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Bet You Didn't Know - 12 Alcohol Delivery Services in Singapore To Call for Your Next Party!

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

We might be practising social distancing and self-isolation at home, but that doesnt mean we cant quench our boozy thirst. Luckily, delivery services today can bring you pizzas, groceries and even a nice bottle of wine right at your doorstep. 

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If youre stuck indoors and cant leave the house, fret not! Here we have listed some of the best alcohol delivery sites that will bring the bottles to you.

Wines Online Singapore

  • Best overall alcohol delivery

  • Shipping fee from SGD 15 | Free for orders above SGD 300

Whining for more wine? Dont worry, Wines Online Singapore can have your favourite bottles delivered quickly and safely in your hands. 

Instead of using third party delivery agents, Wines Online uses their very own refrigerated trucks to ensure your fine bottle of wine does not suffer from heat damage from Singapores hot weather. Besides wine, the store also sells spirits and glasswares.


Alcohol Delivery Singapore

  • Best for chilled & late night alcohol deliveries

  • Shipping rates from SGD 10 | Free for orders above SGD 100

Whether youre throwing a surprise party or hosting a last-minute house party, you can always count on Alcohol Delivery Singapore to tackle your boozy needs. It provides on-demand, express delivery services, which means your bottles will arrive at your doorstep in under an hour. 



  • Best for social events

  • Shipping rates from SGD 10 | Free for orders above SGD 100

Alcohaul is your one-stop solution for all things boozy. Not only does the alcohol delivery site provide hassle-free home delivery services, but they also provide alcohol catering and event planning for your next big day. This includes corporate events, weddings, beach parties or store launches. They also provide discount rates for advanced bulk orders! 


Prime Liquor

  • Fastest delivery

  • Flat rate shipping fee of SGD 8 | Free for orders above SGD 100

Ran out of alcohol in the middle of your party? Dont worry, Prime Liquor has got your back! In just 45 minutes, Prime Liquor will have your favourite bottles delivered right at your door. The website offers a fine selection of wines and spirits. Alternatively, you can get their alcohol bundles for when you want to turn it up!  


Paneco Singapore

  • With wide selection of alcohol

  • Free next-day alcohol delivery except for wine (surcharge of SGD 8)

  • Same day delivery rates from SGD 5 

Youll be spoiled for choice at Paneco Singapore with their wide selections of wines, spirits and beer. With the bundle packs and free shipping for advanced orders, you surely cant beat the price. They also provide same-day, express delivery service with affordable rates starting from SGD 5. 


Ring To Drink

  • Best 24 hours alcohol delivery service

  • Shipping fee from SGD 5

You can now satisfy your alcoholic cravings right at the comfort of your own home with Ring To Drink! From vodka to champagne to wine, Ring To Drink can have your boozy order delivered in less than an hour. The website also offers value alcohol bundles to help kickstart your house party. 



  • Best alcohol delivery with daily discounts

  • Shipping fees from SGD 12 | Free for orders above SGD 150

  • For express delivery, fees are SGD 24 nett 

Do we ever need a special occasion to drink? Every day is a celebration with Cellarbration! Whether youre going for express or next-day delivery, you can score daily cheap deals on wines, spirits, beer and more. The best part? You can get an extra 10% off your order if you join their lifetime free membership!



  • Best for premium alcohol 

  • Flat shipping fee rate of SGD 7 | Free for orders above SGD 100

When it comes to quality and authenticity, you cant beat Asher. Being one of the oldest alcohol distributors in Singapore, the website offers only local and authentic alcoholic goods. You can choose to self-collect your order at their office or opt for their delivery service with a flat rate charge of SGD 7. 


6DM Singapore

  • Best alcohol delivery for draught beer

  • Shipping fee from SGD 25 | Free for orders above SGD 300

Crack open a cold one with your pals, or even better, call 6DM Singapore to throw you and your friends a keg party! The beer distribution company is what you need to satisfy your beer urges. Not a big fan of beer? Dont worry, 6DM also offers a selection of wines and spirits for those bubbly-free booze cravings. 


The Liquor Bar

  • Best alcohol delivery with Japanese selection

  • Shipping fees from SGD 10 | Free for orders above SGD 300

Whats your poison? Just browse through The Liquor Bars website to take your pick. With a wide selection and variety of bottles, this website covers all of your alcoholic needs. Go for your favourite bottle of whisky, or try something new and adventurous from their Japanese sake selections. 



  • Best alcohol delivery for wine

  • Shipping fee from SGD 16, free shipping for orders over SGD 75

If you enjoy wining and dining at home, Wanderwine will be your new best friend. The website offers a large range of wine all from around the world. Its wine offerings are carefully selected and curated by their very own sommeliers to ensure you get the perfect pairing. 


The Liquor Shop

  • Best alcohol delivery with biggest selection

  • SGD 10 shipping fee | Free for orders above SGD 100

The Liquor Shop is one of the biggest online alcohol delivery sites in Singapore. Whether youre craving for a glass of bubbly or a shot of Tequila, The Liquor Shop can quench all of your alcoholic cravings. The website also provides free islandwide shipping for orders above SGD 100. 

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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