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10 Best Induction Cookers For All Your Hot Pot, Stew Parties & More

Cooking everything that you’ve ever wanted.

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Space and energy saving induction cookers are getting more and more popular among working adults who prioritise efficiency. On top of their quick and precise cooking, induction cookers are also a much safer alternative to regular gas cooktops. 

But where do you start when there are so many models available on the market to choose from? Fret not as our list below rounds up the top ten models to satisfy all your cooking requirements.  

How does an induction cooker work?

Induction cooker works by heating up pots and pans through electrical induction instead of thermal conduction. These cookers offer a much more efficient method of cooking as heat comes from within the pan instead of being outsourced like using flame or electric current for a stove top. 

Do make sure that your cookware is made up of ferromagnetic metals such as cast iron or stainless steel for an induction cooker to work.

Cornell CICSM2108A Induction Cooker

SGD 67.9

The Cornell Induction Cooker features 4-in-1 easy cooking functions to bring variety and cooking convenience to every household. With micro-computer control and a clear LED display to adjust power and temperature, you can stir fry, boil soup, make stew and even host fun steamboat parties with this do-it-all induction cooker.

Rommelsbacher CT 2010 Induction Cooker

SGD 109
add_circle Good sensitive sensors with soft touch control
add_circle Power and temperature control ensures better cooking
add_circle Smooth easy to clean surface
add_circle Automatic pot recognition
remove_circle Not suitable for use with larger pans
remove_circle No booster function
remove_circle No child lock

Rommerlsbacher’s CT 2010 Induction Cooker comes with a glass ceramic surface to offer customers carefree and comfortable enjoyment when cooking your favourite meals. The automatic switch-off function and residual heat indicator makes this cooker extremely safe to use. It’s the perfect addition to any apartment kitchen which helps you save energy, time, and money.

PowerPac Induction Cooker Steamboat (PPIC848)

SGD 45.9

Frequently visit HaiDiLao or City Hot Pot? Why not host your own hot pot session with PowerPac’s induction cooker. This no-fuss induction cooker features preset cooking programs and timer for fast and easy cooking. The cooker comes with multiple self-detection and safety protection so you’ll never have to worry about safety in the kitchen anymore.

Tecno TIC 2100 Ultra Slim Portable Induction Cooker

SGD 129.00
add_circle Slim design makes for easy portability
add_circle 10 cooking programs and 6 preset time functions
add_circle Child lock function
remove_circle Not suitable for use with larger pans
remove_circle No booster function

Tecno TIC 2100 Induction cooker is a versatile and powerful tool that makes for a great addition to any kitchen. This petite induction cooker has a slim silhouette for easy portability. With 10 cooking programs and 6 preset time functions, you get to cook rice, milk, soup, water, and steam fish more efficiently anywhere, anytime.

Electrolux EHH6332FOK 60cm Built-in Induction Hob

SGD 2099.99

With instantaneous and precise heat control, Electrolux’s easy-to-use Induction Hob makes whipping up a family meal a total breeze. This cooktop comes with three cooking zones so you can cook multiple dishes at the same time. It also features a cool touch surface and residual heat indicators work to keep kitchen safety a top priority.

Mistral Induction Cooker MIC314

SGD 49.9

This well-priced induction cooker has 10 levels of temperature that heats up evenly, so you do not need to stir often. Mistral’s multifunctional induction cooker is also equipped with 5 cooking functions for you to seamlessly switch between boiling water, soup, steaming, stir fry, and hot pot with a single touch.

Cornell Ceramic Induction Cooker CCC-E2000

SGD 74.9

Designed with black crystallite glass, this ceramic induction cooker works on any stainless steel, glass pot and ceramic cookware! The touch sensor control on Cornell’s cooker allows you to control temperatures up to 240 degrees Celsius so you’ll never have to worry that the cooker is not hot enough for your meals again. 

Woodles Portable Induction Cooker

SGD 39.9

Bring your cooking outdoors with Woodles Induction Cooker. This cooker features a lightweight and minimalistic design to make it easy for you to take anywhere that has an electrical access. With 8 preset cooking function, Woodle’s induction cooker lets you cook full meals efficiently even when you’re far away from home.

Rosewill 1800 Watt Induction Cooker Cooktop

SGD 285.27

Rosewill’s energy-efficient induction cooker lets you cook with the power of a magnetic field. The induction cooker quickly heats up the pot to help you reduce cooking time and energy. With 8 different power levels and temperature settings, Rosewill’s functional cooker lets you brew for hours without any need for monitoring.

Philips Daily Collection Induction Cooker 2000 Watts - HD4921/62

SGD 69.00

Philips’ induction cooker is engineered with Intelligent Frequency Conversion to shorten cooking time while retaining nutritional benefits in all your meals. Designed with a premium halo plate glass panel, this portable induction cooker is scratch and waterproof so you can enjoy a carefree cooking experience even when you travel.  

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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