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The idea of a Smart Home is very doable in today's day of age. Almost all big and small appliances such as your TV, fridge, air conditioners and even lights can come in-built with WiFi, whereby you can control with apps on your smartphones. For the not-so-smart appliances, there’s always Google Chromecast.

So, if you want to turn your home into a smart one, check out these best modern home appliances that you can start with:

best smart home devices water heater

It's funny how we live in a tropical country (with no cold seasons) and we'd still want to shower with a comfortable, warm-hot bath! For those of you who hate waiting for your bath to get warmer, should consider this smart water heater. 

This device lets you track not only how much water you've used, but also how much electricity as well as the exact temperature of your bath. It features a touch interface that lets you set as well as limit the water temperature. As it contains a double element, you heat up water much faster without spending too much electricity. Moreover, the stainless steel built allows for a longer-lasting water heater!

Smart TVs are awesome; you get the best of both cable and internet entertainment. Well, the Sony A8G OLED TV, in particular, offers a slew of connectivity options for our convenience and delight. It has four HDMI 2.0 ports, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports, LAN Ethernet port, RF input, optical audio output and a custom Android 8.0 operating system.

With built-in Dolby Vision HDR and OLED display, enjoy crystal clear screen display with an outstanding colour gamut and deep black levels that just makes everything pop like it's live right in front of you. Love binging on Netflix in the dark? This TV is the one for you!

Live the posh life with this LG Side By Side smart refrigerator that has an InstaView Door-In-Door mirrored glass panel to give you a quick ‘preview’ of what’s inside. Just activate the illuminating glass panel by giving two simple knocks. With this unique feature, it helps to reduce the need to open the door all the time which leads to cold air loss and shortening freshness of foods.

Of course, there’s a built-in inverter to reduce energy consumption, and an air filter to prevent bacteria build-up as well as rid unpleasant odours. Coming with the Smart ThinQ feature, you can install a dedicated app on your phone to remotely adjust its temperature settings. The app also lets you perform a system diagnosis that details the fridge's overall operational status. 

Daikin iSmile Series - System 3

It's common knowledge that air conditioners are one of the most electricity-hungry devices in our home, and are also one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gasses which depletes the earth's ozone layer. 

Not only does it have a sophisticated inverter to lower energy consumption, but it's also smart as well. Through its dedicated mobile app, you can analyse and control the air in your home such as humidity, purify the air by removing harmful fine particles and activate the aircon when you're away from home too.

Cleaning with a corded vacuum cleaner can be pretty annoying. Thankfully, the wireless Dyson’s V11 Absolute has a built-in battery pack that forgoes the power cord for greater manoeuvrability. This means it's easier and way faster to clean your home without needing to plug and unplug the cleaner!

Although seemingly smaller than a corded vacuum cleaner, this powerful device has three cleaning modes: Auto, Boost or Eco, for easy and spotless cleaning. Emptying dirt is also straightforward and mess-free as the cleaner has a ‘point and shoot’ bin system. Also, it has a simple LCD display that details its status such as maintenance info and remaining battery run time. 

Got a not-so-smart TV but you just can't part with your Netflix? Why not cast your favourite movies from your phone to the big screen via Google Chromecast 3? Just plug the device into your TV via the HDMI port, set up your phone, then have your phone be the remote control after. You can still use your phone without disrupting the film, and enjoy Chromecast even if you are an Android, iOS or Windows user.

Have fun with your lights too when you install the Philips Hue Starter Kit in your home. These lights provide beautifully saturated and accurate colours, and there's sure to be one colour that'll suit the ambience of your space.

With a third-party system integration option, control the lights using voice assistants as well as adjust the brightness. With over 16 million colours to choose from, configure the best atmosphere of your rooms or to suit specific routines like when you’re studying or resting.

Locked with a slew of safety features, the Nest Hello Video Doorbell will protect you from intruders with its HDR camera that produces absolutely clear and crisp visuals for day and night video recordings.  

They say that biometric-support for locks are best, and the Google doorbell has it. With Face Detection algorithm that learns and recognises the faces of frequent visitors, you can walk in without needing to search for your keys. Busy in the kitchen or elsewhere? Notifications can be enabled to announce the names of the person when they drop by. There’s even a built-in microphone for two-way audio conservations with whoever's at the door.

Additionally, the doorbell sports a compact dimension to fit even the narrowest of door frames. Moreover, the doorbell is built to last thanks to its durable hardware. 

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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