Xiaomi is synonymous with smartphones that feature cutting-edge technology at competitive prices. In recent years, the company has set its sights on the world of smart home device ecosystem.

Setting up your very own smart home ecosystem requires top-of-the-line devices that are intuitive, responsive, and bug-free. With over 150 million (and counting) smart devices connected to Xiaomi’s platform, it’s no surprise that many turn to the brand for its smart home devices. 

Without further ado, here is a list to some of Xiaomi’s best smart home devices.

1. Mi Smart Home Multi-Function Gateway Alarm System

Best smart home gateway

Price from RM93.00

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The Mi Smart Home Multi-Function Gateway Alarm System is the hub that binds all your Xiaomi smart devices together so you can unlock more functions from each device. This gateway features a lightweight design so it’s very portable. Not only that, but it has a very user-friendly and simple installation process so anyone can use it.

Drift off or wake up to your favourite tunes as its radio can be timed to turn on and off. With its built-in light sensor, this device will automatically turn on during low-light conditions and shine a large selection of 16 million lights.

Using the Xiaomi application, your mobile device can turn instantly into a remote so you can control your MiJia Smart Socket even when you’re not at home. The smart socket conserves energy by using a countdown feature on the app that turns off your plugged-in devices automatically after an allocated time.

As a multi-device, it’s made more possible with the addition of the two extra two USB ports located at the top of the socket. Additionally, its temperature-resistant polycarbonate body assures that the socket is always to safe to be used.

With this sleek-looking Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock, your days of misplacing your keys or accidentally locking yourself out are behind you. The door can unlock via methods such as fingerprint recognition, Bluetooth, NFC for Xiaomi phones. Otherwise, you can unlock by using a password.

The fingerprint recognition area is extremely responsive and accurate so all you have to is hold the handle and the door opens in one easy step. Keep intruders at bay as the lock implements ten safety technologies to not just effectively defend against brute force but electromagnetic interference as well.

4. Xiaomi Mi Box S

Best Android TV Box

Price from RM269.00

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Running on Android 8.1, the Mi Box S gives you access to a plethora of apps and a continuous influx of brand new content. The Box S comes with a remote that features a button to invoke Google Assistant so you can play Youtube videos or launch TV shows with just the sound of your voice.

Besides, this easy-to-connect Android TV box supports wired and wireless connection options like the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, and USB. With that, you can easily transfer content from practically any device to this TV box. To top it off, this smart TV box has the ability to stream crystal-clear 4K HDR content for truly breathtaking visuals.

5. Mi Home Security Camera 360°

Best smart home security camera

Price from RM109.00

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Even when you’re not around, you can always keep a watchful eye over your home with the Mi Home Security Camera 360°. With its ability to rotate a full 360-degrees horizontally, you can be sure to capture all the action for more thorough home protection.

This infrared-backed security camera has a night vision mode that is automatically triggered when the light goes out so you can still capture footage during the night. Plus, the fast and responsive motion detector will automatically start recording when it picks up motion as well as immediately send a push alert notification to your phone.

6. Mi LED Smart Bulb

Best smart Bulb

Price from RM69.00

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With Mi LED Smart Bulb’s ability to support Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, you can issue voice commands to activate the bulb as well as adjust brightness, colour and temperature. Hosting an RGB colour lighting and 4000K bulb configuration system, you can literally have your pick of virtually any bulb colour.

With an easily adjustable brightness range from 80 to 800 lumens, this bulb can serve as a less intrusive night light or a bright study light to help you concentrate.

7. Xiaomi Mi LED Desk Lamp

Best smart Lamp

Price from RM109.90

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The Mi LED Desk Lamp has a simple and minimalistic design so it will be a nice addition to any desk. Featuring Xiaomi’s very own patented design, the lighting has reduced flickering to prevent eye fatigue. Furthermore, using the Xiaomi Home app, you can choose between four different lighting modes to suit situations like when you’re on the computer or when you’re just reading.

Besides using the rotating knob located on the stand, you can adjust the brightness and temperature of the lamp using the Xiaomi Home mobile app.

8. Mi Smart Kettle

Best smart Kettle

Price from RM159.00

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Boiling water has never been more intuitive than with the Mi Smart Kettle. Through Bluetooth 4.0, you can set the water temperature you need wirelessly using the Xiaomi Home app. The kettle even has the ability to maintain a constant temperature for up to 12 hours.

Don’t let its low price deceive you; this kettle is made of industrial-grade 304 stainless steel that is very resistant to rust and scaling. The Mi Smart Kettle is the epitome of safety as it has features such as a splash-safe power connector, electric shock protection and auto shut-off when dry-burning is detected.

9. Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Light Strip

Best smart light strip

Price from RM34.50

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Illuminate any part of your home with the flexible Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Light Strip that can safely bend around every nook and cranny. You can also play around with the 16 million colours available courtesy of the RGB LEDs to set the mood right every time. At a full brightness of 140 lumens, it provides great illumination in any section of the room.

The lamp also features a water-resistant and dust-proof design as it comes with an IP65 rating. What makes this light strip “smart” is its ability to connect to the internet via the Yeelight app. To top it off, it is evenly natively supported by Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa so you can control the lighting with voice commands.

10. Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 65”

Best smart TV set

Price from RM2,899.00

The Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 65-inch TV features a rich color palette that displays vibrant content on a frameless-designed display. Immerse yourself in whatever you’re watching as the ultra-thin Mi TV 4A supports Dolby Audio and DTS HD for the ultimate audio experience.

With its Patchwall interface that supports AI voice system, you can launch any program or channel you want just by using voice commands. On top of that, the Patchwall system can also intelligently provide you with personalized recommendations based on your watch history.

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