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7 Laundry Bags for Easy and Hassle-free Laundry Time

Make laundry time less frustrating and more manageable.

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Some people find that doing laundry can be quite a therapeutic experience. However, it may not seem as such for most of us. Most of us probably can relate to the frustration of losing a sock or spending unnecessary time untangling intertwined clothes. However, a bit of organizing and the correct use of laundry bags can do a great deal in making laundry time more manageable and less frustrating. While it is still your responsibility to organize, we have selected 7 laundry bags to make laundry time a more therapeutic experience.

Cylindrical Washing Net

SGD 4.50
Laundry net for socks
1. Cylindrical Washing Net
Best laundry net for socks
Updated on 25th December 2018

Ideal for storing socks, this cylindrical washing net will ensure you will never lose another sock. Sized at roughly 16 x 15 centimeters, this washing net is tiny and convenient. It can also be used to help protect fine garments and delicates from snags and tears while in the washing machine.

HOUZE - Mesh Laundry Bag

SGD 3.90
Zippered mesh laundry bag
2. HOUZE - Mesh Laundry Bag
Zippered mesh laundry bag
Updated on 25th December 2018

You need not worry about clothes slipping out with this zippered mesh laundry bag. It has a zip fastening for easy access and closure. Plus, there’s also an elastic protector band at the zipper head so your clothes will not be affected. It is suitable for both washer and dryer.  

Oblong Laundry Washing Net

SGD 9.9
Large laundry bag
3. Oblong Laundry Washing Net
Best large laundry bag
Updated on 11th August 2020

Sized at approximately 55 x 32 x 29cm, this laundry net is ideal for large capacity washing. You can store your delicate clothing to some of your finer garments and you will be guaranteed that their quality is preserved. The best part is you will not have to do multiple batches of laundry anymore.

Fine Mesh Laundry Bag 30cm*40cm

SGD 2.19
Cheap laundry nets
4. Fine Mesh Laundry Bag 30cm*40cm
Cheap laundry net
Updated on 25th December 2018

This is perhaps the cheapest laundry net you will ever find with this quality. This fine mesh laundry bag will prevent clothes from rolling and damage while in the washing machine. For maximum potential, try using smaller apparels which will be ideal for its size of 30cm x 40cm.

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