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8 Best Brush Cleaners To Step Up Your Skincare Game

Clean brush, clear skin.

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Have you been obediently following a healthy diet, changing your sheets regularly, getting enough sleep and drinking water every single day but the acne just won’t go away?

If so, you might want to recall when is the last time you clean your makeup brushes.

High-quality brushes can be a great help in flawless makeup look but a dirty brush will do otherwise.

Importance of using a brush cleanser

You can only imagine the dirt and germs built up on your brushes day by day, spreading happily on your face whenever you prep yourself for the glam. No, it doesn’t make you look cute. Instead, it gives you undesired cakey makeup-look and worse, it causes bacteria infection which can lead to breakouts on your face. 

Equip yourself with these best brush cleaners for a smooth and effortless makeup application.

Bobbi Brown Conditioning Brush Cleaner

SGD 34
Bobbi Brown
1. Bobbi Brown Conditioning Brush Cleaner
Best rated brush cleanser

Investing in high-end makeup brushes includes having a great brush cleaner. This Bobbi Brown Brush Cleanser is worth every penny as it cleans your delicate bristles with gentle care, leaving them amazingly soft and fluffy.

MAC Cosmetics Brush Cleanser

SGD 34
MAC Cosmetics
2. MAC Cosmetics Brush Cleanser
Best gentle brush cleanser

This fragrance-free water-based product offers a simple and quick solution in removing every bit of makeup residue from your brushes. It even works as a disinfectant to ensure you a bacteria-free experience.

Sephora Collection Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner

SGD 12
Sephora Collection
3. Sephora Collection Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner
Best budget brush cleanser

This pick from Sephora gives you a better option of cleansing your brushes on a daily basis. Aside from its affordable price, it is super-easy to use. All it takes is just a spritz on a cotton pad, then swirl your brushes on it a few times. And yes, it doesn’t require rinsing.

Real Techniques Makeup Brush Cleanser

SGD 16.5
Real Techniques
4. Real Techniques Makeup Brush Cleanser
Best drugstore makeup brush cleaner

Drugstores have always been a great place to search for alternatives, and of course, we have got you covered. This one by Real Techniques is dermatologist tested and is safe to give your dirty brushes a clean rinse. Also, it is alcohol and phthalates-free.

BeautyBlender Liquid Blender Cleanser

SGD 30
5. BeautyBlender Liquid Blender Cleanser
Best brush and sponge cleanser

If you are no stranger to beauty blenders or makeup sponges, you’ll be needing this holy grail. 

This soy-based product breaks down the makeup and impurities effectively, claiming to protect your tools from 99.7% of harmful bacteria. The best part of it is the vague lavender scent it leaves behind!

BeautyBlender Solid Cleanser

SGD 30
6. BeautyBlender Solid Cleanser
Best travel brush cleanser

Traveling can turn into a nightmare when it comes to packing bottles of liquid in different sizes. This one comes in a mini size that is packed with soap and a custom grid to deep clean your tools, making it perfect for travelling. It works a charm for both beauty blender or makeup brushes.

e.l.f Cosmetics Daily Brush Cleaner

SGD 431
e.l.f Cosmetics
7. e.l.f Cosmetics Daily Brush Cleaner
Best brush cleaner spray

Sometimes, you just don’t have the time to wash your brushes and wait for them to dry. This is when this spray cleaner comes in handy especially for daily cleaning. Just spray the bristles directly and gently dab them onto a clean cloth for a quick clean up. You will be left in shock of how simple it can be.

Foreo Silicone Cleaning Spray

SGD 19
8. Foreo Silicone Cleaning Spray
Best brush cleaner with foreo

Bacteria thrive in certain places. Chances are that silicone makeup devices can also accumulate dirt and makeup residue too. Foreo’s Silicone Cleaning Spray helps to keep the brush surfaces free of oils and impurities as well as to prolong their lifespan.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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