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7 Accessories That Are Actually Useful For Your iPhone X

Getting the most out of your iPhone X!

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If you are the proud owner of an iPhone X, then it makes sense to equip your phone with the right accessories. Doing so not only adds extra protection and functionality but also gives you personalisation freedom to ensure an all-round pleasurable smartphone experience.

iPhone users have always been spoilt for choice when it comes to accessories. The iPhone X is no different as there are many first and third-party accessories available for this model since its launch. The number of available accessories can confuse and overwhelm consumers at times.

To help you, we’ve vetted and showcased some of the very best accessories available which will be of use to you.

Sudio Niva Earphone

RM 399.00
Best wireless earphones for iPhone X
1. Sudio Niva Earphone
Best wireless earphones for iPhone X
Updated on 11th January 2019

The earpods that come with the iPhone X are undoubtedly one of the best earphones for the iPhone. However, if you wish to have a wireless earphone set, then the Sudio Niva Earphone is just as great.

Enjoy crystal clear crispness and thumping bass to your iPhone X. Using the Niva, you can be up to 10 meters away from your phone without losing a beat. The earphones are also compatible with Siri and Google Assistant.

Its minimalist design complements the iPhone X design and offers up to 3.5 hours of use on a single charge. Should you be on-the-go, the included portable charger box provides 4 additional full charges for the Niva, extending the total music playtime to 17.5 hours.

PopSocket - Black Combo Pack

RM 85.00
Best grip for iPhone X
2. PopSocket - Black Combo Pack
Best grip for iPhone X
Updated on 11th January 2019

If you tend to struggle with holding your iPhone X one-handedly, you may need a Pop Socket Grip. This grip attaches securely to the back of your phone and pops out for extra grip when you need it.

This fun little grip also doubles as a stand so you can comfortably perch it up and watch videos on your iPhone X.  The advanced reusable adhesive means you can move the Pop Socket to another phone anytime you wish.

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Mophie - Powerstation Wireless Powerbank 10000MAH

RM 359.00
Best power bank for iPhone X

The Mophie Wireless Powerbank is designed in close collaboration with Apple to ensure 100% compatibility as well as features fast and safe 7.5-watt charging. With Mophie, you can charge all your Q1 compatible wireless devices on-the-go.

It also doubles as athemain charger by allowing pass-through charging while connected to an electrical socket. The 10,000 mAh works with slim cases up to 3mm in thickness and is coated in a non-slip surface for superior adhesion of your phone while charging.

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UAG - Monarch Case For iPhone X

RM 215.00
Best rugged case for iPhone X
4. UAG - Monarch Case For iPhone X
Best rugged case for iPhone X
Updated on 16th January 2019

The quote “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”, is an adage best suited to the Urban Armor Gear iPhone X casing. You won’t get a casing much more rugged than this case with 5 layers of protection which is made of top grain leather and metal hardware.

Built with a soft impact resistant core and a honeycomb traction grip, the case also features oversized tactile buttons and a protective screen layer to give your iPhone X a full shroud of protection. Another plus is that the Urban Armor supports wireless charging, removing the hassle of removing it for wirelessly charging.

The Urban Armor complies with 2X Military Drop Test Standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6). With this casing, you can safely bring your phone along your adventurous outdoor adventures.

[iPhone X] HODA 2.5d Full Coverage Tempered Glass (Black)

RM 85.00

When you’ve spent so much on an iPhone X, surely you’ll want it to last. A sturdy screen protector has to be everyone’s priority on the list of accessories to get for your iPhone X.  

HODA makes one of the best screen protectors for the iPhone X currently on the market. Made of ultra-smooth super translucent 0.33mm thin glass substrate, you will barely notice it’s there once installed. Despite how thin it is, the HODA Tempered Glass features a surface hardness of 9H which is virtually scratchproof and will provide protection against screen bumps.

The Oleophobic coating guards against smears and fingerprints, making the screen super easy to clean.

Belkin - Boost↑Up™ Wireless Charging Pad

RM 359.00
Best wireless charger for iPhone X

Apple has yet to release their own official Air Power wireless charger. For the time being, users can consider the Belkin Boost Up, which is selling in official Apple stores.

Rest assure that Belkin works closely with Apple to ensure full compatibility with their products. This particular charger works well with iPhone 8 or any other Q1 compatible devices. One can quickly charge their devices at up to 7.5-watt in power.

The Belkin Charging Pad also features a non-slip surface to avoid slip-offs. One thing to remember is that the charger does not work with metal casings in case your phone uses one.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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