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Dare to Explore the Depths with These 10 Waterproof Watches

Getting soaked won't stop you from telling time.

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Having a waterproof watch with you is always crucial, no matter what watersports you love doing. Telling time aside, you can track your steps, and record your daily achievements. That being said, you'll need a watch that's durable, able to resist high under water pressure and also comes with numerous functions. Check out these chronometer watches that will suit your needs.

SMAEL Men's Digital Military Sport Watch

SGD 15
1. SMAEL Men's Digital Military Sport Watch
Best cheap men’s waterproof watch under SGD 20.00
Updated on 27th March 2019

Low on cash is never going to be an excuse for not being able to own a watch. For less than SGD 20.00, you can have this decent digital timepiece that can resist depths of up to 50 meters. The SMAEL Men's Digital Military Sport Watch has eight colours to choose from that will suit your style better.

Citizen Promaster Dive Watch NH8381-12L

SGD 163
2. Citizen Promaster Dive Watch NH8381-12L
Best waterproof watch for swimming or surfing
Updated on 27th March 2019

Citizen Promaster Dive Watch NH8381-12L can withstand even the roughest water conditions. This watch's case is made of stainless steel paired with a durable synthetic rubber strap. It's also rated with 10 bars, which means you can dive up to a hundred meters underwater.

Seiko Prospex SRPC91K1

SGD 478.5
3. Seiko Prospex SRPC91K1
Best men's 200m waterproof watch
Updated on 27th March 2019

If you want to give scuba diving a try and still want to own a gorgeous watch, then the Seiko Prospex SRPC91K1 is for you. For starters, this watch can take you from sporty to formal easily. It's robust, has a stainless steel body, a Hardlex glass, and a silicone band.

You'll also appreciate the watch's stylish deep navy blue display. Aside from that, it has the Seiko's trademark unidirectional rotating bezel for divers to measure their diving time quickly.

Timex Tide Temp Compass Watch T2P140

SGD 172
4. Timex Tide Temp Compass Watch T2P140
Best waterproof watch with compass
Updated on 27th March 2019

Having a waterproof watch that can go as deep as 100 meters underwater is a feat on its own but adding a compass to it is a whole new level. The Timex Tide Temp Compass Watch T2P140 is one of the best-looking watches with those features. With its black stainless body, clasp, and intricate display, you're sure to stand out from the crowd.

Seiko 5 SRPB23J1

SGD 224
5. Seiko 5 SRPB23J1
Best waterproof outdoor watch
Updated on 27th March 2019

The Seiko 5 SRPB23J1 is the perfect timepiece if you're one who leads a life full of adventure. It's comfortable on your wrist with the premium nylon strap that's gentle on your skin even when it's wet. Moreover, this watch has a classic design, so even when you're in your casual wear, it'll fit you well.

Nixon Corporal SS

SGD 150
6. Nixon Corporal SS
Best waterproof watch for the beach
Updated on 27th March 2019

Nixon Corporal SS has a minimal design, but will still stand out on your wrist. It can resist water of up to 100 metres and comes with a full stainless steel body and bracelet. This timepiece is a casual, fashionable watch that blends well with any style.

Garmin VivoActive 3

SGD 385
7. Garmin VivoActive 3
Best waterproof digital watch with GPS
Updated on 31st January 2020

If you want a waterproof timepiece that's high tech, then the Garmin VivoActive 3 is for you. It's made with a lot of built-in sensors to track your heart rate, steps taken, and even your sleeping pattern. A GPS is also integrated into this timepiece so you can accurately pinpoint your location and even record your distance travelled.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Fitness Tracker

SGD 268
8. Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Fitness Tracker
Best waterproof watch with heart rate monitor and pedometer
Updated on 31st January 2020

Another waterproof smartwatch on this list is the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro, and it's perfect if you want to track your heart rate and steps taken accurately. This chronometer can survive depths of up to 50 meters and has a reliable GPS. It can measure your performance and record your daily food intake to make sure you're getting all your macros.

Casio G-Shock GG-1000-1A5

SGD 252
9. Casio G-Shock GG-1000-1A5
Best waterproof watch with alarm
Updated on 27th March 2019

This Casio G-Shock GG-1000-1A5 is a multifunctional military watch that can survive depths of up to 200 meters underwater. The watch has everything you need, from a compass to a thermometer. It even has a loud alarm; so there is no way you'll miss your wake up time or other reminders.

Seiko Prospex Sumo Divers

SGD 906
10. Seiko Prospex Sumo Divers
Best waterproof watch for diving
Updated on 27th March 2019

Last on our list is the ultimate watch for diving. This Seiko Prospex Sumo Divers will be able to bring you to depths of up to 200 meters without any fear of damaging the unit. It's completely made of the highest-quality stainless steel from its case to the strap. As for the analogue display, it's covered with a Hardlex crystal glass for superb protection.

How to Choose a Men’s Waterproof Watch

Picking a waterproof watch is almost the same as choosing any other type of watch. You have to consider a lot of things aside from its water-resistance rating. However, we can make it simple for you by providing you with this guide below.

Smartwatch or Traditional Digital or Analog Watch

When buying a watch, the first thing that you should think about is if you prefer a modern smartwatch or would like to stick to the classic watch - analogue or digital. Each has its pros and cons.

A traditional watch, mechanical and automatic ones in general, don't need batteries for them to work. They become less accurate over time, but they are easy to recalibrate. Their core strength is that they are robust and can be used for diving.

On the other hand, a smartwatch can provide you with comfort and accuracy. It even pairs with your phone for more convenience. However, they are more fragile compared to traditional watches and needs to be charged daily or weekly depending on usage.


Smartwatches are ahead in the game when it comes to precision. Mechanical or automatic watches, however, are likely to lose their accuracy over time and needs to be tuned up again. Every day, they lose or gain a few seconds, and at the end of the year, those seconds accumulate and becomes minutes.

If your focus is to make sure you get the right time all the time, then you should refrain from automatic or mechanical watches. Quartz watches are fine, but you have to change its battery after a couple of months though.

Metal, Rubber, or Leather Straps

The last thing you should consider when buying a new waterproof watch is its strap. Most of the time, people ignore the strap as it can be changed. However, why do that and waste money if you can choose the strap from the very start. 

There are three kinds of straps to choose: metal, rubber, and leather. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. But what matters most is the type you're most comfortable with because a watch is going to wrap your wrist every day.


Waterproof watches are your upgraded version of regular watches. They allow you to tell time in and out of the water. If you hate taking your chronometer off when taking a bath, a waterproof watch is all that you need.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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