We’re exploring different types of kettles available in the market today from classic to contemporary designs. Made with more complex features and trendy designs, these kettles come in different colours and materials. Choose from eight of these kettles that will best suit your needs.

1. Thomson Digital Glass Kettle

Best kettle for office use

Price from SGD69.00

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Featuring a 1.8 litre visible glass body and a cordless design, the Thomson Digital Glass Kettle will look stylish in any office. It's created with five adjustable temperature setting and a keep-warm function. Besides, this kettle is cordless, so it's easier to bring your kettle anywhere you want.

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2. Hario V60 Drip Kettle Buono

Best for drip coffee

Price from SGD67.90

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Whether you’re a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur or an award-winning barista, you'll know that the pouring technique is important when it comes to brewing freshly roasted coffee. This kettle is made up of a gooseneck spout, easy-to-handle grip and lightweight stainless steel body. You can now have full control when making your favourite drip coffee.

3. Zebra SMART Whistling Kettle

Best kettle with a whistle for a gas stove

Price from SGD46.99

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Let's go back to basics: This Zebra stainless steel whistling kettle is a classic that has surpassed every generation. Available from two and a half litres to six litres, this kettle is suitable for all homes and offices. Plus, the kettle also acts as a vintage deco in your kitchen.

4. Ferrano MultiBrew MB53

Best for tea

Price from SGD265.00

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This kettle comes with a transparent glass frame; watch as your tea diffuses into the boiling water. The tea basket is also removable, which makes it easier for cleaning. It also comes with a separate glass brew cup that you can use to boil soups and other liquids.

5. Russell Hobbs Brita Filter Purity Kettle

Best kettle with Brita filter, water filter & limescale filter for hard water

Price from SGD88.10

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Russell Hobbs is designed to boil and filter water at the same time. It has a built-in Brita filter system that eliminates impurities, limescale and chlorine. You can remove and wash the filters when it gets dirty. Besides, the machine will alert you when it's time to change the cartridge.

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6. Sencor Intelligent Fast Boil Kettle

Best for temperature control

Price from SGD170.00

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The Sencor kettle is built with a preset warm function that can be adjusted to four different temperatures. You can reheat water and maintain the same temperature for 30 minutes. Additionally, this kettle allows you to extend the boiling time for up to three minutes for safer consumption.

7. KitchenAid Pro Line Kettle

Best kettle with thermometer

Price from SGD128.00

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This stylish KitchenAid kettle has a wide rounded body that can hold up to 1.5 litres of water. It looks vintage and industrious; there's a temperature gauge on the tip, so you can easily monitor the kettle to get your preferred heat. Also, there are seven preset temperatures for you to choose from when boiling water, perfect for tea making.

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