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8 Kitchen Knives Every Good Home Must Have

A good knife makes kitchen life better.

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One of the essential tools in any home is a kitchen knife. In fact, it can even be said that a good knife has a thousand and one uses. That's because it does - from preparing your meat cuts to opening canned goods. But with so many knives available to buy on the market, it can be frustrating to select which is the best one for you. Luckily, we've listed the top eight knives available online!

Chef's Multipurpose SUS304

SGD 25.5
Best stainless steel kitchen knife

First on our list is a one-piece stainless-steel knife, the Chef's Multipurpose SUS304. This 12-inch knife is fully stainless from end to point. It's an ideal knife for cutting just about anything except for bony meat. As it's a stainless steel blade, it's durable and will last years without having the slightest rust. The only downside is that it takes more time to sharpen than carbon knives.

Fiskars Function Form Pairing Knife

SGD 23
Best kitchen knife for cutting vegetables

Peeling and chopping vegetables and fruits can be done efficiently with the right knife, which is a pairing knife. The best one available is the Fiskars Function Form Pairing Knife. It has a 4-inch blade with a handle of the same length. Sharp, lightweight, and with a soft-grip handle, it ensures that you don't accidentally drop it while peeling or slicing an apple.

Poo Lee Stainless Steel Japanese Knife

SGD 17.9
Best kitchen knife with wooden handle

Wooden-handle knives provide a firm, warm grip. They’re also more aesthetically pleasing than knives with plastic or metal handles. If you want a knife with a durable handle, the Poo Lee Stainless Steel Japanese Knife is for you. It’s sturdy, has a solid build and is made in Japan, assuring you excellent quality.

Joseph Joseph 10144

SGD 39.9
Best kitchen knife with sheath - suitable for camping
4. Joseph Joseph 10144
Best kitchen knife with sheath - suitable for camping

If you need a kitchen knife that is reliable and ideal for camping, the Joseph Joseph 10144 is for you. This knife comes along with a sheath, making it portable. The best part about the sheath is that it has a built-in quick sharpener. Not only can you safely bring this knife around, you can also easily sharpen its blade without needing to carry a sharpening tool. Plus, it also serves as extra protection for storing your knife to keep it clean and rust-free.

Fiskars Small Cooks Knife  

SGD 50
Best kitchen knife for small hands

People with smaller hands might find the Fiskars Small Cooks Knife handy to use. This knife has a 4.7-inch blade, but with a 4-inch handle. The handle is slimmer than most knives, making it easier for those with shorter fingers to get a firm grip. It is sharp, durable, and can take on almost any cutting task.

Chef's Professional Kitchen Meat Knife

SGD 18
Best kitchen knife for cutting/slicing meat

If you need a reliable knife for slicing and cutting meat, the Chef's Professional Kitchen Meat Knife is for you. This knife is a combination of stainless steel and carbon, making it durable but soft enough to sharpen easily. Its long profile and wide width makes it ideal to use on meat as it adds enough weight to cut tough meat quickly and effortlessly.

Tramontina 8" Chef's Knife

Best kitchen knife for the money - suitable for everyday use
7. Tramontina 8" Chef's Knife
Best kitchen knife for the money - suitable for everyday use

If you need a knife because you have none at home, a good start that is both versatile and reliable for any cutting task is the Tramontina 8" Chef's Knife. An 8-inch knife, it has a durable stainless steel blade, a plastic handle and an incredibly low price - pretty much great for almost any use.

Vesta Bunka Knife

SGD 11.5
Best kitchen knife for arthritis
8. Vesta Bunka Knife
Best kitchen knife for arthritis

If you have joint pain or arthritis, some knives won't work well with you, but the Vesta Bunka Knife just might! It’s a 7-inch knife with a super ergonomic handle to provide you with a stable, excellent and natural grip. It also has a carbon blade, allowing you to easily sharpen the knife without requiring too much force.

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