Instant noodles are simply a guilty pleasure we can’t deny. It’s there to help us survive when we have nothing to eat, and a budget meal for those last few days before pay day.
They’ve come a long way from being just instant salt bombs. With more variety and flavours today than ever, it has grown from a humble classic cup to include premium gourmet ingredients. It’s all depending on how your budget is.

Check out our list of the best instant noodles you can pick up online today!

1. TTL Sesame Oil Chicken with Rice Wine

Best from Taiwan - has meat, is easy on the stomach when suffering from diarrhea

Price from SGD8.00

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TTL stands for Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor, and it’s exactly what they sell. But, they also sell instant noodles that’s infused with liquor, which would make quite a delicious, luxurious meal!

Containing pieces of chicken, vegetables and of course, rice wine, this noodle’s broth is both hearty and herbal with hints of ginger and a nutty flavour thanks to the sesame oil. Perfect for a rainy day!

2. Samyang Kimchi Ramen Noodles

Best instant ramen noodle from Korea - without beef

Price from SGD2.00

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We can’t talk about instant noodles and Korea without mentioning Samyang. Famed for its unbearable spicy and varied flavours, this classic contender is a must-try for those new to Korean noodles. Made with real kimchi, a probiotic that is great for the gut, this brand and variant offers springy noodles to go with some spicy and sour sauce with bits of dried kimchi cabbage. 

3. FITMEE Low Calorie Instant Noodle

Best noodles for weight loss and diets - suitable for those with Gout

Price from SGD8.91

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The magic ingredient for this brand is its noodles, which are made from Shirataki, a type of yam that is about 97% water and 3% fiber, making them virtually carb free. 

Keto-friendly, low in sugar and cholesterol free, this package deal contains two varieties,. You have the Goreng Korea Mee which has 150 calories and the Soto flavour that has only 60 calories. Great for all those counting their calories!

4. Nissin Ra-Oh Pork Bone Soy Sauce

Best instant noodles from Japan - suitable for pregnant women

Price from SGD5.76

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Mama can get picky when it comes to pregnancy cravings. And if she’s lucky not to have issues with pork, she can opt for one of Japan’s best brands. 

Nissin brings a combo of premium quality and rich flavours to a market saturated with plastic-like noodles and artificial flavours. Therefore, it’s quite a safe alternative if you have health concerns. This particular variant’s broth is heavy and rich, whereas its noodles are thick and generous, making it a savoury meal which can easily beat most noodle flavours.

5. Koka Tom Yam Flavour Instant Noodles

Best instant noodles without MSG - great to relieve hangovers

Price from SGD2.35

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Filled with enough spice to kill a mind-numbing headache, a bowl of tom yum soup is just what you need to fight a hangover. And while it holds flavourful broth and noodles, you’ll be surprise to know that it contains no MSG, preservatives, or artificial colouring. Who knew healthy instant noodles could be this yummy!

6. Paldo Hwa Ramen Cup Noodles

Best instant noodles for backpackers

Price from SGD1.25

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When you are backpacking, you don’t always have a bowl or a fork ready whenever you need it. This makes cup noodles the most convenient for those on-the-go. Requiring nothing but hot water, this Paldo Hwa Ramen Cup offers a thick and spicy flavourful broth with springy noodles to keep you going while travelling. 

7. Nissin Nakiryu Instant Ramen Noodle

Best instant noodles for breakfast

Price from SGD7.00

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but most of us simply don’t have the time for it. So what’s a good on-the-go solution? Instant noodles. 

This michelin star instant noodle is a result of the collaboration between Nissin and 7 Eleven Japan, bringing us the Nakiryu Instant Ramen Noodles. Coming in a big bowl, the chicken broth makes a great heartwarming fuel for your stamina to start the day.

8. Mama Tom Yum Pork Shrimp Noodles

Best budget instant noodles - suitable for students

Price from SGD0.60

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Less than a dollar, Mama will help you to get through those tight-budget days. Light yet flavourful in its broth, the noodles come in a variety of flavours so you won’t get sick of eating the same one. 

Though the fully-bodied Tom Yum variant is a popular choice, you can also choose to try their Pa Lo Duck, Vegetarian Shiitake Mushroom, Green Curry and more.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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