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NVIDIA Shield TV (Gaming Edition)


4K HDR streaming
Google Assistant built-in
Supports NVIDIA's GeForce Now game streaming
The controller is reportedly comfortable to use
Pricier than other Android TV Boxes


Specs | Processor: NVIDIA® Tegra® X1 | GPU: 256-core GPU | Memory: 3GB RAM, 16GB Storage | Operating System: Android 8.0

NVIDIA is synonymous to coughing up powerful graphics cards for gaming and anything else similar. But did you know that they have an android box too? Made with ecosystem support of Google and Amazon, NVIDIA Shield TV is, not surprisingly, one of the best boxes for gaming.

That’s all thanks to 4K HDR support, this also makes the NVIDIA Shield TV pretty awesome for those looking to enhance their home theatre. Moreover, the box is “Smart Home Ready” which allows users to control other smart home devices. Not to mention, this gaming version also comes with a slick gaming controller!

Performance Fast
Preinstalled Apps YouTube, Google Play Movies, Play Music, Spotify, Netflix, Kodi and more.
Customer Support N/A
Differences from Other Android TV Boxes This powerful TV box is sure to give you a premium cinematic experience whether you use it for films or games!