Anyone who's worked on a project, whether it's a simple chair or a sophisticated piece of furniture, knows the importance of a hammer. Each swing counts, and when using a sub-par tool that might break or has a loose grip, accidents become more and more likely to happen. 

Here, we've compiled some great hammers that are reliable and up to the task. If you're into building stuff or tearing down walls, there's one for you on this list.

When it comes to basic carpentry, a classic claw hammer will do just the trick. This Stanley Claw Hammer with a wooden handle weighs a kilogram, which is the perfect weight for general wood crafting use. 

We also like its classic handle design that's easy to grip. It's a traditional tool that every household should have. But what makes it a winner is its price. For less than SGD 15.00, you get reliability from a well-known brand in the construction industry.

2. Stanley Claw Hammer AVX

Best hammer for roofing

Price from SGD39.85

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD39.85

If you're a professional carpenter and do roofing projects every now and then, you definitely need to have the Stanley Claw Hammer AVX. It has a classic design but packs useful features for those working on the top. 

With this hammer's larger strike face, your accuracy will improve significantly. It has AntiVibe technology and a slip-resistant handle that reduces shock and vibration at impact. So there's little to no chance that you'll accidentally drop this tool during work. To make things even better, it has a magnet on its throat for one-handed nailing, which is vital when working on the roof.

3. Tolsen Professional Claw Hammer

Best hammer for framing

Price from SGD33.80

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD33.80

Indoor hammers are one of the best things you can purchase to deal with quick repairs or placing brand new frames. And if that's the case, you'll highly appreciate this Tolsen Professional Claw Hammer. 

It's relatively smaller than most hammers but is marketed as a 16-oz piece. It's fully polished and has a solid forged shaft with a fibreglass grip that effectively reduces vibration when used.

4. Tolsen Forged Claw Hammer

Best hammer for scaffolding

Price from SGD33.20

When it comes to scaffolding work where everything is heavy-duty, you will want to rely on the Tolsen Forged Claw Hammer. This tool is made out of a single piece of forged metal, making it super durable and reliable.   

It's ideal as you'd want to use it on any kind of situation, even if it means swinging it on iron bars to put it in shape during construction work. Plus, it has a magnetic nail holder to make things easier while on scaffolding.

5. Tolsen White Rubber Mallet 16oz

Best hammer for finishing nails

Price from SGD12.70

Hammers aren't just for smashing things or hitting nails with force. There are a few designed for more fragile purposes, like using it on finishing nails or bending metalwork to avoid damaging the surface. If you need one for the job, this Tolsen White Rubber Mallet is perfect for you.

6. KTC Ball Peen Hammer

Best hammer for chisel

Price from SGD42.56

If you're into woodwork or any type of project that requires you to use a chisel, this KTC ball-peen hammer is for you. It's light, durable, and accurate, which allows you to hit the chisel with very minimal risk of injury. Plus, it has a non-slip handle to make sure your grip is secure and tight.

7. Tolsen Sledgehammer 5kg

Best hammer for demolition

Price from SGD63.30

Working on renovating a new place and need some walls taken down, the Tolsen Sledgehammer 5kg is for you. This brutal tool can easily break down anything on its way. It has a drop-forged carbon steel hammerhead with a fibreglass handle that can take down even industrial-grade concrete.

8. Tolsen Stoning Hammer 2kg

Best hammer for concrete

Price from SGD24.30

Last on our list is also ideal for light demolition work. But it's best used for quick renovations that only require minimal breaking. This Tolsen Stoning Hammer 2kg has a drop-forged carbon steel hammerhead paired with a durable fibreglass handle. However, it's much shorter but provides better accuracy.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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