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Have An Easy And Quick Breakfast With These 7 Egg-Roll Makers

Everyday will feel like fry-day!

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“No time for breakfast!” will be a long gone and forgotten excuse once you’ve gotten yourself an egg roll maker. Quick and easy to use, it’ll lighten your burden in the mornings or even when you’re simply craving for a snack.

Wiswell Egg Roll Fryer WH1101

SGD 47

10 minutes is all it takes to get from egg to egg roll. Designed with a non-stick inner coating, the cylinder body needs only 2 minutes to preheat before it is ready to go. The 360-degree cylinder design also ensures that the egg is cooked evenly from every angle. And once finish, give it a good wash with the washing brush that is included in the package. 

Pink Bunny Multifunction Portable Egg Maker

SGD 25.1

If 5 minutes is all the time that you can spare, then this one's for you. Taking only 5 minutes to prepare and cook, this is a nifty little machine that is great for homes and offices. At only 20 cm tall and 19 cm wide, it’s super space efficient and allows you to cook two egg rolls at once.

Electric Automatic Egg Roll Machine

SGD 14.57

Although the cheapest in the range of egg rollers, this machine doesn’t skip on the good stuff. Designed with a bevel port for easy pouring, crack an egg directly into the opening without worrying that’ll spill. The hollow cylinder design is also equipped with non-stick coating, so it’s fuss-free cooking.

Little Pumpkin Omelette Electric Egg Roll Maker

SGD 22.95

Why stop at just eggs? Explore and experiment with this egg roll maker that is designed to cook all sort of variations from ham and eggs to more complicated omelettes with chives and carrots. Simply let your imagination go wild and cook. Besides a cleaning brush, this set also comes with an oil stick to help coat the internal cylinder for even cooking.

Dyke Dual Egg Roll Maker

SGD 34

Especially great for couples, the Dyke egg roll maker has two compartments for cooking. So, you can cook both of your egg rolls together. And when it comes to cleaning, neither of you will hate it either, as this machine has detachable cylinders for easy access. 

Home Kitchen Egg Roll Maker

SGD 188.46

Perfect for families, this 10-piece egg roller will make sure nobody gets left waiting at the breakfast table while everyone else eats. Made to withstand use and time, the shell is made of stainless steel with a 6-switch panel armed with a waterproof cover on the side. The anti-heating handle lets you maneuver and grip the machine while in use for easy functionality. Besides the home, this machine is also great for small scale commercial use.

Neoflam De-Chef Square Egg Pan

SGD 40.25

There’s nothing like eggs sticking to the pan to ruin your mood and that perfect roll. With this pan though, you won’t ever. This cast aluminium pan is well coated with Neoflam’s X-Trema Primer coating that goes up to 6 ply to ensure smooth non-stick surfaces. 

Weighing only a little more than half a kilogram, this light weight pan is designed with a slight curve for easy rolling with an anti-slip handle. The package also includes a tempered glass lid for a complete cooking experience. 

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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