We expect nothing less than a buttery smooth experience as we type, swipe, press, and scroll through our touchscreen. It’s no secret that iPhones cost a pretty penny and as with all precious things, we want to protect them at all costs.

Besides a good quality phone case, tempered glass screen protectors are your best bet in making sure your shiny priced possession isn’t defiled with scratches. Listed below are some of the best tempered glass screen protectors the market today has to offer.

1. Atouchbo Game Tempered Glass Film

Best for gaming - suitable for iPhone 6/6s , 7/7 Plus and 8/8 Plus
Price from RM50.00
Shopee Malaysia RM50.00

Atouchbo Game Tempered Glass Film provides an edge-to-edge layer of protection for your phone while ensuring the on-screen keys are smooth to the touch. This is just what you need in the heat of the moment situations during games where every slight tap of the screen can mean a win or a loss. 

When your fingers get inevitably sweaty or greasy from long gaming sessions, the keys will still remain operable as this screen protector is anti-fingerprint and anti-oil. To top it off, the screen is quite scratch resistant so you can relax while your phone is wriggling about in your pocket.

2. RetinaGuard Anti Blue Light Screen Protector

Best anti-glare screen protector - with UV protection
Price from RM44.28
Lazada Malaysia RM44.28

Protect your eyes from the glare of your iPhone screen with this RetinaGuard Anti Blue Light Screen Protector. This screen protector filters harmful rays that emanates from your device like blue light at up to 90% and UV rays by 98%. It’s quite an important feature as both rays lead to eye strains some. 

Additionally, this screen protector has an ultrathin design that is sensitive to the touch, so no more mashing on your screen to get the job done.

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3. ScreenGUARD Ultra HD Clear Screen Protector

Best for iPhone SE
Price from RM13.99
Lazada Malaysia RM13.99

The ScreenGUARD Ultra HD Clear Screen Protector is just what you need to protect your iPhone SE from scratches and scrapes. This screen protector has an ultra-smooth surface that is delicate to touch and will not interfere with any touchscreen functions. 

In addition, installation is a breeze and will leave you with a screen protector that adheres to the screen without any unsightly air bubbles, nasty glue or residue. 

4. Belkin - ScreenForce® TemperedGlass Screen Protection

Best case-compatible tempered glass - suitable for iPhone XR
Price from RM99.00
Lazada Malaysia RM99.00

Defend your iPhone XR’s screen against scratches and bumps with this Belkin Screen Force TemperedGlass Screen Protection. The extent of the protection by this ScreenForce® Tempered Glass isn’t just skin deep; it also provides a multi-level defence where it is able to withstand occasional drops and impacts. 

Belkin’s screen protector is engineered to retain smooth gliding across the screen while also maintaining consistent brightness, clarity, and sharpness of the display. Don’t worry if you want to slap on another layer of protection as the screen protector is case-compatible to give your device additional protection.

5. OtterBox Clearly Protected Alpha Glass

Best with four-way privacy - suitable for iPhone X
Price from RM139.00
Lazada Malaysia RM139.00

The ultra-thin OtterBox Clearly Protected Alpha Glass features a fortified, anti-shatter glass that avoids splintering upon any heart-stopping impacts to the phone. Its Alpha Glass feature takes privacy to heart as its design prevents unwanted peering from all four side angles. 

Moreover, the screen protector won’t hinder your iPhone’s touchscreen responsiveness, while still preserving the screen’s natural crystal clear display quality.

6. ZAGG InvisibleShield HD Glass Screen Protector

Best shatter protection tempered glass - suitable for iPhone XS
Price from RM89.00
Lazada Malaysia RM89.00

Something butterfingers everywhere can collectively appreciate is the ZAGG InvisibleShield HD Glass+ Screen Protector. The Glass+ features the state-of-the-art Ion Matrix technology that strengthens the material on a molecular level to enhance its dent and shattering resistance. 

Through a precision surface finishing process, the screen protector has superb scratch resistance abilities so you can rest easy as your phone toss around in your bag. This smooth tempered glass and its beveled edges blend in seamlessly with your screen for superbly clear images and precise touch sensitivity.

7. Spigen GLAS.tR SLIM HD

Best anti-fingerprint tempered glass - suitable for XS Max
Price from RM68.00
Lazada Malaysia RM68.00

The Spigen GLAS.tR SLIM HD features an optimised design to ensure that every inch of your screen is displayed in all its high definition glory. While still maintaining the screen’s clarity and responsiveness, the tempered glass keeps your iPhone screen impervious to scratches and cracks. 

Probably the coolest feature of the screen protector is its oleophobic coating that reduces the chances of oily fingerprint stains from sticking onto the surface.  Besides that, the screen protector has installation wings so you’ll be able to apply it without breaking a sweat.

8. BodyGuardz UltraTough Full Body Screen Protector

Best full-body protection tempered glass
Price from RM71.10
Qoo10 Malaysia RM71.10

Just as the name implies, the BodyGuardz UltraTough Full Body Screen Protector offers maximum coverage for the screen and body of your phone. Made with the same self-healing urethane material used on the front of vehicles, this UltraTough protector will protect your phone from screen scratches. 

Preserving the screen’s beauty and design, this screen protector is incredibly thin and optically clear so you’ll barely know it’s even there. The Ultratough screen is also very easy to apply using if you use the application gel that comes with the screen protector. 

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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