Our feet are the reason we can go from here to there – basically anywhere. And because of that, they deserve more recognition and appreciation. But if you’re an athlete, a runner to be precise, you’ll need a lot more than that.

Your feet should have something that can take the beating, endure the rough road, and keep them in mint condition at all times. What you’re looking for are running shoes. Whether you’re here to compete or just to have a casual jog in the morning, there’s one for you on this list.

1. Reebok Sublite XT

Best affordable running shoes with wide toe box for everyday gym training and treadmill runs 

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There’s nothing more straightforward that packs a lot of comfort on this list than the Reebok Sublite XT. It’s made for running and every other exercise you can think of. But the thing we like most about it is its toe box, fully cushioned and breathable.  

The Sublite XT appearance is, however, a bit generic and adds about an inch to your height. But the function it provides is superb. Using this pair of shoes for long runs doesn't seem to drain as much energy when compared to other shoes due to its smart cushioning design.

In a nutshell, the first product on our list is likely for everyone. Professional athlete or not, wearing one of these will improve your performance in and out of the gym. And the best part is you’re not going to break the bank.

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2. ASICS Gel-Kayano 23

Best for runners with high arches and overpronation – helps with arch pain

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As a quick intro, for people who’re not familiar with pronation, it means you tend to roll your foot inward when you run or walk. The ASICS Gel-Kayano 23 is designed to fix this concern and provide you more stability. This feature allows you to lessen the chances of a foot injury, which is common for people who pronate.

The only thing that might turn you off is its heel slips quite a bit, notably during your first few uses. However, as time goes by and as your foot fits better, the problem goes away. This pair of Gel-Kayano is ideal for long runs due to its powerful impact absorption.

For around SGD 200.00, you’re saving yourself from foot pain and injury. If you’re going to buy this pair, you’re saying goodbye to overpronation and hello to balance. The more comfortable you are running, the farther you’re going to get.

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3. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34

Best for people with narrow feet that’s lightweight – for endurance training

Price from SGD134.25

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Third on our list is one of the most popular products in the market, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34. Coming from a world-renowned and trusted sports brand, it comes with a lot of great features everyone can appreciate.

First of all, it's super lightweight. It doesn't stress your legs when lifting your foot, which is common when sprinting. And, surprisingly, even if its paperweight, it has a tight heel grip so you'll never experience any heel slippage. The Pegasus 34 is ideal for narrow-footed individuals.

There are only two things we find a bit of the downside about it. One, it has poor aesthetics, even though it is minimalistic, it lacks character. And two, the shoelace sometimes slips, so you'll have to double knot to keep it secure. But for only SGD 134.00, you're getting a ton of benefits, making it a worthwhile buy.

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4. New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v3

Best for beginners and people with wide feet – also eases back pain

Price from SGD84.50

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New Balance is one of the oldest brands on Earth, over a hundred years of making shoes. And one of the best things about them is they care about the everyday consumer. That’s why they keep things reasonably priced without compromising quality.

Fresh Foam Zante v3 is a shoe that excels a bit in everything. It has decent comfort, soft and breathable upper, and a durable base. We also like the fact that it's spacious inside, making it easy for anyone with a wide foot.

For just around SGD 120.00, you're getting a pair that can provide you a satisfying running experience. However, it's not a shoe we'd recommend for running long distances. Its base is quite dense, so the longer you run, the impact becomes a bit more stressful. Nonetheless, it's still a great bang for your buck.   

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5. Nike Lunarepic Low Flyknit  

Best for those with normal arch – good for walking, perfect for asphalt roads

Price from SGD167.30

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Next one on our list is, hands down, the best pair of shoes when it comes to aesthetics, the Nike Lunarepic Low Flyknit. It’s stylish enough that you can proudly wear them anywhere, even if you’re not into sports. Plus, it’s super comfortable that you’ll be happy putting them on your feet all day long.

The Lunarepic is a running shoe that’s best on asphalt roads and worst on dirt or gravel. That’s because it has a peculiarly flat yet shock absorbent base. That means when you step on uneven surfaces or sharp rocks, you might feel a lot of discomfort on impact. Furthermore, tiny objects often get stuck due to its design.

