After spending months in planning, decorating and perfecting your living room, you realize there’s one piece of furniture sticking out like a sore thumb - the television.

Fret not! In this day and age, TV cabinets come in all sorts of sizes and designs to provide storage space, good cable management and airflow space for device ventilation while still having an up to date and contemporary design to match any room scheme.

Whether you have a wall-mounted TV or a small telly, check out this list of well-designed TV cabinets that you’ll surely love.

1. Logan Extendable TV Cabinet 1.0m

Best for bedroom

Price from SGD428.00

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD428.00

Adding a TV in the bedroom is likely to take up lots of space. However, with this well-designed extendable TV cabinet, you can prevent your room from getting cramped up and even save more space. The cabinet has a tempered glass top for a sturdy yet classy finish, as well as drawers to store other devices. 

2. JIJI Kason TV Console

Best affordable TV cabinet - suitable for small living rooms

Price from SGD109.90

shopping_cart Shopee Singapore SGD109.90

One trick to making smaller rooms look bigger is through white or brighter-toned furnishings, like this JIJI Kason TV Console. Made from solid wood with a white and smooth finish, it has an elegant and chic look. It also comes with a drawer and two shelves for you to place your consoles or any other TV accessories. 

3. Cevo 6ft / 1.8m 2 Doors TV Cabinet / TV Console / TV Rack

Best with doors - suitable for living room

Price from SGD175.00

shopping_cart Shopee Singapore SGD175.00

Contemporary and sleek yet affordable, this Scandinavian-inspired TV cabinet is a perfect addition to anyone’s home. It’s built with side cupboards and four open shelves to provide ample storage space. Whether it's your TV cable box or gaming consoles, this TV cabinet has it all sorted out for you. 

4. VD7000-2 5FT Feature Wall TV Cabinet Warehouse56

Best wall mounted TV cabinet - with bookshelf

Price from SGD916.78

shopping_cart Shopee Singapore SGD916.78

To add an instant ‘oomph’ to your living room, a wall mounted TV cabinet will do the trick. This fancy TV cabinet comes with a bookshelf, two open shelves and a drawer that can hide unsightly wires, provide space for gaming consoles, TV set-up boxes and books.

5. Tera TV Console

Best with lights

Price from SGD650.00

shopping_cart Shopee Singapore SGD650.00

In the realm of TV cabinets, the Tera TV Console is not your everyday average joe. What sets this apart from other TV cabinets is the beaming strip of LED lights that will brighten up any space. The five-shelf cabinet is built with solid wood and has a black tempered glass top, so it’s sturdy enough to hold the weight of your TV.

6. TV Console Minimalist

Best with storage

Price from SGD139.00

shopping_cart Shopee Singapore SGD139.00

If you’re looking for an all-rounder, no fuss TV cabinet, this one from is the perfect candidate. The simple yet chic design adds warmth and elegance to any living space while still being practical and useful. It has lots of shelf space for you to place your TV accessories, books or decor pieces. 

7. 8FT Feature Wall TV Cabinet Warehouse56

Best for 75-inch TV - with mount

Price from SGD1,230.01

shopping_cart Shopee Singapore SGD1,230.01

If you want to wow your guests, this TV cabinet is for you. This wall mounted TV cabinet has a beautiful light oak finish and built-in lights to jazz up your living room. It has strategically placed shelves to help you hide those unsightly wires and to keep your remotes, electronic devices and other TV accessories. 

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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