “The Nun” was released this year, the nun and missionary are probably going to be the hottest Halloween couple costumes of 2018. Look out for make-up tutorials on how to look like Valak while your beau matches with you as a missionary.

7. Sleeveless Bodysuit with Hat - Spider-Man / Batman / Minions / Dragon Ball Goku

Price from SGD21.50

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Babies are the easiest to dress up as they pretty much look adorable in anything. Check out these cute little onesies if you’re looking to get your baby dressed up! Available in different designs, your little one can either be a minion, Batman, Spiderman or even Goku from Dragon Ball.

8. Pet Police Costume

Price from SGD5.18

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Here’s another costume for your furry friends at home. With all the fuss and high emotions during Halloween, you may need someone to keep the peace. Hence, why you should get your cat or dog this police costume outfit. It is easy to wear and comfortable for them too!

9. Sexy Mad Hatter

Price from SGD49.90

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD49.90

Throw on a little bit of sultry and a tinge of madness with this Sexy Mad Hatter outfit. Ladies, you are sure to turn heads when you strut your way through Halloween with this corseted outfit. It is perfect for themed Halloween parties as well.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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