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7 Best Beginner-Friendly Hand Mixers For Easy Cooking and Baking

Make kitchen work light and easy

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Be it preparing fluffy pancakes and omelettes or mixing yummy cake batter, a hand mixer gets the work done without a hassle. Especially for beginners; you should opt for a reliable hand mixer to experience smooth sailing kitchen moments.

With so many products to choose from, here are some of the best hand mixers around, researched and reviewed for you.

Imarflex IMX-250 Portable Hand Mixer

₱ 1300
Best Mixer for beginners
1. Imarflex IMX-250 Portable Hand Mixer
Best hand mixer with slow speed – for a slow start
Updated on 22nd April 2019

Many recipes require a gentle hand for preparation such as whipping cream and mixing pancake batter. After all, it is a work of art to fold ingredients into a mixture without over-mixing it. 

The Imarflex Hand Mixer is perfect for such situations, completely adept in whisking as well as blending dry and wet ingredients at a controlled speed. This portable gadget has a powerful motor that will accomplish your desired consistency without haste. 

Scarlett HE-133 Professional Hand Mixer

₱ 230
2. Scarlett HE-133 Professional Hand Mixer
Best hand mixer for baking – perfect for cakes
Updated on 16th June 2020

Are you looking to dabble into the craft of baking? Let this professional Scarlett Hand Mixer help you navigate the ropes of whisking and mixing. 

This impressive equipment has a turbo function setting to beat through eggs, butter and sugar into creamy blends. With its 7 different speed controls, users can effortlessly whip up a freshly baked cake in no time. 

Lucky Home Professional Hand Mixer

₱ 235
3. Lucky Home Professional Hand Mixer
Best hand mixer for meringue – makes creamy mashed potatoes too
Updated on 23rd June 2020

This multifunctional hand mixer is competent to whisk egg white concoctions for a feather-light meringue as well as cream tureens of soft and buttery mashed potatoes. With an ergonomic grip and a quite a light weight, the mixer is truly a high-quality kitchen helper to assist you in preparing exquisite dinner and dessert options.

Marubishi 5-Speed Hand Mixer

₱ 459
4. Marubishi 5-Speed Hand Mixer
Best hand mixer for baby food
Updated on 22nd June 2020

When you have a little one at home, it is important to provide them with meals fortified with preservatives. This Marubishi Hand Mixer will help you whip up a yummy, nutritious meal in no time. With a full-size beater and turbo function combination, ripe fruits and cooked veggies will turn into smooth, choking-hazard free blend fit for a young child. 

Keimav 7 Speed HE-133 Electric Hand Mixer

₱ 379
5. Keimav 7 Speed HE-133 Electric Hand Mixer
Best hand mixer with dough hook - for bread and cookie dough
Updated on 22nd June 2020

For those dealing with touch dough, this mixing device with stainless steel dough hooks makes preparing sweet bread, cookies, biscuits and assortment of buns easy-peasy. Its easy-to-handle-and-use mixer features a range of functions specifically to help stir, mix, knead and whisk both batter and dough to create scrumptious sweets right at home. 

Oster Hand & Stand Mixer

₱ 5000
Best for pizza dough
6. Oster Hand & Stand Mixer
Best hand mixer with bowl
Updated on 16th June 2020

The dual combination of a hand mixer with a stand to help prepare any kind of mixing. This Oster mixer is a durable baking companion for a full range kitchen. It has double motor design which drives both the beaters and bowl when you need the extra assistance while multitasking. Unlike the usual mixers, this is equipped with a sturdy stainless steel bowl which has lasting endurance for a long term usage.

Kyowa KW-4405 Hand Mixer

₱ 742
7. Kyowa KW-4405 Hand Mixer
Best hand mixer with low speed option - suitable for arthritis users
Updated on 17th June 2020

Without the need to apply much pressure, this easy-to-grip Kyowa Hand Mixer is a painless ordeal for those with arthritis. Its ergonomic design allows the user to hold it comfortably while gently mixing the ingredients. Select the lowest speed from its 5 different speed settings and gradually work on your preparation. 

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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