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10 Beautiful Baju Kurungs That’ll Elevate Your Raya To The Next Level

Beraya in style!

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Raya is finally upon us, and that means binge eating mountains of Kuih Raya, weaving Ketupats and of course, Raya shopping. Although we’re living in the time of a pandemic, that doesn’t mean Raya is cancelled. 

You can now do your Raya shopping online at the comfort of your own home. If you still can’t the perfect outfit to beraya in, you’re at the right place. Check out this list of stylish Baju Kurung that will make the perfect OOTD shot!

Loveaisyah Classic French Lace Baju Kurung

SGD 99.9

The intricate design of lace makes everything look delicate, elegant and just better overall, including your Raya outfit. This Classic French Lace Baju Kurung by Loveaisyah is designed with classic French lace details that can be worn for Raya, weddings or other special occasions. Thanks to the satin material and delicate detailings, this Baju Kurung can flatter any body shape.

Lagendas Dewi Kurung Kedah

SGD 91.6

With a round neckline and a shorter hem, this Baju Kurung Kedah from Lagendas Dewi has a modern take on a traditional piece. This beautiful set of Baju Kurung has matching patterns that can make a bold statement for Raya or any other special occasion. It also has gold detailings at the hemlines to make the outfit pop.

Yans Creation Lutfya Kurung Pesak Songket

SGD 116.9

If you still haven’t figured out what to wear for Raya, you can’t go wrong with this gold and glittery piece from Yans Creation. The Kurung top is decked out in glitter stripes to add the right amount of flair and statement. It also has a complimentary Kurung bottom with gold floral details to tie the look together.

Era Maya Premium Batik Prints Baju Kurung Kedah Modern

SGD 100

The traditional batik print have always been associated with formal wear only. Combine this understated luxurious pattern with a Baju Kurung Kedah and what you’ll get is a wearable outfit perfect for Raya. This gorgeous piece by Era Maya has a dark blue base to make the bright batik pattern pop, captivating everyone’s attention.

Lubna Striped Baju Kurung Modern

SGD 29.9

A pair of sneakers can add an edgy touch to any formal wear. The best way to pair your favourite pair of trainers is with Lubna’s Striped Baju Kurung Modern. Its Kurung top features a trendy striped pattern with a V-neckline for a more casual and fun look whereas the skirt stays plain so all attention goes to your sneakers. You can also add a hat for a more street-styled look.

Gene Martino Kurung Modern Sempit

SGD 49.9

Do you find patterned prints too bold but monotoned pieces are too plain? Gene Martino’s Kurung Modern Sempit meets that happy medium by featuring a beautiful emerald jacquard piece donned with beautiful floral embellishments. With matching flared cuffs and bottom, this flattering piece of Baju Kurung is not to be missed.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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