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Wake Up To The Perfect Cuppa with these 6 Rich 3-in-1 Coffee Options

Caffeine forever, please!

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Nothing beats having a cup of coffee to brighten up your mornings. Studies have shown that drinking coffee offers various aspects of health benefits. In fact, it is jam-packed with nutrients and antioxidants. For some instantaneous goodness, opt for instant coffee instead so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of preparing your beverage. Perhaps, after reading this, you may want to consider switching your other caffeine options (e.g.tea) to coffee altogether.

NESCAFE 25% Less Sugar 3-in-1 Instant Coffee

SGD 6.15

Nescafe’s Instant Coffee is made with premium quality Robusta coffee beans, giving it a light yet powerful flavour. With a 25% reduction in sugar, this coffee is less sweeter than regular 3-in-1 while still retaining its full flavour. If you’re someone who regularly drinks more than one cup on a daily basis, opt for this as a healthier alternative to ensure you consume less sugar. 

Super Low Fat Less Sugar 3-in-1 Instant Coffee

SGD 5.45

For those who are counting their calories; try Super's Low Fat Less Sugar 3-in-1 Instant Coffee. This coffee maintains a flavourful, roasted coffee without being too mild in strength. The key to that is by blending it with high-quality, non-dairy creamer and reduced sugar (by 30% less) for that perfect ratio. That results in a cuppa that's just 72kcal.

NESCAFE Original 3-in-1 Instant Coffee

SGD 5.97

When you have a hangover, it’s common if the first thing that crosses your mind is to look for a quick relief. Reaching out for a cup of coffee seems to be an ideal option. However, it is best to try with a small amount in the morning to avoid worsening the hangover. Every sip of Nescafe’s Original 3-in-1 brings out a comforting tinge of bitterness which may just help to ease your headache. 

Super 3-in-1 Instant Charcoal Roasted White Coffee

SGD 6.50

We love our white coffee, strong and roasted! If you're like us, we can't recommend Super's Charcoal Roasted White Coffee enough! It has got a sweet balance between coffee strength and milk taste. This premix reminds us of Cafe21's Original Coffeemix, but more robust!

Kopiko LA White Low Acid Coffee

SGD 22.99
5. Kopiko LA White Low Acid Coffee
Best coffee with low acid, for acid reflux
Added on 30th May 2020

The best way to avoid acid reflux or heartburn in your tummy from drinking coffee? Have one with low acid! Kopiko's LA White Coffee premix is one of the very few brands available here that contains low acid without sacrificing taste. People do say that it's slightly bitter than some other LA coffees. 

Coffee Trung Nguyen Premium G7

Trung Nguyen
6. Coffee Trung Nguyen Premium G7
Best Vietnamese coffee
Added on 30th May 2020

If you’ve never tasted Trung Nguyen Premium G7 coffee before, then it is high time you do so. This premium coffee is made from coffee beans harvested from the highlands of Central Vietnam. It is also slightly different compared to regular coffee as it has a richer and full-bodied flavour. Try it to know the goodness of Trung Nguyen’s dry roasted G7 instant coffee! 

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