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Best cheap fingerprint door lock below RM 500 Best cheap fingerprint door lock below RM 500

Samsung Digital Lock SHS-2920


Samsung Digital Lock SHS-2920


Let’s face it, most of the digital door locks typically do not come cheap. This is especially true for the branded varieties. But thankfully, there are the likes of a budget-friendly Samsung SHS-2920. It may lack all the bells and whistles commonly found in most high-end door locks but the SHS-2920 has sufficient features that do its job just fine. Those features in question include both automatic & manual door lock mode, a pin code/card access system and a crime setting feature, which comes in handy to prevent unwanted intrusion if you are away from home. For complete peace of mind, the Samsung SHS-2920 has a built-in alarm system that will go off in case of physical damage, repeated attempts in gaining access using a passcode authentication or your premise’s the indoor temperature rises 60 degrees and above.


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