Raya is coming, and it’s also that time of the year to celebrate while being all glammed up in new clothes! Lucky for you, we’ve prepared a selection of well-made Baju Kurungs to save your time browsing!

1. Zalia Placement Sequin Skirt Peplum Set

Baju kurung with peplum design - with glitter

Price from SGD57.90

Look elegant all day long with this Zalia Placement Sequin Skirt Peplum Set. Made of polyester material, you won’t have to worry about wearing any inner-wear thanks to its lined top! The lace maxi skirt comes with beautiful embellished sequins details that are so elegant, you can wear it to any other occasion.

2. NH by Nurita Harith Daria Kurung Modern

Modern baju kurung - great as a bridesmaid dress

Price from SGD222.90

shopping_cart Zalora Singapore SGD222.90

Get yourself or bridesmaids looking almost as effortless as you on the big day all thanks to this NH Daria Kurung Modern set. Designed with heavy chiffon and lace material, this elegant mauve Kurung showcases a pleated ruffled overlay design on its lace sleeves. This touch of elegance will make yours or your bridesmaids’ wedding shots look as graceful as ever.

3. Lilit Kak Wa Set In Rose Dust

Baju kurung kedah - dusty pink

Price from SGD65.89

Less is always more, and that’s what you’ll get with this Lilit’s Kak Wa Set In Rose Dust. This simple Kurung Kedah comes in the sweet palettes of dusty pink. Its flared sleeves are designed with slits that are complemented by a pearl-sewn finish at the cuff opening. Perfect for a glimpse of lux in simplicity.

4. Lubna Flare Lace Sleeves Kurung

Baby blue baju kurung - with lace designs

Price from SGD44.90

You can never go too much on lace, and Lubna Flare Lace Sleeves Kurung knows that a little too well. With the laces sewn on the hem of the solid toned sleeves and skirt, this kurung defines a chic style like no other.

5. Butik Sireh Pinang Fatini Kurung Pahang

Cheap baju kurung - made of cotton

Price from SGD39.90

shopping_cart Zalora Singapore SGD39.90

If you’re into classic looks, this kurung is definitely for you. The Fatini Kurung Pahang’s set displays an abstract printed kurung top in a pastel pistachio green colour that lends the soft and sweet side of you. Its cotton blend material is also breathable for a cooling and cosy wear which you won’t mind staying in it all day long!

6. Lubna Wide Sleeve Double Layer Nursing Kurung

Baju kurung that’s suitable for pregnancy - is nursing-friendly

Price from SGD44.90

Stay in comfort throughout the busy day with Lubna’s Wide Sleeve Double Layer Nursing Kurung. Ideally made for mothers and moms-to-be, this stylish kurung is also loose and flexible enough for your pregnancy days. What’s even more, its tier design can even possibly hide that baby bump for a while too!

7. Arared Willow Top and Skirt Set in Green

Green baju kurung

Price from SGD181.50

shopping_cart Fashion Valet SGD181.50

Don yourself in a simple feminine piece with this Arared Willow Set that is crafted exquisitely in the best materials to keep you comfortable at all times. The details on its lace top is delicately made with floral and leaf elements, being intricate to instantly set a chic and dainty ensemble to your look.

8. Leofar Fishtail Baju Kurung

Baju kurung with fishtail design - great in navy blue

Price from SGD42.00

Flaunt your style during the festive gathering with Leofar’s Fishtail Baju Kurung. Its top is designed with a longer fishtail hem that gives off a unique twist to a traditional kurung. So turn heads while looking completely fabulous throughout the day!

9. Yans Creation Kurung Durung Aria

Gold baju kurung

Price from SGD95.90

shopping_cart Zalora Singapore SGD95.90

What’s a more luxurious kurung than one made in gold? Yans Creation Kurung Duyung Aria is a glorious ensemble with a satin-finish kurung top that spots a hanky hem. Paired with a songket mermaid cut skirt, this kurung set is all you need to showcase that exquisite taste of yours.

10. YADOTSA Lilian Tie Kurung

Grey baju kurung - pretty for a wedding reception

Price from SGD147.90

shopping_cart Zalora Singapore SGD147.90

Stay classy while on top at elegant events with this YADOTSA Lilian Tie Kurung. Made in a pastel grey shade, its lace sleeves are a perfect duo with its overlay waist tie top. Fully lined, you won’t ever need to worry about skin being visible anytime and any day for you modest ladies out there!

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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