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Best baby formula for brain development
Best baby formula for brain development Enfagrow A+ - 2 Enfagrow A+ - 3 Enfagrow A+ - 4 Enfagrow A+ - 5

Enfagrow A+


Enfagrow A+


As 90% of a child’s brain growth occurs during the first 5 years of life, the right nutrition is vital to enhance your child’s growth and brain development. Enfagrow A+ has a breakthrough formulation that includes MFMG and up to 40% higher DHA content, meeting experts’ standards when it comes to supporting your child’s mental and emotional development by helping brain cells to connect faster. 

This formula also contains the following vital nutrients:

  • MFGM Complex 
  • 105mg DHA 
  • PDX^ + GOS
  • Yeast Beta-Glucan
  • Choline, Iodine, Vitamin A & Vitamin B12
  • Zinc & Iron 

Additionally, Enfagrow A+ does not contain any sucrose. It is also available in 3 flavours: original, vanilla and honey! We’re certain that your child will love having some variety, while you have one formula to depend on.


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