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8 Best Book Lamps for a Good Night’s Read

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Remember when we had to hold a torchlight under the blanket to complete the book we were so engrossed in? Time and technology has evolved since then, giving us something we now call a book light.

Book lights are like desk lamps in terms of function, but they are portable, smaller and designed specifically for ease in reading. Kindle or e-book readers need not be disappointed because there are book lights for you too. Check them out!

2 Dual Flexible Arms 4 LED Clip-On Light

SGD 14

Reading in the dark just got more convenient with this 2 Dual Flexible Arms Clip-on Light Lamp. This light features 4 white LED bulbs and comes with 2 adjustable goosenecks which you clip on to your book or position next to your tablet. You also have the option to power the light using a USB cable or batteries.

Flexible Led Clip On Reading Book Light

SGD 5.70

This reading book light is a sturdy clip on that is perfect for your Kindle. It is compact, portable and can be stored easily as you can tuck the head of the lamp any way you want and the arm of the light is adjustable. It has two brightness settings and it is conveniently powered by 3 AAA batteries.

Portable Book Light Panel

SGD 9.9
Best portable book light

Reading just got travel-easy and super cool with this portable book light panel. All you need to do is place the panel on top of the page you are reading and it lights up enough for you to read easily without bothering people around you. This light is also lightweight and battery-operated, ensuring that you won’t have to worry about stray wires.

Rolson 60757 LED Book Clip Light

SGD 7.90
Best book light for paperbacks

There is a level of delicate care that is required for paperbacks, and this Rolson 60757 LED Book Clip Light handles all paperback novels with care. The feature that stands out most with this light is its ability to stand up to 100,000 hours in total. Plus, the head of the lamp is adjustable and great if you don’t want to bother people around you.

LED Book Light

SGD 13
Best brightest book light

This neck light is perfect for readers who prefer to hold their book with both hands. Simply bend the light over your neck and aim the LED light towards your book.

It has 4 modes to control brightness for your convenience and features one wide-angle LED light on one end, and a one-spot LED on the other. Powered by 2 AAA batteries, it provides up to 40 hours of long-term energy.

Mini LED Clip On Adjustable Reading Light

SGD 1001

If you are in search of a book light that is tiny and pocket-friendly, this mini LED clip on reading light is the one for you. These cute book lights are bright enough and adjustable. It is also quite straightforward in terms of usage, and the light spreads evenly, avoiding hotspots.

Eye-Protect Touch Control Ultraslim Lamp

SGD 29.9

Reading in the dark can be detrimental for your eyes. Hence, the need for a lamp or light that is designed to be easy on the eyes. This Eye-Protect Touch Control Ultraslim Lamp will be great for night reading. It is best used on a desk or as a bedside reading lamp.

Mini LED Clip On Book Light

SGD 3.9
Best to not disturb partners

To avoid cranky sleeping partners from waking up during your night read, try this mini LED clip on book light. You can adjust the light’s angle to focus away from your partner. Besides that, it is bright and durable, and does not consume much power.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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