Overall, it’s more of an all-purpose shoe. You can wear it on almost any occasion. And you can, of course, use it for running and other sports activities. Although it’s not going to give you a nice experience if you choose to run on dirt, it’s still an excellent purchase.


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6. Puma Ignite Evoknit Lo Hypernature

Best for hiking on dirt trails & gravel roads - good grip and impact protection

Price from SGD137.40

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When it comes to a pair of shoes you can confidently run on rough terrains, the Puma Ignite Evoknit Hypernature is the best of the bunch. It's durable, breathable, has a reliable grip, and a bouncy base for energy return.  

What we like the most about it is its springy-like base that protects your feet from impact. And it also reduces energy output, which is essential when running off-road. Moreover, you'll be guaranteed that it will never go off your feet due to its belt strap for additional support.

Now, although it already sounds charming enough, there are still a few flaws. First of all, it's quite clunky due to its strap and plastic back. Second, it's quite pricey and not as comfortable as most of the shoes on this list. If you love to run on a more adventurously challenging terrain, this pair of shoes is for you.

7. New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz

Best with elevated heel design for Achilles tendonitis and bad knees

Price from SGD149.00

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If you’re having a hard time running because you often injure your Achilles tendon, we have the perfect pair for you, New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz. It's designed to support and enclose your ankle and heel gently without compromising grip. Thus, it'll reduce the chances of injury or tendon pain when running.

Another secret to its success in reducing Achilles tendonitis is its super soft insoles. It feels like running on cotton as it absorbs a lot of force on impact. And if you like shoes that can add a bit of height, it does have a significant one-inch base that'll boost you up.

The Fresh Foam Cruz is also one of the few running shoes on this list that can be used as your casual footwear. The only concern that might turn you off is that it doesn't have enough traction for its price. 

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8. Under Armour Micro G Fuel

Best for people with flat feet and plantar fasciitis – great for CrossFit

Price from SGD117.90

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Under Armour is a brand that's known for their robust products, and here’s one of them that’s a sure keeper, the Micro G Fuel. What we like most about this pair is it has a very neutral pronation, similar to Nike’s Lunarepic. So it’s best for people with flat feet.

This shoe's cushion is very soft but not too soft that’ll make you feel its base or outsole. So it’s an ideal pair for anyone dealing with plantar fasciitis, which is also common for people with flat feet. It’s a great choice for people who CrossFit, too.

Perhaps, the only thing we don’t find good about it is its design. It’s too sporty when it comes to aesthetic, which makes it look a bit out of place when wearing casual clothes. In short, it’d be best to wear it only when you’re working out or you love sporty attire.

9. Adidas Pureboost

Best for people with low arches causing underpronation and shin splints

Price from SGD200.00

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One of the most popular shoe brands, Adidas, provides you the Superboost. It's made for performance and lifestyle. This pair functions as a powerful tool to speed up your running without losing style points. It's quite as classy as the Lunarepic but leaning more towards an everyday shoe design.

The first thing we like about it is it gives you this extra energy to pump those legs into action. Although not as powerful as the next product on our list when it comes to performance, it will still satisfy you. And the second thing we like is, thanks to its low arch design, it helps fix underpronation and shin splints.

Like most of the shoes, however, nothing is perfect. We do get quite annoyed by its wide base and the fact that its insoles are a bit hard. But it's more or less preference. Overall, it's an elegant shoe that enhances your speed and fashion.

10. ASICS Gel-Quantum 360 Shift

Best for long distance & marathons – good durability with removable insoles

Price from SGD173.40

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Last on our list is intended for those who are dead serious about running. If you run to compete, or you want a shoe that can last for years, the ASICS Gel-Quantum 360 Shift is your best choice. There is nothing more durable yet comfortable on this list than this pair of shoes.

First of all, it’s designed to enhance your running by building a forward momentum on every stride. This feature allows you to have a consistent pace, which allows you to endure longer runs such as marathons. Secondly, it has a premium rubber base with high-tech midsole gel for extra impact protection and energy output reduction.

The Gel-Quantum 360 Shift also has a very breathable upper keeping your feet dry with a heel clutch to avoid slippage. Plus, you can remove the insole and get a replacement when you feel it has worn out. Although it is expensive, it’s worth the purchase as it will significantly improve your running experience a lot.


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