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10 Best Concealers That Are Safe To Cover Your Acne Skin Up With

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When you can’t seem to get rid of an acne, you’ll often want to cover it up and this is what concealers excel at. Concealers are multifunctional tools that you can always rely on to reduce the appearance of a horrible breakout, inflammation, and even dark spots. It is no secret that investing in a good concealer is a smart beauty decision. 

However, it is critical to pick a good one that will not further aggravate your skin and lead to more breakouts. Below is a list of the best concealers that you can use for acne-prone skin. 

How do you use concealer for acne?

First things first, remember to always wash and dry your hands before applying any makeup. Then, squeeze a pea-sized lump of concealer on the back of your non-dominant hand. Coat your brush by running it back and forth through the concealer – this helps to prevent any lumps or granules from forming on the brush.

And finally, gently dab some concealer on your pimple to cover up the redness and blend out the edges into your skin before applying a layer of foundation.

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakout

SGD 36.8
It Cosmetics
1. It Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakout
Best overall concealer for acne prone skin and deep acne scars

This revolutionary concealer is specially created to give you the power to say “bye bye” to any breakout. It Cosmetic’s concealer works perfectly on oily and acne-prone skin to effectively minimise the appearance of blemishes, acne, redness, and discolourations. Formulated with powerful ingredients, the Bye Bye Breakout concealer delivers flawless-looking results every time.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

SGD 9.6
2. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
Best drugstore concealer - also suitable for dark acne

Maybelline’s Fit Me Concealer delivers flawless, natural coverage to wipe out any appearance of uneven skin tone and acne. This oil-free concealer is even formulated to match all skin tones to deliver a naturally a smooth, even complexion that is free of redness and blemishes. The non-comedogenic and fragrance-free formula is suitable to be applied on sensitive skin.

L'oreal Paris True Match Liquid Concealer

SGD 14.92

The True Match Liquid Concealer works effectively to brighten and correct your skin over time. L’Oreal Paris’ Concealer is specially designed to conceal any signs of imperfections and signs of fatigue to give you a more youthful complexion. With 14 different shades to pick from, you’ll definitely find #TheOne concealer to match your skin tone.

Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer

SGD 58

The Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer blends easily into skin to grant an undetectable, ‘second skin’ finish effortlessly. Whether you’re using it to hide dark circles, redness, blemishes, or acne scars, this concealer stick is the perfect tool for crafty camouflaging. Enriched with Vitamin E, this long-lasting concealer stick hydrates your skin to look soft and supple all day.

Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Concealer

SGD 48

This weightless and moisture-rich Aqua Luminous Perfecting Concealer is the perfect tool for to correcting your skin. It features colour-adaptive pigments and signature “light technology” to hide pimples, dark circles, and any signs of imperfections. The hydrating concealer grants you a flawless, ‘soft focus’ finish that will last throughout the day.

COSRX Clear Fit Spot Concealer

SGD 15.90
6. COSRX Clear Fit Spot Concealer
Best concealer for sensitive acne prone skin

Experience smooth, matte complexion with COSRX’s Clear Fit Spot Concealer. Formulated with Centella Asiatica Extract, this concealer is an ideal solution for those who suffer from sensitive skin as it blends in effortlessly without irritating your acne. The concealer provides hydration and a smooth coverage, so you won’t need to worry about drying out.

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

SGD 60
Best cream concealer for acne and acne scars
Laura Mercier
7. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage
Best concealer for oily acne prone skin

Laura Mercier’s customizable concealer naturally and completely covers dark circles, blemishes, scars, and uneven skin tone with its unique two-shade system. 

The Secret Camouflage Concealer provides full coverage that leaves skin with a soft, matte finish for naturally flawless complexion. This two-shade compact lets you play around to achieve the right shade and undertone to effortlessly match your skin tone every day.

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Camouflage Concealer

SGD 56.00

This ultra-pigmented concealer provides full coverage to perfectly camouflage any signs of flaw. Lancome’s Teint Idole Ultra Wear Camouflage Concealer blends on easily into your skin without creasing or caking to reveal an even skin tone with a naturally matte finish. A pea-size amount is all you’ll need to cover up multiple cystic acne without irritating them.

The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer

SGD 5.9

The Saem’s all-day concealer gently contours to your skin to hide blemishes and uneven skin tone as naturally as possible. Featuring a creamy formula and SPF, this concealer protects your skin from harmful UV rays throughout the day. The SAEM concealer also works to brighten up the undereye and can be used as an illuminator to give you a youthful complexion glow.

e.l.f. Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer in Tone Adjusting Green

SGD 13.5

This tone-adjusting primer is an affordable option that works great for those with overall facial redness. Specially infused with nourishing minerals, the e.l.f Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer in Tone Adjusting Green works to prime and correct your complexion. You are sure to enjoy an even skin tone and a much smoother base with every application.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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