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Trio New Large Power Stand Mixer TPM-602


The Trio Large Stand Mixer works wonders when it comes to producing a varietiy of bread, pastries and other baked goods. It sports a tilt-back lock to make it easy to mix ingredients, and has a noise-free function so that you can bake for long hours without disturbing anyone.

Other great features of the Trio TPM-602 include:

  • A 7-speed control knob
  • Consistent mixing speed with its smart circuit control
  • Power: 600W
  • 5.0L capacity
  • A stainless steel bowl
  • Accesories: whisk, beater, dough hock, splash guard & spatula
  • Space for cord storage

A powerful yet quiet mixer, baking will be a whole lot more easier and enjoyable from now onwards!

User Reviews

Delima M.

Its ok, but can be used for max 500g flour only. For me it suits the price. I made bomboloni donut for the first time with it.


Bought this about 5 months ago and it still works perfectly.

Nur F.

Very satisfied with the product i had done baling my cake n also buns.

Image upload by Nur F.
Mohd S.

Feel satisfied with this stand mixer. Cake batter was mixed well and quick. A great gift for wives who love to bake.