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One of the many things a woman can’t have enough of is bags. Among the various styles of bags that are popular, the bucket bag is one of the most versatile, practical and fashionable bags around. The bucket bag has been in trend since the 1900’s which keeps coming back as a fashion trend again and again, over the years.

We’ve curated a list of interesting bucket bags we find interesting that could be yours from your next shopping spree.

Here’s something entirely different, this bucket bag has an interior sack which gives it a unique sweet look to it. It’s for the sweethearts that love pretty and cute bags. Something that you could wear for your dinner dates during valentine’s day or to a wedding.

This bucket bag is not the usual; it is trendy with the mixed material finish with double top round ring accents as handles. The unique vibe of this bucket bag is for you if you are daring enough with your style.

An everyday bucket bag should be a bag that you can use it for running errands and having 101 items in the bad. Plus this is a shoulder bag where you will have it close to you at all times. It comes with two front slot pockets which we find to be one of the best features that we love, it is convenient for you to store your accessories, keys, or phone for an easy access while you go about your daily errands.

Something uniquely different, this bucket bag is for the Harley Quinn in you. With the colour accent, it definitely reminds us of Harley Quinn. The unique silhouette and colour combination, it’s for the one who is expressive towards her style.

Simple yet rough looking bucket bag, this faux leather bucket bag with its whipstitch details makes the bucket bag more interesting and sturdy. It is big enough but not too big and is great as an everyday bucket bag or just for a casual day out.

This bucket bag is fashionable and also great for formal attire. It’s for the one who wants practicality, function and also does not break the attire/dress code in the office.

Quilted bags in regardless of the design and shape, is a classy looking bag. It is suitable for any occasions; be it work, leisure or fancy dinner. This two-toned PU leather bucket bag with chain strap comes with a detachable shoulder strap, which makes it even more versatile for every occasion.

If you have a rocker soul or just wanting something differently edgy, then this bucket bag is for you. The studs and tassel made the look of this bucket bag looks tough. Express your inner rocker chick with this bucket bag.

A simple red bucket bag could do no wrong. This medium-sized bucket bag is practical for daily use but classy for a date night. This bucket bag can easily pair with any dress and you’re ready for a date night.

This faux leather bucket bag is suitable for a casual day out or for the office. The pull through latch fastening is an interesting feature that makes the bucket bag unique. Definitely for the ladies who like to be a little stylish but not too much.

Muted look is a trend lately and if you are going for that look than this leather bucket bag is for you. This neutral coloured leather bucket bag is versatile and basically can be worn for whatever occasion.

On a totally different style, this bucket bag has an elegant accent to it and as they described it as alluring the charm of Audrey Hepburn. This is definitely a classy bucket bag which is great for formal dinner, or just for you fancy ladies out there.

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If real fur is against your moral compass- as do we, here’s a faux fur bucket bag that is adorable. This adorable bucket bag is quirky and can definitely be worn with casual T-shirt and jeans on a day out or with a fancy dress for a dinner date. Either way, it’s versatile and fashionable.

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