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8 Makeup Brush Sets To Help Ace Your Makeup Game

Brush off your worries, problems and makeup haters!

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Can you do a full makeup look without any makeup brushes? Sure, you can. But if you want to take your makeup game to the next level, investing in a good makeup brush set will transform your makeup looks! Luckily for you, we made your life easier by creating this list of our favourite makeup brush sets to suit different needs!

ZOEVA Classic Brush Set

SGD 128
Basic makeup brush set for beginners
1. ZOEVA Classic Brush Set
Best basic makeup brush set for beginners

Start out your makeup journey with the ZOEVA Classic Brush Set. It includes eight brushes that are essential for a makeup look. Whether it’s foundation, concealer, eyeshadow or eyeliner, this brush set has got all your needs covered!

ZOEVA Complete Eye Set

SGD 112
Eye makeup and eyeshadow brush set
2. ZOEVA Complete Eye Set
Eye makeup and eyeshadow brush set

Eye makeup is one of the more challenging and intimidating steps in a makeup routine. To create eyeshadow looks easily and effortlessly, the ZOEVA Complete Eye Set is exactly what you need! It comes with a complete set of fluffy eye brushes and a small clutch that you never knew you needed!

Made from a combination of natural and synthetic bristles, these brushes will help you create any eye look of your dreams!

Real Techniques Core Collection

SGD 39
Best face makeup brush set
3. Real Techniques Core Collection
Best face makeup brush set

A perfect makeup base means a perfect makeup day! The Real Techniques Core Collection comes with four brushes targeted for the different areas of your face to create a flawless finish! Despite being made of synthetic Taklon bristles, the brushes feel soft and non-scratchy. It also comes with a convenient standing case to store your brushes easily.

10 Pcs Blue Unicorn Makeup Brush Set

SGD 19.9
Best unicorn makeup brush gift set
4. 10 Pcs Blue Unicorn Makeup Brush Set
Best unicorn makeup brush gift set

Treat your unicorn-loving friend (or yourself) to a unicorn inspired makeup brush set! These cute brushes are soft, fluffy and will make any makeup routine easier! A set of 10 brushes for less than $15? Added to cart!

ZOEVA Vegan Brush Set - Set of 8

SGD 128
Vegan travel makeup brush set
5. ZOEVA Vegan Brush Set - Set of 8
Vegan travel makeup brush set

Start going cruelty-free by switching over to vegan makeup brushes, I swear you won’t be able to tell a difference! The ZOEVA Vegan Brush Set has eight essential brushes for the face and eyes that are soft and made of 100% synthetic bristles. It also comes with a large faux leather clutch to store your brushes for easy traveling!

Sigma Beauty Sigmax Kabuki Kit

SGD 126.00
Kabuki makeup brush set

Create a flawless base with Sigmax Kabuki Kit. This brush set comes with five kabuki brushes that are designed for the face. Whether it’s foundation, powder, blush or bronzer, this brush set from Sigma Beauty is sure to perfect your makeup base!

10 x Beauty Toothbrush Shaped Foundation Power Makeup Oval Puff Brushes

SGD 12.54

Yes, you read that right! A set of 10 oval makeup brushes from $12! For fast and easy makeup application, oval brushes are what you need. The densely packed brushes ease and speed up your makeup application. This brush set has got you covered (no pun intended), foundation, concealer, lip makeup or even eyeshadow!

Cheap oval makeup brush set

ZOEVA Makeup Artist Zoe Bag

SGD 380
Professional full makeup set
8. ZOEVA Makeup Artist Zoe Bag
Best professional full makeup set

Whether you’re a makeup artist or just a makeup addict, this ZOEVA Makeup Artist Zoe Bag is what you need and more! This makeup brush set comes with a whopping 25 high-quality brushes that are created for professional use and a makeup bag to store them in. It has everything you need to create any type of makeup look on clients or on yourself!

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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